Friday, June 24, 2016

Back to Normal

In more ways than one.


My youngest sister arrived Monday and went with me to my appointment with Dr. Powell Tuesday morning (more on that later). My younger sister (the middle one of the three of us) arrived late Tuesday, swinging past my dad's to bring him down here as well. It was a delightful visit ... we learned (from my youngest sister) how to cook salmon properly. Even DH enjoyed it, which is saying a lot as he was definitely not a fan of salmon (they really don't know how to cook salmon properly here in the Midwest). We also watched our Cardinals sweep the Cubs.

Kay, the middle sister, me (complete with my post-chemo steroid flush), and Lisa, the youngest sister.


They returned home last night ... perfect timing on this trip because those post-chemo steroids meant another sleepless night, so I'm too tired today to have been much of a hostess. Ha!


Now, as promised: I got a phone call from Dr. Powell's nurse Monday evening with the report that my ANC and WBC were low. He wanted me to go over to Siteman early for a draw Tuesday morning hoping that my counts would bounce back high enough for chemo Tuesday afternoon. But alas, my counts were still too low, and since they've been trending lower each week, it was quite likely that we'd be facing this for the remaining chemos as well. But he had a Plan B to give me the Neulasta on-body injector (to increase production of white blood cells) which would allow me to receive the entire last cycle of chemo that afternoon instead of over the normal 3-week period. Lisa had planned to head back to my house anyway because DH would be able to keep me company during what would have been a 3-hour session (now a 5-hour session because of the increased chemo), so once I started the pre-chemo meds, she headed back. I texted DD who was in class ... her immediate response was that she'd be right there. Granted she had at most only an hour of her 5-hour class session remaining, but she didn't care ... she wasn't going to miss me ringing the bell! I have to tell you, that brought tears to this mama's eyes!


I am to get my blood drawn next week like normal to see how my ANC and WBC are (hopefully back to normal or very close). I'll see Dr. Powell at the end of July, after I have my ct scan. Please be praying that the scan comes back clear. My cancer marker continues to decrease ... down to 8 now. There's no specific goal we're hoping for as the change in the marker is what Dr. Powell is looking for. If the marker decreases or stabilizes in the normal range, that means the chemo is working/has worked. If the marker starts to increase fairly significantly (such as doubling), then that may mean that the cancer is active. Notice I say "may mean" ... the marker is but one tool he will use to monitor me. He will also order periodic scans and keep an eye on any symptoms that may indicate cancer activity. Unfortunately the type of ovarian cancer that I have starts as microscopic seeds that may not be visible even on a scan ... so if scans come back clear and my cancer marker stabilizes and I don't have any symptoms, I'll be considered in remission - with no evidence of disease (NED) - hopefully for a good long time. I told DH that I'm hoping to have another man in my life - Ned (NED). Ha!


I spent Sunday afternoon in the sewing room, where I finished up all my flying geese. Needless to say, with my sisters here, I didn't spend any time in the sewing room until this morning. I cut the center squares for my sawtooth stars and sewed one flying goose unit to each square. I really wanted to get the stars assembled today, but I ran out of energy. Hopefully I'll be able to get a good, restful night's sleep tonight so I can have a more productive day in the sewing room tomorrow.


We picked our first tomato Monday morning ... off our beefsteak plant. There are 3-4 more about the same size,that haven't ripened up yet. Beefsteak tomatoes are supposed to produce nice big tomatoes ... I'm hoping we didn't get a mis-tagged plant. :-o

There will be no BLTs with this tomato! Ha!


I hope that whatever you have planned for today includes a little something that brings you joy ... have a great day!








  1. Oh, I wish I could have witnessed the ringing of the bell! Congratulations - you made it past this big bump in the road. Praying that all is well with the counts next week. I think a ripe tomato from the garden is a great way to celebrate! ~Jeanne

  2. so nice for you to be at this point in your treatment - I will be thinking of you and hope the markers are the best ever. so nice to see your with your sisters and I bet you are having a nice visit with them and so glad you were able to do that.

  3. Such a great picture of you with your sisters 💕 I will most definitely be praying with you for a spanking clear scan Kathy!!! Bring on those normal counts and NED - such a nice, dependable, hopeful name isn't it? :*). And as you heal, I will continue to pray for your energy to return as well. That has been my mom's biggest struggle since her NED diagnosis, getting her Energizer Bunny back in operation :*)

  4. You know that I will be praying for you! I chuckled at the other man in your life remark. I'll bet it was a thrill to ring that bell even after such a long appointment. I hope that the Neulasta will get those numbers back up quickly and get you back to feeling that energy again, Kathy. Loved the picture of the three of you.

    Hmmm....that's a pretty small beefsteak tomato. We had our first BLTs this week. YUM.

  5. I hope you got a video of you ringing that bell!!!
    & yep, I'm hoping that Ned is a part of your life for a LONG time!!!!!
    Praying as always!

  6. A great shot of you three young ladies together!
    Here's hoping and praying that NED moves in with you two!! *LOL*

  7. Keeping you in my prayers and hoping NED comes for a permanent stay.

  8. So glad to hear the update and you know I'm praying. Definitely we want Ned to stay around for good. I love that picture of you and your sisters and I totally loved you ringing the bell on FB. You look so good and happy.

  9. I loved seeing you ring that bell. You looked SOO happy! PRAYING for your scan and numbers, and that NED shows up for good. I am glad too that you got this time with your sisters. Pretty small beefsteak tomato, but I bet a pretty good mouth bite. Enjoy your week-end Kathy, and sure hope you sleep good tonight!

  10. Hi Kathy, It was good to read about your sisters visit-how fun. Praying your blood tests are good and of course that nothing shows up on your CT Scan.
    Have a peaceful weekend.

  11. Wonderful pic of you and the is so special! Great to hear you rang the bell and I'll continue to keep you in my thoughts!

  12. So lovely to hear your happy news. It was nice to see you and your sister's photo. You look fantastic. Hope you sleep well from now on.

  13. What a fighter you are! And such an inspiration to many! Thank you for sharing your progress, even when there is a little "dancing in place" going on. What a wonderful and supportive family you have! I loved that the Cards swept the Cubs, but I had to contain myself in an office full of die-heard Cubbie fans! Kudos to you for keeping busy when you can. Sending prayers!

  14. Happy to hear you're doing so well. What an awesome family visit! I hope you and NED remain the best of friends.

  15. So glad you had this special time with your sisters during this special week of your treatment. Praying you will have clear scans and will get another man in your life. That was so cute!

  16. SO glad you had such a good visit with your family, and that treatment is progressing. Of course I'm praying for you, and I believe with you that NED will be around for a very long time!

  17. I am catching up on your blog as I haven't been here in such a long time. Love your determination and your spirit. You are an inspiration, Kathy. Happy to find you are doing better. Many, many prayers will be sent your way all wrapped up in positive energy. Let's get NED in your life. Hugs. ;^)

  18. Such great news, Kathy -- to be done with the chemo treatments and to have the cancer marker so low. I hope and pray that your CT scan and blood work come out better than hoped for.

    That's a beautiful photo of you and your sisters.
    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,


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