Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday Catch-up

I spent a few hours in the sewing room and got 4 pineapple blocks sewn and started a 5th block.  I still need to remove the paper, but that shouldn’t be too big a deal.  photo (62)This makes a total of 8 finished blocks so far … although I’m still about 4 blocks behind on my goal of sewing up a block a week. 

We had a little excitement while I was in the sewing room … we got 2.7 inches of rain in about 2 hours with very strong winds … so strong that a neighbor’s gas grill was blown across their patio into their pool.

With that much rain in such a short time, guess whose garden has standing water again?  Sad smile  We replanted seeds twice and replanted tomatoes once … we’re done.  If our plants don’t survive this, then we’ll just have to get our fresh veggies at the veggie stand.  Not to mention that this certainly reaffirmed our decision to put in a raised bed garden out in our back yard next year. 

Our appointment with the contractor was right in the middle of the storm, so he called to reschedule for Wednesday afternoon.  We’ve got an appointment with another contractor scheduled for tomorrow. 

We were misinformed that the pizza place sold half-baked or bake-at-home pizzas … so we bought a pizza, had a couple of slices, and brought the rest of it home for today. 

There’s another swim meet this evening.  Red heart  Maybe I can get caught up on my pineapple blocks this afternoon. 


  1. Good morning! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the squares. I have been watching tutorial after tutorial as I have determined to make myself a quilt. I wish I could find a beginners class somewhere, but so far I haven't. I did watch one yesterday however that used the paper. Looks great! Your poor garden! Soo frustrating! Have a good day!

  2. I think I would grow fins instead of building raised beds!!! Oh dear. Can you please send us some of that rain?

    The pineapple blocks are beautiful.

  3. WOW So sorry about your garden. We have a small raised graden and we love it. We are thinking of making it taller next year to make tending it easier.

  4. The squares are beautiful!

    That is way too much rain to have at one time. I hope your garden survives,

  5. HOLY WIND BATMAN!!! I can't believe it moved the grilled into the pool!!

    You're quilting is just so beautiful!!!!

  6. We're getting lots of rain here too, but not that much, thank goodness. Love the pineapple blocks.

  7. Your pineapple blocks are so pretty! I stand amazed. :)

  8. Yikes! That is quiet a wind storm. Hope they have some pool first aid to put in there after they pull the grill out.
    Your poor garden. It seems like there is either no rain or too much lately.

  9. Your blocks look great!! Do you like paper piecing? As compared to the other kind?
    That must have been some really, really strong winds to lift that and put it in the pool. Wow you have had so much rain compared to last year.
    Too bad about your garden.
    It sounds like a really nice day.

  10. I love those colors and each and every time I see quilters quilting, I think about learning. Then I get real with myself! :) That will be such a beautiful quilt!

    Wow! That's a lot of rain and a lot of wind! A gas grill is not that easily moved. I don't blame you about the garden. Kind of like not meant to be huh?

  11. Wow that had to be some kind of wind. Hope your garden survives, mine is soooo far behind, hopefully it will be a warm fall, it's the only way I am going to get tomatoes. Most of my veggies are in pots this year, we will see what happens

  12. Love the blocks and looks like it was just not meant for y'all to have a garden this year. Phooey!

    We got home this afternoon and as soon as I can get settled, I'll have lots to write about. But, first things first.

    It's good to be back in touch!

  13. I can't believe that the winds blew your grill into the pool....wow!


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