Monday, October 5, 2015

The Weekend Wrap-Up

The weekend got a busy start, but that didn’t last too long.  Friday morning, DD called me inviting me to join her and the Ts on their shopping excursion.  Well, of course, I said yes.  Winking smile  One of our stops was Toys R Us in hopes of getting some gift ideas for T#4’s upcoming birthday (she’ll be 6 on the 15th).  Of course, as is typical for a soon-to-be-6-year-old, she insisted that she wanted everything she saw.  Ha!  We also stopped at Hobby Lobby … in the fabric area, we spied novelty fleece fabrics.  I let each one of the Ts choose their favorite and purchased enough to make each of them a lap blanket.  I also selected the Cardinals fleece to make a lap blanket for DH. 

Saturday morning, I watched the younger two Ts while Mama and the older two took their kitty Sammy to the vet.  They suspect that Sammy is about 14 years old, and he’s not been acting like himself for the last several days.  They were afraid that his time with them might be drawing to a close, but thankfully it’s “just” an abscessed tooth and he’s on a course of antibiotics.  I spent Saturday afternoon in my sewing room, turning the edges under to turn the fleece from Hobby Lobby into blankets. 

Sunday was a lazy day here at Chez Nana.  I spent the afternoon with my needle and thread, quilting my Kiss quilt while watching the Cardinals close out their regular season.  I’m now almost halfway done on the 4th edge … the end really is in sight.  Hopefully I will have the quilting finished and the quilt bound by the end of the week.  IMG_0119

I also got some hexies attached on my Martha Washington’s Flower Garden.  And speaking of my MWFG, I forgot to share that I’m a celebrity!  Paper Pieces featured my MWFG in their Facebook Show and Tell.  I'm a celebrity!

I hope that whatever you have planned for today includes a little something that brings you joy ... have a great day!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Back to my Routine


It took a few days to get all the laundry done, all of September’s paperwork and filing done and back into my routine.  Of course, I had a few distractions … they all start with the letter T.  Red heart 


DD invited me up on Monday for a “play day”.  Tuesday, I watched them after Mama left for class and took them to swim practice.  And I had all four most all day Wednesday while DD had to take a test for her psych class (it’s an online class, but she has to go to campus to take the tests/exams) and to take the HESI (for admittance into her college’s nursing program). 


Thursday I had to get caught up on recordkeeping here at home … with everything that was going on with DD’s step-mom in August and our trip in September, I was a little behind … thus it took me all morning to get caught up.  I hate dealing with paperwork, so I usually find myself putting it off … I’m not sure why because it doesn’t eliminate any of the paperwork, it just makes a bigger and longer job out of it.  Ugh.


Lois and I have resumed our morning walks … but the cool front has moved through, meaning that I’m going to have to dig out my coat.  It was 47 when we started our walk yesterday.  Brrrrrr 


But I’ve been able to do a little stitching on my Martha Washington’s Flower Garden most evenings since we’ve been back.  Here’s a shot of my progress as of Thursday afternoon.IMG_0114-1If you remember, I shared a picture of my progress here when we were still in Hilton Head (my iPad tells me that the picture had been taken on the 18th).  At that time I had connectors sewn onto 18 diamond blocks, enough for 3 stars.  In the meantime, I’ve added 12 more diamond blocks and have connectors on another 2 blocks since I took the picture above … in 13 days (2 of which were spent in the car, basting the connector hexies). 


Finally … by Thursday afternoon, I was able to sit down and get back to work on my Kiss quilt.  I’m still a little ways from getting it all quilted, but it felt so good to get back to hand quilting.  I haven’t put in a stitch since Labor Day … almost a full month.  While I was glad to have my hexie project to keep my hands busy, I have missed hand quilting for sure.


The Ts have their first swim meet next weekend – I can’t wait!  I’ve missed seeing them compete.  It’ll be held in a small town in Missouri, about 2/3 of the way to Homestead Hearth.  I’m thinking that we might just need to head there before the meet … I need to see if I can find more fabrics suitable for fussy cutting for my Patchwork of the Crosses (I purchased some fabrics when in Paducah on our way to Hilton Head last month), not that I need much of an excuse to visit Homestead Hearth.  Winking smile


I hope that whatever you have planned for today includes a little something that brings you joy ... have a great day!

Monday, September 28, 2015


We got home late yesterday afternoon.  Thankfully unpacking didn’t take too long … I don’t know about you all, but I can’t stand having all the suitcases and bags hanging around, so once everything gets into the house, I have to unpack everything and put it all away.  If I stop to sit down and take it easy, I won’t get back to the task at hand.  And that is borne out in the master bath, where all my toiletries are still in the zip-lock bags this morning.  IMG_0109

The rain finally moved through the area so our last couple of days on the Island were wonderful days.  And we milked them for all they were worth, with nice long walks along the water’s edge.  IMG_4105
Where we finally found our first sand dollar … and it was a baby one … about the size of a quarter (wish I’d had a quarter in my pocket so I could have laid it next to the sand dollar for perspective).  IMG_4098
We also saw another starfish.
Yes, that’s my shadow as I was taking the picture.  And we saw dinner being caught. Winking smile

Saturday morning, after one last sunrise on the water, we stopped at our favorite restaurant for one last meal before heading home.  We made it past Atlanta … and vowed that we’d never drive through Atlanta again!  It started with our GPS warning of a 52-minute delay on our route (thank goodness for traffic alerts), so we chose to travel the alternate route mapped out by our GPS.  It added 29 minutes to the trip, but that’s a lot better than 52!  We were finally directed back to the Interstate, but I think we would have both rather stayed on the back roads … traffic was very heavy and it was raining.  We were both pretty worn out by the time we stopped for the night … and we’d only traveled 5 hours that day.  Whew!  Unfortunately, Sunday’s drive wasn’t a whole lot better … there was a brief moment where we weren’t sure that we’d make it home.  We were coming up on a Greyhound bus when suddenly a rear panel broke loose and was flapping furiously … we were sure that it would totally break loose and fly back and strike our car.  DH put the brakes on to put a lot of distance between us and the bus … and then thankfully the driver realized that something was amiss and pulled the bus over and we were able to safely pass.  It was a scary, scary moment.  IMG_4117

The majority of the trip was spent listening to the Cardinals lose a game they should have won … while I basted hexies.  IMG_4112
It certainly helped the miles fly by. 

Thanks to a remark made by Mary over at Hill Country Quilter, I’ve declared today to be recovery/re-entry day.  I’ve done a little laundry, got caught up on blog reading and plan to put away those toiletries out on the bathroom counter.  DD has already asked if I’d be available to come up after they finish up school this morning … well, of course!  It took me all of 3 seconds to text back that I’ll be there.  Now if the Ts will cooperate by cranking out their schoolwork.  Winking smile

As much as I’m missing the beach, I have to say that I’m so very glad to be back home.  I hope that whatever you have planned for today includes a little something that brings you joy ... have a great day!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Another Halfway Point

We are now halfway through our final week here in our Happy Place. And I'll have to be honest and say that while I'm still not ready to go, I'm not dreading leaving as much as I was last week. I'm really missing my favorite people - a lot. No, I definitely could not move away ... DH and I long dreamed of moving to the beach when we retired ... but that was before we had grands. So we'll continue to stay in Illinois ... unless DSIL transfers (hopefully to the beach or at least to an area closer to the beach).

We still are on the search for sand dollars. When we were here in May, we saw a lot of them ... including 10 that were no longer alive so I could take them home with me. We have, however, seen starfish on this trip. Not as many as we saw in May ... and I couldn't be sure that they weren't still alive, so I had to leave them on the beach. When we first started coming to Hilton Head, we never saw a single starfish ... we just assumed that they weren't indigenous to the Island.




I have a feeling that the rest of our time here will be even more relaxed than the first week and a half. Tuesday, after our walk, my foot slipped out from under me at the hosing off station ... I didn't hurt myself, other than bruise and a little stiffness the next morning. Enough that I think I'll take it more slowly out on the beach. And it's probably just as well as there's rain and cooler temperatures in the forecast for tomorrow and Friday. Hopefully there'll be some breaks in the rain so we can get out onto the beach like we did last week, but if not, I'll just remind myself what DH always says "a rainy day at the beach is still better than a sunny day at home".


And of course, I'll have my MWFG to keep me occupied. At last count, I have 18 blocks with connectors attached (24 if you count the 6 I stitched at home before we left). I wish I could take a picture of them all, but our condo is too small. Maybe I'll remember to take a picture when we get home. (Y'all can remind me - ha!)


It's been too cloudy to get out to take any good sunrise photos. While some cloud cover helps make for a more dramatic sunrise photo, too many means that we can't even see the sun.


This one was taken from our balcony.

I doubt if I'll be posting again until after we get back home ... so until then, I hope that whatever you have planned includes a little something that brings you joy ... have a great day!



Saturday, September 19, 2015

Halfway Point

Edited to add:  I'm using the blogger app on my iPad which doesn't give me the option to change the default photo size, hence the overlapping.  I've tried logging into Blogger in my browser in order to edit the size, but for some unknown reason, I'm unable to scroll past the first photo while in edit mode.  So forgive the overlapping photos ... I tried.  

We are at the halfway point on our trip.  It doesn't seem possible that we've already spent a week here.

I've tried every day for the last few days to sit down and get you all caught up, but I just haven't been able to put together anything very interesting.  Our days have all been pretty much the same ... get up and watch the sun rise over the ocean
do some stitching on my Martha Washington's Flower Garden (I stitched six blocks before we left [not shown here] and am now stitching on my 12th block done while here in our Happy Place)
stroll along the beach (dreaming of owning one of these homes along our walks ... pipe dreams to be sure, but fun to dream about)
go out for dinner (local black sea bass served over Boursin cheese grits with a side of baby limas - yum! the best meal so far)
play a little Dice with Friends to wind down the day, and then get to bed.  How many different ways can I talk about that?  ;-)

The weather gave us fits before we left ... one day the long range forecast would be calling for sunny days, the next it would call for rainy days.  We've had some of both, but we were able to get our walk along the beach even on those rainy days.  

I can only hope the next 7 days will be as enjoyable as these last 7 days.  While I'm not anxious to leave, I will confess that I'm missing my daughter and my grands and can't wait to see them.  

I hope that you have something planned today that will bring you some joy.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

On the Road Again

It's here - it's finally here - time to head toward our Happy Place. Instead of leaving at oh-dark-thirty and driving like crazy to get to within 4-5 hours of Hilton Head, we chose to get up when we were ready (still earlier than we thought we'd get up - ha!), take our time packing up and head out by 9:00. Like I said, we were up earlier than planned so we were on the road by 8:00 ... and were in Paducah by 11:00.  Our first stop was Kirchhoff's.
DH got a gyro and I got my usual - a chicken salad on cranberry walnut bread - yum!  Of course, no stop at Kirchhoff's would be complete without a visit to their bakery section.  I could have made my meal out of those delectables. They had a cinnamon roll that was the size of a dinner plate - I kid you not.  I chose a couple of cowboy cookies ... one for the rest of today's journey and another for tomorrow.

We then drove to Paper Pieces, where I'd hoped to be able to pick up a Lap App (as I mentioned last Saturday), but alas their shipment isn't due until the 15th.  Jess (bless her heart) offered to sell me hers, but she'd left the ironing cover at home. Instead I picked up a pack of 3/4" hexies and 3/4" honeycombs ... I think that my next EPP project will be a Patchwork of the Crosses.  Since I generally prefer the smaller repro prints, I don't have anything in my stash that would be "fussy-cuttable" ... so our next stop was Hancock's of Paducah.
Ding ding ding - we have a winner - fabrics at half price!  I'll need more, but I think that this is a fabulous start.
Needless to say, the trip so far has been a smashing success. Ha!

We've got a full day's drive tomorrow ... followed by a 4-hour drive on Saturday. We should get into Hilton Head in time for a nice lunch on Skull Creek before checking into our condo.  I'm not sure how much time I'll be spending online ... the beach will be calling my name, and if I'm not on the beach, I'll probably be out on our balcony, stitching my hexies (for my Martha Washington's Flower Garden). 

So until later, I hope that whatever you have planned for today includes a little something that brings you joy ... have a great day!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Happy Labor Day!


Happy Labor Day, everyone!  I hope you all have something spectacular planned for your Labor Day … whether it’s one last dip in the pool, a BBQ get-together, or just some rest and relaxation.  And resting/relaxing  is exactly how I plan to spend my Labor Day. 

I did get in a walk with Lois this morning … it was awfully humid this morning, and there was no air moving until the last 10 minutes of our walk … even then, it really wasn’t enough to keep us cool.  Since it’s supposed to get into the mid 90s again today, I think I’ll be spending the rest of my day inside.  The Cardinals play this afternoon, so I’ll be stitching and watching the game.  And dreaming of the setting in the Labor Day picture at the top of this post. 

Speaking of the beachside setting, it won’t be long before it will no longer be a dream.  In 72 hours, we should be just about ready to be hitting the road.  As is our custom, we’ve been checking the long-range weather forecast for Hilton Head.  So far, it looks like we’ll have warmer temperatures than we did last September … WeatherBut look at the precipitation chances.  Surprised smile  Hopefully the rain will be of the pop-up variety that doesn’t last long and leaves behind pleasant weather.  I just keep telling myself what DH always says: “a rainy day on the beach is still better than a dry day at home”.

I got quite a bit of stitching done since my last post.  I have connectors attached to 4 more MWFG blocks.  After struggling with attaching those connectors with the papers still in all the hexies, I pulled out the papers on the inner hexies.  That went more quickly than I thought it would, and it was amazingly rewarding.  One thing I’ve noticed while working on these blocks is that I sure can tell which were my first blocks!  I used the whipstitch to piece together the first block, and I had no trouble identifying which block that was.  Sad smile  And even some of the early blocks pieced after I switched from the whipstitch aren’t quite as nicely done as my last blocks.  But this is my very first EPP project, and I pretty much taught myself, so expecting all the blocks to be perfectly pieced is a little unrealistic.  Winking smile 

And I’ve rounded the corner and have gotten in a couple of hoops worth of quilting on my Kiss quilt.  About the time I start to think that maybe I could get this finished before we leave, I remind myself that there won’t be a whole lot of quilting time tomorrow or Wednesday … there will be errands to run (hair cut, a trip to the Post Office to stop our mail, tidying up the house [tell me that I’m not the only one who has to have the house all tidied up before leaving on vacation … I just can’t stand coming back home to a messy house], packing, etc.).  If I don’t get it done before we leave, I shouldn’t have too much left to do when we get back. 

I hope that whatever you have planned for this Labor Day includes a little something that brings you joy ... have a great day!