Friday, March 1, 2013

Welcome to the Weekend

It’s Friday … and the weekend is here!

Look what greeted me this morning. Red heart Red heart Red heart
Friday's snowCan you see the snow still falling (just click on the picture to open a larger image)?  I just LOVE how it’s sticking to the trees, light poles, fences, etc. – so Currier and Ives-ish, yet the treated surfaces like roads and parking lots are just wet.  A perfect kind of snowy day. 

And the weekend is going to get even better!!  We’ve got T#3 and T#4 coming over for the weekend.  DD and DSIL will be taking T#1 and T#2 to Columbia, MO for their district swim meet this weekend; if they do well at districts, they’ll advance to state competitions.  Go T#1 and T#2! 

This weekend heralds in March.  And while I do love snow, I really love warmer weather, spring flowers, and spending time outside, so I have to say that I’m glad that we are not that far from spring (although you surely wouldn’t know it looking outside today – March is certainly coming in like a lion here.  Ha!). 

I’m making progress on T#2's new quilt, but I’ve still got a good bit of quilting to do.  The next time I get ready to move the hoop, I need to remember to take a photo of the quilting I’ve done so far.

I tried a new chicken chili recipe yesterday (DH found it in the St. Louis paper); it was a dreary, cold day – a perfect day for chili or soup.  It was good, but I prefer the white chicken chili I normally make.  Today looks to be another good soup or chili day, so I’m glad that there are leftovers for lunch.

I’m excited that the weekend is here … what about you? Winking smile


  1. Yep, I'm ready for that 'lion' to turn into the exit of a lamb! Bring Spring on!! Only 20 more days!!!

  2. Well, it is 41 here today but the sun is shining and that definitely helps. The entire weekend is suppose to be extra cold and warming up next week. I'm hopeful we'll be having some spring like weather by the time Bridget and Clancy arrive next Sat.

    Stay warm and hopefully Spring is "just around the corner."

  3. Hi my friend, So glad to know you'll be spending the weekend with the T's. Like you, I'm ready for warm weather; I'm afraid our time in Mesa is going to make me want to go there every winter.
    Sending love your way!

  4. I can't in all honesty say that I love snow. ;-)

  5. Goodness, we are having a REALLY warm week-end over here. Well into the 80's! However next week will bring it back down to the lower 60's. It does feel like spring here already, but then we didn't get much of a winter in the first place. Enjoy your time with those grands, and wishing the older ones luck on their swim meet!

  6. I can not wait for spring! By far my favorite season!
    Hope you have a lot of fun with the littles!

  7. I'm glad you finally got your snow! I'm also glad that spring is just around the corner. Have a fun weekend with the T's.

  8. What a nice thing to wake up to Kathy! Sounds like a fun weekend ahead too!! We're having nice 80 degrees here today that goes into tomorrow, so I'll be looking forward to "soaking" in some rays :)


  9. I'm thankful we don't have snow, but it sure is pretty!

    You have fun with those grands! And hope the two in the swim meet do well!

    I'll be watching for pictures of your quilting.

  10. Sounds like you have a good weekend to look forward to.
    Enjoy the T's!

  11. Yum!!! If I had known I would have come and shared the chili :*) We had a little snow here today but it was gone in an hour. Still cold and dreary though. March definitely came in like a lion here too - I'm hoping that means it will go out like a lamb & bring spring!!!


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