Thursday, December 5, 2013


Bizzy, not dizzy!  Ha!  I thought that once we got past Thanksgiving, things would slow down ...not the case. 

I've been spending even more time at DD's this week ... she's picking up a few extra shifts at work so the university student employees could get away to spend Thanksgiving back home ... and after she's gotten off work, she's had a few errands to run. She certainly didn't have to twist my arm too hard to get me to stay later ... I love my time with my Ts, and I remember a promise I made to myself 35 years ago ... one of the first things my mom said to me when I told her that my ex-husband had left me was that she hoped that DD and I weren't planning to move in with them.  While I had absolutely no intentions of moving back, it crushed me to hear her say that. That's when I promised myself that if my daughter ever needed my help, I would be there for her, no matter what. 

But spending more time at DD's hasn't meant that I haven't had a little time to spend with needle and thread. I promised myself that after Thanksgiving, I'd see if my finger would tolerate hand quilting ... and I'm happy to say that it does!  I'd almost forgotten just how much pleasure I get from hand quilting!  It's going slow as you'd expect with just a few hours to spend on it in the evenings - not to mention having to rip out the existing stitches before I can put in my new stitches ... which was absolutely the right thing to do. I am so much happier with my stitches!  

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I was tempted to add the red hexi "path" for my Martha Washington's Flower Garden blocks ... to see how a finished block would look. 
Ok, maybe it's not the best photo, but I tried and tried to get a better shot - but this was the only one where the colors were even halfway accurate. Now that I'm able to hand quilt, I suspect that my MWFG will go on the back burner.  And of course, I need to get to work on those miniature pineapple ornaments!  Too many quilts, not nearly enough time!  ;-)

It's been downright balmy lately ... highs of the upper 60s the last few days.  But winter will be returning - with a vengeance. We've got single-digit lows coming up, but not before we get some freezing rain, sleet, and snow (2-4"). I'm excited about the snow ... the freezing rain and sleet, not so much. Of course, it sounds like a little further south is in for even worse weather than we are ... up to a quarter inch of ice ... been there, done that 7 years ago and it wasn't fun - we were without power for 7 days.  

Wherever you are, I'm praying that you will be safe ... and that you'll have a fabulous day!


  1. What a wonderful and giving mom you are, Kathy! I know your daughter must be so grateful for how much you help her out...that's what being a mom is all about, right? I heard about the bad weather that's supposed to head your way. Thankfully, we're just getting rain, but my home state of Arkansas is due for a bad ice storm. Those are the worst! Stay safe and warm!

  2. What a beautiful job you are doing with both the quilts and helping your daughter. We are just getting rain up here in NH but I watch the news and see what the other states are getting! OH MY!!

  3. So glad you have the time to help DD and that you thoroughly enjoy it. I am happy to hear your hand quilting is happening again - yay! Looks like you may get more weather than us although those weather maps keep changing! Take care! ~Jeanne

  4. So glad you have the time to help DD and that you thoroughly enjoy it. I am happy to hear your hand quilting is happening again - yay! Looks like you may get more weather than us although those weather maps keep changing! Take care! ~Jeanne

  5. Good morning! Soo glad your able to get back to your hand quilting...I know how much you have missed it. And after just a few days of a tiny bit of snow and ice I have finally seen first hand how hard that can be to go out in. Soo stay snug and warm as best you can and be careful. Enjoy your day!

  6. So glad your recovery paid off and you can get in some hand quilting time now... your storm at sea is looking beautiful... and I LOVE your GFG as you set it...beautiful use of your hexies I think! Thanks for sharing and stay warm! Kathi

  7. I do hope you don't loose power like that if you do get a ice storm. We are 27 right now.
    I love your quilting on that blue and white quilt, I love hand quilting so much. I know the practical aspect of machine quilting but nothing compares to the hand work. Your Martha Washington looks so pretty, I like the red. What are your pineapple ornaments? Your post before this one, your tree is beautiful. We haven't put ours up yet.

    I made the same promise to my own children, now matter what, I would be there for them. I would not do those things that were said to us when we were young and it would have been nice if someone had helped. Thank God for our wonderful church family who stepped in.
    It sounds busy and nice. So glad I stopped in.
    Have a nice day.

  8. The quilting looks beautiful. Glad it is going so well.

    I have always enjoyed being a hands-on grandma too. Aren't we blessed?

  9. I'm glad you can quilt again, Kathy.

    We learn how not to treat others sometimes from the way others have treated us. You have taken a negative experience and become a better person from it. I applaud you for it!

  10. Oh boy that blue-and-white SAS is coming along so nicely! Your stitches are perfect!!! It is going to be so fun to see it become a quilt on your blog :*)

    We have had some pretty bad storms here today already, but it has calmed down now. Hope it stays that way the rest of the day!

  11. It's nice to be busy, especially when it is time with your grandchildren. Glad your finger is better. You do beautiful work!


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