Sunday, October 19, 2014

Slow Sunday Stitching

I can't believe that it's been a month since I last linked up to Kathy's SSS!

I'm now quilting the outer blocks of T#1's spiral log cabin ... while that means I'm getting closer to finishing this quilt, I'm not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel just yet ... I have 27 out of the 30 outer blocks still to quilt and when they've been quilted, I have the borders to quilt as well. It's looking like an early November finish for this quilt.
There won't be a baseball game to entertain me while quilting, but there will be a hockey game this evening.  And I've got a couple of movies I can pop into the DVD player for my afternoon quilting.

I also plan to work some more on my Christmas ornaments. I've got two completed except for the ribbon loop and bell. I really need to see if I have enough red ribbon and to stop in at Michaels to pick up some small jingle bells.

I hope to be able to make some good headway on the quilt and the ornaments this week as there shouldn't be too many distractions this week ... DD and family are out of town this week, so other than stopping by to check on their kitties, I don't have a lot on my calendar for this coming week. Maybe I will get that quilt finished by the end of the month. ;-)

DH has a birthday coming up next month ... I wonder if he'd be interested in celebrating it on the beach?  It won't be quite as warm as I'd like (but it should be warmer than it would be here in Illinois) ... and it's the beach!

I hope that whatever you have planned for today includes a little something that brings you joy! Have a great day!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Little This-n-That for Thursday


First, how about a little more Throwback for this Thursday.  A certain Little Someone had a birthday yesterday, so how about we “throw back” to five years ago.  T#4 in NICULike her older brother and sister, she had to spend time in the NICU before she could come home (praise God – her time there was a lot shorter and a lot less dramatic than T#3’s time in the NICU).  T#1 with T#4Wow, T#1 looked so young back then!  Someone needs to tell him to stop growing up!


And while we’re at it, let’s “throw back” to four years ago … this is my favoritest picture of two of my favoritest girlies.My girlies



I’m almost done quilting the interior blocks of T#1’s spiral log cabin … then I’ll have the outer row of blocks and the borders.  I’d like to have it done by Halloween, but I’m not sure that’s very realistic … a lot will depend on how much life happens between now and then.  I need to take a photo today to share my progress.  Winking smile


I’m making progress on my Christmas ornaments.  I have all the hexies basted and one wreath pieced (I left an opening for the jingle bell and for the hanging loop).  IMG_2483Trust me when I say that the fabric is greener than it appears in this photo … it’s a muted, grayed green, but it’s most definitely green!  I even got some piecing done on ornament #2.



It appears that our Cardinals’ season may be ending sooner than we’d hoped.  Annoyed  I’m still not convinced that it’s better to have made it to the postseason only to fizzle out prematurely (and ignominiously as may be the case this year … and was in 2012 and 2013 … ugh! is there a trend here?) than to have not made the postseason at all. 



The sun is actually shining this morning … not brightly, but there is sunshine coming in the window!  After rain and cloudy skies for 14 of the last 15 days, I’m beyond ready for some sunshine … and the warmer weather in today’s forecast won’t hurt either.  Winking smile


I hope that whatever you have planned for today includes a little something that brings you joy! Have a great day!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. What's your favorite time of day? Why?
Early morning ... when it's nice and quiet and the day is new and full of promise. Ten years ago, my answer would have been so different! Back when I was working, I was sure I was a night owl ... looking back, I think it was out of necessity. By the time I got home and accomplished all that needed to be done around the house, I had to stay up late if I wanted to have any relaxing or "me" time.

2. Waffle iron, toaster, coffee maker, mixer, blender...which small appliance would you say most needs replacing in your house?
I'll say blender because we don't have one. We did have one, but we gave it to DD when she wanted/needed one ... we weren't using it, so she might as well use it.

3. It's National Grouch Day (October 15)...what's something that makes you feel grouchy?
Hmmmmm ... how about when my Cardinals blow a 4-run comeback in the bottom of the 10th.  Seriously, lack of sleep definitely makes me grouchy ... and unfortunately at this stage of life, lack of sleep is a common occurrence.  :-(

4. Ever been to Canada? Is that a country you'd like to visit? According to Trip Advisor, the top ten best destinations in Canada are-Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Victoria, Calgary, Niagara on the Lake, Niagara Falls, Whistler, and Halifax. Which city would you most like to see?
I've never been to Canada, but I'd love to go! On my bucket list is a cruise to Alaska followed by a glass-domed train ride through the Canadian Rockies back to the U.S. I've priced such a trip, and alas, I think it'll be a permanent fixture on my bucket list.

5. What was your favorite food (or one of your favorites) when you were a child? Is that still a favorite?
I'm trying to remember ... #1 my childhood was a loooong time ago and #2 I've always loved food, just about any food (and have the lifelong battle with my weight to prove it).

6. Do you cry easily?
I'd say probably no not really, although certain things will get me every time. Like stories of mamas losing their babies (I've watched Steel Magnolias more times than I can count ... and I cry every. single. time.).

7. Have you started your (gasp!) Christmas shopping? If so when, and how much? If not, when will you even begin thinking about it?
I haven't started, although I've begun to think a little about Christmas gift giving. Every year, I buy Christmas ornaments for DD and the Ts, but this year I'm going to make my ornaments. I'm making them hexie wreaths. Here's my inspiration (I'm a member of a hexie group on Facebook ... another member shared a picture of her ornament and graciously allowed me to save it for inspiration).
I'll probably tweak my design, by putting the bow at the top near the bell ... all six hexies will be from the same fabric, too, as my stash of green is fairly limited. I need to remedy that for next year. ;-)

8. Insert your own random thought here.
The last several days have been busy ones here at Chez Nana. Last Thursday, I spent the day at DD's. We spent Friday at my dad's. The two older Ts had another USA Swim-sanctioned meet on Saturday and Sunday. And Monday all four Ts were here for the day. Fun but busy.  The next few days look to be quiet and relaxing, with plenty of time to spend with needle and thread.  All or nothing is the way my life seems to be these days.  ;-)

I hope that whatever you have planned for today includes a little something that brings you joy! Have a great day!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Throwback and This n That Thursday


I know I’m a day late and a dollar short on the TBT bandwagon.  But better late than never, right?

Grandpa K and me

I’m sitting on my paternal Grandpa’s lap here … at our house.  I’m guessing I must have been about 18-24 months here … which would mean that the picture was taken in c1952 (my mom noted who was in the picture, but not when it was taken).




The Blues’ season opener is tonight, so that will help fill my baseball void … the Cardinals don’t play until Saturday evening.  I got almost caught up on this season’s NCIS episodes while quilting yesterday afternoon.




Our trip to the apple orchard yesterday was postponed … with late swim practices and out of town company last week, the Ts were running on fumes … so when they were still sleeping when it was time to get up to get ready to head out, Mama didn’t have the heart to wake them up.  It’s all good as we’re going to get together today … no apple farm (raining today), but just some fun time together.  Red heart


I hope that whatever you have planned for today includes a little something that brings you joy! Have a great day!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Do you manage your own money or do you have a financial planner who helps in some way? Do those kinds of conversations stress you out? A lot or a little?
A combination of both, if I include DH.  He works with our financial planner … those kinds of conversations stress me out.  I’m also not a risk taker, so if the choice were mine alone, I’d probably sock the money away and earn a measly 1% and run out of money in 10 years.  ha!  I exaggerate, but that’s why DH works with the financial planner.  Not that I am left out of the loop, but I trust DH so I leave the nitty gritty details to him and our planner.

2. The second week of October is Pet Peeve Week. Off the top of your head, share TWO of your current pet peeves.
Two of my ongoing (not just current) pet peeves are people who chew with their mouths open and drivers who pull out in front of me and then go 10-15 mph under the speed limit.

3. What is one thing you'd like to learn right now, this very week if you could?
Everything that I can think of is quilting related (imagine that).  I think I’d most like to learn the invisible machine applique technique. 

4. How concerned are you about the recent health related news concerning Ebola? How about Enterovirus D68?
I’m concerned … especially in light of the recent admission that Canadian researchers have reported that the strain of Ebola affecting West Africa can be transmitted between humans by breathing, which opens up the possibility that Ebola may be an airborne pathogen.   

5. Garfield, Nemo, or Tigger-your favorite orange cartoon character?
 The wonderful thing about Tiggers
 Is Tiggers are wonderful things
 Their tops are made out of rubber
 Their bottoms are made out of springs

6. I'm going to see Gone Girl with my neighborhood book club this week. So often books made into film are disappointing. What's a book turned film you thought was well done, in that the casting was 'like you pictured' when you read the book, and the film plot remained mostly true to the book plot?
I’m drawing a blank on this one as far as casting, but I did think that Gone With the Wind remained about as true to the book as any I’ve seen.

7. What is one story your family always tells about you?
I’m always teased about the time I responded to our neighbor knocking on our door to tell us that our chimney was on fire … I thanked him and returned to watch the movie with everyone … thankfully DH and DD sprang into action when I shared what our neighbor wanted.  To this day, I’m not sure why it didn’t sink in.  Surprised smile

8. Insert your own random thought here.
I’ve got several random thoughts today. 

I’m continuing to make good progress on T#1’s spiral log cabin quilt. 

I got up in time to see the full lunar eclipse … I even got out my “good” camera to try to get a photo, but none of the shots were worth sharing.  Sad smile  But at least I got to see the eclipse.

DH and I are joining DD and the Ts at the apple orchard for some apple picking and fun.  I wonder if we’ll have time for this:

Truly appropriate today because my Cardinals defeated the Dodgers and will be facing the Giants in the NLCS, starting Saturday.

I hope that whatever you have planned for today includes a little something that brings you joy! Have a great day!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Slow Stitching Weekend Wrap Up

It was, for the most part, a relaxing weekend. I was able to get a little stitching done during the Cardinals victory Friday evening and most of Saturday (I'm not going to mention their late-night defeat in Game 2). Here's a picture of my progress before I started quilting Saturday morning.

I got a late start to quilting on Sunday because we had to attend a certain someone's birthday party (she turns 5 on the 15th, but this was the only weekend that worked for their family). Here's the birthday girl in her new Doc McStuffins outfit (with her big sister behind her).

By the time I got home Sunday afternoon, I wasn't sure if I'd even feel up to quilting as I just wasn't feeling 100%. But I picked up my hoop and started to put in a few stitches and before I knew it, I'd stitched for 3 hours (while we watched the Orioles eliminate the Tigers) ... which proves my contention that hand quilting is therapeutic! ;-) This is a shot of what was in my hoop and of my progress after a couple of hours of quilting Sunday afternoon ... it looks like I practically doubled the amount of quilting Saturday evening/Sunday afternoon, although it's hard to tell from that distance, isn't it?

I got in another couple of hours of quilting while we watched a little more baseball ... it looks like I'll be able to get back to DH's quilt sooner than I'd expected as the quilting seems to be going pretty quickly!

I hope that whatever you have planned for today includes a little something that brings you joy! Have a great day!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Catching up on Thursday

I’m still trying to get back into my “normal” at-home routine.  I admit that when I get up in the morning, I want to walk to the windows and look for the sun rising up out of the ocean … not to mention that after lunch, I find myself thinking about changing clothes so I can head out to walk along the beach. 

But I am glad to be home … where I have gotten back into my sewing/quilting routine!  Tuesday morning, I finished tidying up all the loose threads and was able to snap a quick picture before it was time to start basting.FullSizeRenderPlease ignore the ironing board legs on the left and the folding tables (for basting) on the right.  My sewing space is just too small, so this stage of the quilting process takes place in the living room (the only room with enough floor space for everything).

The basting process went quickly enough, and I was able to sit down late Tuesday afternoon to do a little hand quilting!  Woo hoo!IMG_1413

I am making pretty good progress.IMG_2432I’m using Aurifil 28 wt variegated thread … my first time with that particular thread (it’s going well enough, but I still prefer YLI 40/3) and with variegated thread.  If you look closely, you can see the variegation in the red center, the second blue “log” below it and the second white “log” above it.  FullSizeRender (1)

There won’t be much quilting going on today as the Ts are coming over a little later on.  I don’t mind giving up some quilting time when it means time spent with my Ts!  Winking smile  There will be plenty of time to quilt tomorrow, especially since our Cardinals play – Game 1 of the NLDS. 

I hope that whatever you have planned for today includes a little something that brings you joy! Have a great day!