Saturday, November 30, 2013

Too Late to Get Caught Up?

Yes, I'm still alive and kicking. ;-) I can't even remember when I last posted so I don't know how far back to go to try to get caught up!  Let's just go over the last week and call it good, ok?

Monday was spent cleaning and tidying in anticipation of our house guests. Everything looked good Tuesday morning when I left to go to DD's ... I had the morning shift with the Ts with just enough time to get home before my dad arrived.  He always likes to go with when we go get my sister from the airport. DD had a bit of trouble getting away from work and we visited for a little while before I headed home ... my dad who is notoriously early (so much so that I'm tempted to start telling him to arrive a good 30 minutes later than the time I need him to arrive ha!) had been at our house for an hour by the time I got home. Thankfully DH's morning appointment didn't run late so he was home to greet and entertain my dad. We had a nice couple of days all together ... the only downside was that my other sister wasn't feeling well enough to come down. 

After we dropped off my sister at the airport early Thanksgiving morning, we headed over to DD's.  DD provided paper placemats for each of us ... having each of us write something on everyone else's placemat, sharing why we were thankful for him/her. It was so touching.
I didn't realize that my picture cut off part of the thankfulness. I will save and treasure this forever. My dad joined us for a light lunch and a visit before he headed back home.  Because I wasn't sure when I'd be done with my family obligations, DD graciously moved our Thanksgiving celebration back to dinner time. So I was able to help with some of the preparations ... and able to enjoy an absolutely delicious feast with my favoritest people. 

I had another early morning shift with the Ts Friday ... a "bonus" day since DD took a shift so one of the university students could go home for the Thanksgiving weekend. As soon as I got home, DH and I grabbed a light lunch and hit the road for a weekend getaway in Paducah - quilters' central!  I got some hexies basted for my hexagon star quilt on the 2+ hour drive down. We got here in time to check in at our hotel and then head to Hancock's of Paducah - the Mother Lode of quilt shops.  
I bought some fabric for some Christmas gifts and for my Martha Washington's Flower Garden.  I amazed myself with how well I controlled myself ... there were so many fabrics that I loved!  

Today we will visit downtown Paducah, including the Quilt Museum - of course. We were in Paducah 3 (?) years ago, so we will probably pass on some of the sights we've seen before, but a visit to Paducah isn't complete without a visit to the Quilt Museum (and Hancock's of course). Then DH would like to drive out to the Land Between the Lakes to see the dam and lakes. He's such a good sport when it comes to visiting the quilting "hot spots", so it's only fair that we see a few things that he'd like to see.  ;-)

We will head back home tomorrow - I've got another "bonus" shift with the Ts Monday morning. I'm so incredibly blessed!  


  1. You are blessed indeed! I love the idea of the Thankfulness placemats - may have to borrow that next year :*) Have fun in Paducah!!!

  2. I haven't posted much lately either. I am finally getting back into it. It's nice to see you again.
    I have a few relatives that tend to come early too. I've been tempted to give a later time too. =)
    You truly are surrounded by many blessings. Looks like your Thanksgiving was a wonderful one.

  3. You have been so busy but it all sounds like it was wonderful!

  4. Oh how fun to go to Paducah! Have a wonderful time!

  5. Oh, I love the "thankful placemats." That is such a cute idea!

    You've been a busy, busy woman for sure!

    Glad you had time with your sister and Daddy. Special memories! I got tickled that he's always early. That's likely because he has nothing else to do. :o)))


  6. What a great week! Those placements will be treasured by all! Sounds like a great time in Paducah. Have a safe trip home. ~Jeanne

  7. Well it certainly sounds like you have been busy...but in such a good way. I am glad the visit with your sister went well. The place mat idea was such a good one! just things we don't usually say in our everyday lives, and we NEED to. Always good to hear. And the trip to the fabric store??? Well you know I am drooling over here. What a fun, wonderful thing to do. Sounds like your hubby is like mine and just loves that you can enjoy it so. Have fun on the rest of your trip! I admire your attitude on the care you provide every day for those grands of yours. I do love mine just pieces that's for sure, but don't know if I could do that anymore. They are all soo blessed to have you! I bet that was on their placemat lists...Enjoy your day!


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