Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011–Year in Review


Wow, it seems like it was just a month or two ago that I posted a 2010 – Year in Review.  And now it’s time to look back and reflect on 2011. 


In January, I returned to work on a part-time basis … it was only supposed to have been from the end of May to the end of August, but as soon as I agreed to come back, a former co-worker gave her notice, so I was asked to start immediately.  Instead of 3 months, I thought it would be an 8-month gig.  Turns out it was an 11-month stint, as a former co-worker was diagnosed with cancer.  It was nice to be able to supplement our retirement income and I enjoyed the work … but I’m so glad to be retired full-time again!


I also visited my dad who spent January and February along the Alabama Gulf Coast (this is the view from the condo he rented). 



In February, we celebrated a couple of birthdays, including a milestone for me … I turned 60.  T#1 turned 9 (I think his turning 9 made me feel older than my turning 60!).


In March, we took another trip to Spring Training.  We’ve done this every spring since we retired … and I don’t see an end in sight any time soon (we’re already starting some preliminary planning for our 2012 trip).  We spent a little longer in southern Florida this year, and we visited some parts of Florida that we’d never been to before, including Key West.



In May, we celebrated T#2’s 7th birthday.  May also included a trip to the Pacific Northwest with my extended family (both sisters, one sister’s S.O., my dad, and DH & I), taking in the Oregon coast and Portland.

Picture 036


In July, my sister, her S.O. and her grandson came down for a weekend.  We went to the zoo and took in a Cardinals’ game … where kids were allowed to run the bases after the game. 


In August, we celebrated T#3’s 4th birthday.  We also spent a weekend in St. Louis with my extended family, taking in a Cardinals’ game and visiting the Missouri Botanical Garden.

MoBot 8-14-11


In September, we were forced to cancel our trip to the Outer Banks, thanks to Hurricane Irene.  It didn’t take much arm twisting to choose to go to Hilton Head instead (our favorite vacation destination). 


In October, we celebrated T#4’s 2nd birthday.  We also were able to enjoy the Cardinals’ improbable playoff run that culminated in a World Series Championship. 


In November, we celebrated DH’s birthday and had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with DD and her family. 


In December, I finally finished T#4’s “big girl quilt”.  I also finished the top for another quilt … one that we’ll keep.



We celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary, and we had a wonderful Christmas with DD and her family.  December was a very busy month, helping DD recover from surgery and the never-ending virus(es) that the Ts kept passing around.  We wrapped up December by driving my dad to within a couple of hours of the Alabama Gulf Coast where he’ll spend the next couple of months.


I pray that you all have a


  1. Happy New Year! Hope 2012 is good for you! ~Jeanne

  2. Looks like it was a great 2011, all in all! On to 2012! Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year!


  3. Happy New Year, So looking forward to spending more time together on this adventure of life.
    Loved hearing about your 2011.
    Love, Noreen

  4. Happy New Year. All the best to you and you family this year.

  5. How nice to show what you did this year. Thanks for becoming my second follower. I do hope you have fun, I feel funny talking about this stuff on my farm blog so I thought about just doing this and seeing what happens. I might just loose weight. :)
    So thank you and I am glad you learned a new word because that is all I think I ever write is Piffle. :)

  6. How fun to see the year in review and God's many blessings. May GOD bring even more blessings your way in 2012!

  7. Nice review. You did a lot I 2011. May 2012 keep you busy as well.

  8. It was fun to walk thru your year : ) Happy 2012!

  9. Happy New Year! I enjoyed your year in review...

    Wow! I didn't realize that you'd had such a busy year...and to think--you managed to do all of these things and work part-time! LOL

    I've never been to the Alabama coast--it looks beautiful!


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