Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday’s Musings


I certainly thought that this week would be a quieter, more relaxing week … wrong!  It’s been another busy, busy, busy week … at least this week’s busy-ness has been of the enjoyable variety!  Winking smile


DD worked 4 days this week, so I got to spend 4 mornings at her house, with 4 of my favorite people!  Red heart  She’s no longer “in training”, so she’s now working the early morning shift … which means I’m up early (that’s not a problem) and functioning (ah, there’s the problem!) … at least it’s the same shift each day.  And I still have plenty of the day left to do the things I enjoy … sticking around DD’s for more fun or heading home to spend some time with needle and thread.


Speaking of, I did get some quilting done this week.  It’s slow going … I’m quilting a little more extensively than I normally do … double echo stitching, which means that there is a good bit of stopping and starting.  I run my needle through the layers as often as possible, but sometimes I just have to make a knot and start over.


I also have done a bit of working on my hexagon project.  My original intention was for it to be a portable project, but it’s so mindless, that I find myself turning to it when I need to be able to focus … like when I watched NCIS (oh. my. goodness … was that an emotional episode or what? Crying face) or the Cardinals’ first game of the playoffs.  I’m still undecided whether to make a Grandmother’s Flower Garden or a Diamond Hexagon (I’m not sure that’s the name of the pattern) … the DH takes more hexies per block, so part of my decision-making process will include seeing if I have enough hexies in the fabrics I’m using. 


I’m really enjoying English Paper Piecing.  I learned to do handwork early on … as a teen I enjoyed embroidery, as a young adult I enjoyed crewel work, as a middle-aged woman I enjoyed counted cross stitch, and now I’m enjoying hand quilting … obviously I’m drawn to working with a needle and thread.  I’m  not sure why I resisted EPP so long … but I’m certainly intending to make up for lost time.  Winking smile  I am already planning my next project and am searching for EPP papers for a few other projects that would seem to be perfect for EPP.


The busy-ness continues … today I’ll be taking DH to the hospital for some routine testing and tomorrow the 3 older Ts have their first swim meet of the 2013-14 YMCA swim season. 


Maybe next week will slow down and be a more relaxing week … or maybe this busy-ness is just a fact of life during this season of my life.  Red heart Red heart Red heart


Have a fabulous Friday!


  1. Sounds like a great week! Can't believe it is swim season already - where does the time go???? We are getting some much needed rain today and I hope to find some time to play with needle and thread. Have a wonderful weekend. ~Jeanne

  2. It sounds like a busy week. I've come to the conclusion that it is never going to slow down here.

    I can relate to the being up early, but not functioning that well at that hour.

  3. My goodness you are busy and it is so awesome! Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Like you, I am always thinking of the next quilt project. ;)

  5. Sounds fun! One of my granddaughters was on a swim team this summer and loved it.

  6. Hi there, Well just when I thought I was finished with the quilting, my youngest girl suggested stitch in the ditch for the border. I really didn't feel that the quilt was totally done, so I started that today-I think I'm addicted. Hopefully this weekend I'll get the binding on. You help out with your grands so much more than I do-my girls have strict schedules with homeschooling, so I don't get over as much as during the summer. I'm enjoying staying at home during the days though, especially when it's cold out.
    Hugs, Noreen

  7. It was so good to do some reading over here and catch up with you! I've been so tired from testing at school that I come home and drop. Sounds like you've been busy too. Only yours is way more fun!!!

  8. Gosh you were busy. It all sounds really good, You know one thing I love about this stage of life is I finally get to stitch to my hearts content.
    I hope you have a nice weekend and I hope every is good with the doctor appt.
    I will keep you in my prayers.

  9. I was just stopping by to 'catch up' with you. It seems as if our lives have hit a new stride lately, huh?

    Hope you and yours are doing well! Happy quilting :)

  10. I don't think things ever slow down, they just change. Looks like you will be having some fun times ahead with the grandchildren...such a blessing


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