Friday, October 11, 2013

Tap Tap Tap … Hello? Is Anyone There?


I know … it’s been forever since I posted last.  Surprised smile  I wish I could report that we just got back from a week in Hilton Head … nope, nothing glamorous or exciting … it’s just been busy here … with good stuff … but exhausting nonetheless. 


Today is the first day since early September where there’s absolutely nothing planned (other than watching Cardinal baseball this evening) … and I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to a quiet day at home.  I ought to take advantage of the “day off” and get caught up on housecleaning, bill paying, etc.  But if you guessed that I’ll probably spend the day with needle and thread, you’ll be spot on. 


DD is now working a regular schedule, and while she’s scheduled for 3 days/week, she’s been working 4 days the last couple of weeks.  No complaints here … it gives me another morning with my Ts!  Red heart 


My Cardinals came back from being 1 game from elimination to win 2 games straight to advance to the next round … they’ll be facing the Dodgers tonight in St. Louis.  In the first round, most of their games were afternoon games so I was able to get to bed at a fairly reasonable hour (given that I’ve been waking up unassisted at 4:00-4:30 AM) … unfortunately most of the games in this second round will be night games … I suspect there might be afternoon naps in my schedule next week.  Winking smile


DH got a good report from his test last week … thankfully we won’t have to go through that for another 10 years. 


T#1 finished 2nd place in 4 events and T#2 finished 3rd place in 1 event at the swim meet Saturday.  Poor T#3 … after swimming shorter events all summer (from one end of the pool to another), he had 1 event Saturday that was a little longer … he needed to swim down, turn and come back to the starting block.  So what did he do when he reached the end of the pool?  Climbed out.  When it became obvious that he was going to climb out, everyone at that end of the pool was trying to tell him to stay in the water and swim back … but it was so noisy that I’m guessing he didn’t hear or understand.  When it became clear that he wasn’t supposed to get out of the water, he jumped back in and still didn’t finish last!  Alas, it was for naught as he was disqualified.  Sad smile  Hopefully that won’t happen again!  Their next meet is a 3-day meet a week from today. 


I’ve made a decision on my hexagon project.  Instead of a Grandmother’s Flower Garden:

photo 2

I’m going to go with a Martha Washington’s Flower Garden:

photo 1

I drew my inspiration from a quilt shared on the I Have Been Hexed and I Like It Facebook page:


I love the tumbling blocks effect in this setting.  (Note: the hexagons on my blocks above aren’t pieced together … I’ve just got them positioned to see how each block would look in my colors.)  I’m making decent  progress … I have all my 2nd row and all my 3rd row hexies basted … and am basting the red “path” hexies. 


I’m also slowly but surely making progress on my Storm at Sea. 

photo (1)-002


And speaking of … it’s time for me to pick up my needle and thread and get busy!


Have a fabulous Friday!


  1. Glad to know things are going ok for you but just busy! Love your storm at sea and the hexies are beautiful.

  2. Your quilts are so amazing. I'm in total and complete awe!
    Your poor grandson! I have a friend who's son was a swimmer. His first time at Disqualifying, they told him that "DQ" meant he got to go to Dairy Queen! :)

  3. All looking fabulous! Don't know how you find time to sew with the T's around, but am so envious of you having them - I'd gladly give up sewing time for little ones nearby!

  4. The quilts are beautiful, I especially like Storm at Sea one. seeing all the lovely things you ladies sew on the various blogs make me almost want to dig my sewing machine out of the closet and give it another whirl, of course I would only be doing the simpliest projects...straight lines only :-)
    Enjoy your day of sewing, hope your Cardinals do well

  5. Your blocks for the Grandmother's Flower Garden are perfect. That is so amazing. The other quilts are really pretty too. You have been really busy, I hope you have a wonderful day at home.
    I hope it is a nice weekend for you. My computer hasn't been updating the blogs I follow very well so I thought I had just got behind.
    So nice to get caught up.

  6. I love the arrangement for the hexies. It will look wonderful and the Storm at Sea is looking fabulous too.

    How is it that the weeks just get away from us like that?

  7. Those quilts look so challenging! It seems as though I've gone for the quick and simple lately...

    Good news about your DH's test. That's always a relief!

  8. With watching the children 4 days I imagine you are very busy but it's really a special time for you and them. Hope the Cardinals win!! Have a nice weekend.

  9. I am loving your hexies, and I would have gone with the design you picked too...soo pretty! The babies are both napping here so I am taking a small visiting break! Enjoy your week-end...

  10. THe colours of your hexies are so pretty...they will look lovely in the version you are going to make. Love that storm at Sea!

  11. You have been a busy gal for sure! I love the design you picked and your Storm at Sea looks great!

    Loved the swim meet story. Bless his little heart!

    Hope you have a nice weekend of R & R, you deserve it!

  12. How nice to meet someone with so much in common with me!! Your quilt project is beautiful--that is something I've always wanted to try but never have. Aw, sorry about your grandson's mishap--he must be very fast to have still finished so well. I was on swim team in high school and had SO much fun. I'm your newest follower. Go Cardinals!

  13. Such pretty work! I hope to make some progress on mine tomorrow. My friend is coming to help...she has finished hers and is almost done with a t-shirt quilt...she is faster and more diligent than me!

  14. Poor little T3! He must be really good if he didn't come in last!

    I love the quilts and although I wish I did something like that so at least I would seem productive, I have not a sewing bone in my body!


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