Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Spring Is Here ...

... and she's sticking around. It's been absolutely delightful here ... way too nice to spend much time inside in the sewing room.  But I do have all my tumbler pairs stitched into "foursies". I don't have a picture to prove it ... you'll just have to trust me.  Ha!  We've got rain coming through this week, so maybe I'll spend a rainy afternoon or two at the sewing machine ... I'll do my best to get a picture to prove it, too.

Another reason I haven't made it in to sewing room is that I'm still on a puzzle kick.  

We have another one that a dear bloggy friend sent me ... time to get started on it.  It looks to be a little. Ore of a challenge, so it's liable to take a while before we get it finished ... but we're up for,the challenge!  Bring it on!

Since its been so nice, I've been outside as much as I can.  I have been getting in a couple of walks every day ... I don't have the stamina to walk as far or as fast as I used to, but "they" say that several shorter walks will provide the same benefit that a longer walk does.  I hope so.  

I also spend some talking walking through the yard, enjoying the signs of spring.  Our knockout roses have started blooming ... I'm trying to remember (and failing) if they bloomed this early in previous springs. "They" recommend trimming knockout roses (waaaay back, too) in late winter.  In years past, I alway got out with my loppers and trimmed in February or March.  Obviously that didn't happen this year.  But it doesn't seem to be a problem, as they've greened up nicely and are now blooming. 

Last Tuesday, I resumed my chemo.  My oncologist assured me that I'd tolerate it well, other than a little more fatigue.  I was very fatigued on Wednesday, but I suspect that was as much from the sleepless night Tuesday (I'd like to blame the Benadryl and steroids, but I got Benadryl and steroids with my chemo during the first round ... and while I noticed that I was up later than normal on Tuesday nights, I never had an entire Tuesday night where I just couldn't fall sleep).  Once I got caught up on sleep last week, I didn't notice that I was any more fatigued than I'd been prior to the resumption of chemo. We'll see what happens tonight. 

I'm continuing to do well with my recovery. I still don't have the stamina I did prior to surgery, but I'm just now 4 weeks out from my surgery.  Everything I've read seems to indicate that it might be a few months yet before I feel completely back to normal (or at least what was normal for me prior to surgery). 

It's playoff hockey season, and my Blues managed to eliminate the defending Stanley Cup champions last night. Hope springs eternal for us Blues fans! Let's go Blues!

I hope that whatever you have planned for today includes a little something that brings you joy ... have a great day!


  1. Your roses are doing great. It's so good to hear your rather remarkable progress through all the chemo, and that you seem to be tolerating it so well. So encouraging.

  2. sounds like you are doing well other than fatigue - so glad for that. I too take shorter walks instead of long walks for me it is because of arthritis in my hips and knees - I can do 20 minutes and then sit for awhile as long as I get "off" my hips for awhile they recover rapidly and then I can do more - but if I do long walks my hips hurt a lot more. I tend to take 4 to 5 walks some days

  3. Loving your puzzles. Way to go on getting out and walking. So happy to hear that you are doing well. Keep it up and as always I am keeping you in my prayers.

  4. You are such a tough lady! 4 weeks after that kind of surgery is nothing so I'm impressed you're doing all you are right now.

    Emoji puzzle - how cute is that!!!

  5. It is soo good to hear how well you are doing. I too walk only short distances as my knees don't allow much more. But I've been told that too. A few short walks are just as good as a long one. Your roses look great! I have yet to get us a puzzle, but I have a feeling I'd thoroughly enjoy to. Embroidery some dish towels this week, and looking for fabric and a pattern to make a quilt for Melody is about all I am up to. Praying everything continues to go well for you! God is sooo good!

  6. It is fantastic that you are handling this new round of chemo so well. You will be running circles around all of us in no time if you are doing this well now.

    Puzzles are so addictive. If you are up for a challenge, I have an Oreo cookie puzzle that was a nightmare to assemble. ;-)

    Enjoy spring.

  7. My friend I know that you want to do more in the way of walking, but remember your body has been in a war and is fighting for your life-so all these things are normal. Love your roses! Our spring has been typical-warm one day and rain/cold the next. We have rain all this week and next, so it doesn't feel like spring to me at all. I seem to remember that no. Ca. springs were much milder. I've been working on the Honor Flight blocks and just when I think I've finally gotten everything right, according to our leader, I measure and have a 10 1/2" block instead of 10. Can we say grrr. So tomorrow, back to the sewing room where I'll once again adjust my measurements and see if I can make one 10" that's got perfect point/geese. I have to remember the gal has been sewing/quilting for 25-30 years and I haven't, plus I haven't taken any classes for about 13 yrs. Love your puzzles, we used to do them at our last house but haven't done them here yet.
    Praying you get a better sleep~it could also just be an age thing, I was awake on Sat. night/Sunday morning til 3:00 a.m.-no reason.
    Hugs, Noreen

  8. You sound like you are doing well for only being fours weeks out, I'might impressed. Spring is here too, I spent the morning putting plants in pots and things are looking green again. My roses aren't blooming yet, so you are ahead of us. TYour roses look gorgeous.

  9. You sound like you are doing well for only being fours weeks out, I'might impressed. Spring is here too, I spent the morning putting plants in pots and things are looking green again. My roses aren't blooming yet, so you are ahead of us. TYour roses look gorgeous.

  10. I'm grateful for your updates. It is good to know how you are doing.
    Puzzles are a fun way to fill time when you don't feel up to your regular routine. Looks like you have some good ones.
    Praying for your continued recovery.
    What lovely roses to brighten your Spring!

  11. Congrats to the Blues! It was a hard game to watch last night but we both thought the Blues played much better than the Hawks in this series. I'm so glad that you are tolerating the chemo well and getting out and walking. The stamina will come in time. Your body has been thru a lot and it takes time. I just got done with rehab/recovery for my back - 5 years and I didn't have cancer and chemo to deal with. I bet you will see improvement each week. Hang in there, my friend! ~Jeanne

  12. Your puzzles look nice. I am glad you are recovering. You are on my prayer list and I pray for you and your family every morning. God bless you!

  13. Congratulations to the Blues happy to read they eliminated the Hawks. Positive thoughts for your recovery

  14. Always glad to get your positive updates.

  15. I hope you are doing well today. So glad you are able to get out in the garden and enjoy your beautiful roses. I look forward to seeing you sewing progress, I am thinking of doing a small tumbler quilt for our guild auction. Go Blues!

  16. Good news all around! It's been years since I put together a jigsaw puzzle. We used to love doing them. Glad Spring finally got there, and that you're enjoying walking again. It's so good to see you getting back to being YOU!

  17. Glad you are doing so well. I can't sleep the night of my treatment now either. Finally fell asleep around 4:30 this morning. Talked to the nurse and we think it's the Benedryl. I didn't have that with my other chemo, but this is the 3rd time with the Taxol and I've had trouble each night sleeping after treatment. Think we may lower the dose next time.

    I love those puzzles. I have one at home I want to do, but I haven't started it yet. Maybe tonight, although I need to crochet too. We'll see what happens.

    Hope you have a great weekend.


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