Saturday, March 23, 2013

My New iPad

A couple of you have mentioned that you’re contemplating the purchase of an iPad and have asked for pros and cons of an iPad. 

I’ve already made it clear that I just Red heart my iPad, so it wasn’t hard to come up with pros … cons, on the other hand, took a little thinking.  ha!

Portability … it’s small enough to tuck into a larger purse/tote or to just carry along, yet it’s large enough to be usable … and when you’re 62, your eyes aren’t what they used to be so the larger text/pictures on an iPad are wonderful!  I don’t think we’ll ever travel with our laptops!

App Store … we looked into Android tablets, but the App Store won us over.  Maybe it’s just us, but the apps we want/enjoy are all available for the iPad … the Android tablet, not quite so much.

Face Time … I can’t wait to Face Time with the grands when we’re traveling.

Camera … I’m impressed with the quality of pictures and videos taken with the iPad.  And it’s big enough to be able to really see what you’re taking a picture of (remember my 62-year-old eyes?).

Battery … I charge mine overnight, and I’ve never come close to draining the charge during the day (and I use it frequently).

Music … my iTunes copied over, so when I’m working out on the treadmill, I open my Kindle app and run music in the background … time flies.

Messaging … I can send iMessages to my daughter’s iPhone and iPad, so no matter which device she’s using, she’ll get my messsages.

Apps … unfortunately some of the apps aren’t staying on top of the changes in technology.  A few of my favorite apps haven’t come out with iPad versions.  I can use the iPhone versions and enlarge the display, but it’s just not quite the same (for example, the iPhone keyboard is laid out a little differently than the iPad keyboard … so I’m frequently hitting send on the iPhone Facebook Messenger when I think I’m hitting back). 

Multi-tasking … when I use my laptop, I almost always have 3-4 programs running at the same time and pop back and forth frequently.  On my iPad, it’s not quite the same.  If I’m in the middle of an email, I have to go to the home page to open Safari (browser).  Thankfully, when I return to Mail, the email is still there waiting for me, but it’s not quite as convenient as switching back and forth like I am able to do on the computer.  Edited to add:  Tracy (in the comments below) pointed out that it IS possible to multi-task much more easily on the iPad than I thought.  Instead of having to push the "home button" and go all the way back to my "home page", I can double press the "home button" and choose the app I was previously in (or any others that I'd been working in.  Excellent!  Thanks, Tracy!  

Keyboard … I’ve typed on a full-sized keyboard for years and years … first on a typewriter and then on computers (a full-sized keyboard was the driving factor for purchasing a 17” laptop).  As a result, I have to say that I’m a pretty fast typist.  The iPad’s keyboard is too small for me to type on it like I do on a full-sized keyboard … I’m learning to use 2 hands to type, but I’m still not quite as fast as I would be on a standard keyboard.  It’s fine for emails, Facebook, messaging, etc.  But I prefer to use my laptop when I need to type a lot (like a blog post, for example). 

All in all, the cons are relatively minor, and for the most part, there are enough work-arounds that they aren’t a problem … and the pros far outweigh the cons.  Still, I will always have a laptop if for no other reason than some of my frequently-used programs don’t run on an iPad (Quicken, Excel, etc.). 


  1. Good review. I love mine too - especially for traveling.

  2. Thanks for doing this! It was just perfect- now I have a much clearer idea of what's what with an iPad. And I want one even more. LOL

  3. We've contemplated an iPad a few times, but the cons for us outweighed the pros. But the iPads are fascinating animals, aren't they! Great review, good reminder of the iPad properties.

  4. Oh I needed this honest review by somebody who thinks a lot like I do when it comes to these things. You have just about sold me. We have been contemplating for a while now. Enjoy your day!

  5. You can multitask on the iPad. Double click the circle button and it will bring up all the apps you have open. Sort of like the task bar on a computer.

  6. Everyone I know loves their iPad! Glad you are happy with yours!

  7. Hi there, I would agree with you but I have found that the auto correct on both iPhone and iPad sometimes is a pain I you don't catch how the word has changed. I do have an issue typing on my mini, not at all like on a keyboard so now I hunt and peck. I sure love how small the mini is-haven't used it for reading much but love playing games on it.
    Hugs and thanks for your prayers.

  8. Good review Kathy, I would have to agree with everything you said. And, I play Pandora on mine while I'm on my treadmill too and sometimes I read. I wear my earplugs and the sound is just awesome.Gotta love these little gadgets!

  9. I haven't figured out to do a blog post on my iPad! I'll be typing along and suddenly I can't go any further down. I don't get that at all and I don't know anyone who can actually show me!

    Do you have your iPhoto on your iPad ?

  10. Here I thought perhaps you were on a cruise or something, your visits with me have been missed.

  11. Glad you are loving it. My hubby talks about getting one someday. He also agrees with you that the Apple Apps are much better than the Android Apps. I have to use the Android Apps my Kindle Fire.


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