Wednesday, August 19, 2015

For Sale

UPDATED: all fabric has been claimed

I decided to get back into my sewing room and finish up the reorganization.  I always like to come home from a trip to a nice, tidy house.  This house was never going to be nice or tidy with that sewing room in disarray.  So … time to tackle it.

As I went through my fabrics, I came across fabrics that I won’t use … some are good-sized pieces leftover from an old project and some are fabrics that I’ve purchased but have fallen out of love with.  I don’t know anyone locally well enough to offer to them.  I could offer them at my quilt guild, but we will be in Hilton Head so I’ll miss the September meeting.  I’d prefer to clean out this fabric sooner rather than later, so I’m going to offer it up here.  If there’s anything left, I’ll take it to the October meeting. 

I’m going to offer these fabrics on a first-come/first-served basis.  I just want to find a new home for these fabrics so all I’m asking is the price of postage to mail it out.  I will do my very best to find the most economical method of shipping, and I’ll be happy to provide a receipt to confirm the amount I’m requesting.  I’ll accept checks or PayPal payments.  I will ship out of the US.

Some of the fabrics might be up to 10-12 years old … I have no way of knowing when or where I bought any of these.  I’m providing manufacturer/line/pattern number when I have it; in those cases, I’ll try to include an online picture because it’s very overcast here today, and I fear that the colors may not come through accurately.  If anyone has any questions about the fabrics, I’ll do my best to answer. 

Ok, let’s get to the fabrics.  First up is an ivory floral/viney tone on tone fat quarter.  Unfortunately this one doesn’t have any information on the selvage. IMG_1959

I have a 42"x48" piece of a white tone on tone in a bubble design.  It’s from P&B Textiles. IMG_1964Unfortunately tones on tone don’t always photograph well, and this one was especially bad.  I found, on an older blog post, a photo taken under better lighting conditions … I used this fabric in my WIP Storm at Sea.

I have 2 pieces of a natural muslin, 1 piece is just a couple inches shy of 3 yards and the other is 1 yard. IMG_1965

I have a little over 5 yards of a natural linen-weave look fabric.  IMG_1966-001

I have two Fat Quarters from the same Windham line; while I took the picture of them together, I’m selling them individually or in the pair. IMG_1967
IMG_1970 One is a rose and the other is a red.  There seems to be enough information provided on the selvage for me to believe that these are from the Rebecca by Mary Koval line.  Here’s an online picture of the rose fabric.And here is an online source for the red.

I have 3 fat quarters from Windham; one has the manufacturer’s information on it.  Again, I’ll sell them separately or together.  IMG_1968
IMG_1969Here’s picture from an online source with more accurate color.

I have 1/2 yard of a chartreusey yellow with brown.  Unfortunately there’s not enough selvage information for me to get an online picture.  IMG_1971

I’m offering 1/2 yard of this blue floral.  IMG_1972

I have 4 yards of Moda’s Dogwood Trail commemorating the 20th anniversary of the National Quilt Museum.  IMG_1974

I have 3 yards of Kansas Troubles Wildflower Serenade II #9253.  Unfortunately the flash on my camera washed out the color.  It’s more of a rich almost burgundy color.  IMG_1975Here’s the best I can do as far as an online picture is concerned; I would say that it’s the last swatch in the 4th row down.  That is a more accurate color than my photograph.

I have 2 pieces of Sandy Gervais’ Tranquility – 1 piece that’s 2-2/3 yards and another 2 yard piece.  Again, my flash washed out the color a little ... in real life, it's more of a brick red/rust color, not orange.  I couldn't find a picture online; I found some other pieces from that line, but no brick/rust in this pattern.  Perhaps you will have better luck?IMG_1977

And I have one last piece of fabric that’s 24”x22”.  IMG_1978It’s not a big piece but might be perfect for your next scrappy quilt?

I have a lot of notions/tools that I no longer need/use and perhaps I’ll have another sale when we get back from Hilton Head.

I hope that whatever you have planned for today includes a little something that will bring some joy!


  1. I'll take them and more than happy to pay the postage. You are so generous to offer them this way.

  2. I'd love the Tranquility piece. Good luck with that organizational project.

  3. wow....not sure HOW I missed this, lol. What a wonderful idea. I should clean out my fabric as well. So glad this worked out for you! Don't know if you noticed my comment on one of my recent pictures. I finally found a use for the thread you sent me ages ago. I LOVE it! And believe it or not as I have come to the end of this project I have gone through almost all of it! Thank you again for it! Hope you had a good day!

  4. Congrats Kathy on rehoming your excess fabric you don't need and finding happy homes for all of it! I will look forward to your notions sale when you return from your relaxing break :) Now you have room for all those fat quarters that are coming too! :D Kathi

  5. So glad this worked out for you. Now you'll have room for new fabric. :)

  6. Glad you were successful in re-homing these cuts. Right now my organizational efforts have created an even bigger mess. Still working on it though.

  7. It always feels good to purge. You've created a little more space. Enjoy your time on Hilton Head!


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