Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spring has sprung

Warm, sunny weather has finally arrived.  It was gorgeous yesterday … high in the low 70’s with the sun shining.  More of the same (with a slight chance for some late afternoon rain) is forecast for the rest of the weekend.  

Because yesterday was so beautiful, I decided to make hay while the sun shone … or at least work in the yard.  I replenished the mulch in the landscaping … which brings to mind the question: where does the mulch go?  I replenished and put down plenty of mulch on the new landscaping last spring … and yet, I needed 11 bags of mulch to fill back in this spring. 

I also ran to Lowe’s to get some flowers to put in my pots.  I like to have flowers out on the deck and some in the front.  I also looked for some landscaping/garden accents. 

After we were done working in the yard, we went for a walk around the neighborhood.  It’d been so long since we’d been able to do that … the weather has not been conducive to much time outside lately (which made yesterday’s lovely day even more special).  We chatted for a bit with some of our neighbors … including the couple at the end of the cul-de-sac with the pool in their backyard.  I have to admit that I did drool a little at all the landscaping and decorating they did in their backyard (and the pool, too!). 

We followed that up with a trip to the Gun Club for some Captain Hog’s BBQ.  Yummy!

We wrapped up our day by watching the Cardinals game (our pitcher got to within 2 innings of a perfect game – it was pretty exciting!).  I did some hand quilting on T#4’s big girl quilt while we watched the game.  A wonderful ending to a wonderful day!

Happy Mother’s Day!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful day!

  2. you got a lot done!! And now I too wonder where mulch goes!! pools are fun, we had one for a few years one time in our moves, but LOTS of work. However, with the grands you have........they would like it indeed!!

    Hope you have a Happy Mother's Day and that you get to see your precious grands and daughter (and her husband of course :)


  3. WOW you got a lot done! Today it started out nice so I started to touch up paint on the house and after an hour, it started to rain! RATS! I'm so glad you got a great day - it's been a long time coming. Happy Mother's Day to you.

  4. Hi Kathy, I think the mulch just compacts down-because last year I raked it up to make it full again. Glad you've been having nice weather-ours starts out nice and then clouds up-just wish it would stay sunny.
    Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother's Day to you.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day. Happy Mother's Day!

    I think I had a "lightbulb" moment reading this post. I spend so much time here each day that before you know it my husband is coming home from work. What a waste of a beautiful day. I should be outside planting flowers. I must change my ways now! Thank you.

  6. Sounds like such a good day! I can't wait to start planting plants and putting flowers on the porch!
    Happy Mother's Day!

  7. You are one more "busy bee!" We are enjoying some gorgeous weather too and I love, love it. Hoping your Mother's Day is special!

  8. It does sound like a wonderful day - and I'm not a baseball fan!!

    Everyone I've ever known that had a pool has said they would never do it again - unless they had the funds to hire a pool service. Much better to have a friend (or neighbor) that has one!!

  9. You asked if I am loosing the loose skin. The answer is yes but it is harder at my age. I'm in my late 50's so it is slower but yes, my stomach is getting flatter and my arms are getting toner. So get to it Girl!!

  10. I'm glad that you are getting to enjoy spring by working in your yard. It's always nice to get some fresh air and sunshine after a long winter.

  11. You are one more "busy bee!" We are enjoying some gorgeous weather too and I love, love it. Hoping your Mother's Day is special!


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