Thursday, July 31, 2014

Getting Caught Up?


I wonder … is it ever possible to get completely caught up?  ha!  I know that my life isn’t interesting enough to have anything blog-worthy every day … but I do like to try to pop in every other day or so … but lately life has been “interfering”.  Thankfully these interruptions have been involving my favorite people (DD and the Ts), so I’m not complaining!  Red heart  But by the same token, I do miss blogging … and quilting.


Thankfully, there’s absolutely nothing going on in my world today and tomorrow, so getting caught up here and quilting are all I’m going to do!  Smile  Especially since come Saturday, the busy-ness resumes.




Now … to get caught up …

Monday we had the two littlest Ts here … they both wanted Nana to play with them … of course, they weren’t interested in playing together … so they had to take turns.  Tuesday I spent the day at DD’s … we did some shopping for #3’s upcoming 7th birthday (Sunday), did a little housecleaning in anticipation of DD’s sister-in-law’s visit, and had some “play” time.  Yesterday, #1 was here … the rest of the crew went to Six Flag, but he wasn’t feeling quite up to par … not to mention that like his Nana, he’s just not into amusement park rides. 


I had time yesterday to get in my walk with Lois (my neighbor).  Since our subdivision is smallish, we walk over to the assisted living place across the road and walk through their campus.  On our way back, we saw a fox … lounging in the entrance to our subdivision.  I have to admit that we were a little apprehensive … do foxes attack?  We were only armed with our cell phones.  Thankfully we didn’t have to use them … except to take a picture (which explains the less than spectacular quality).



I’ve been having a lot of trouble over the last 5-6 days with emails … especially on our mobile devices (which is pretty much all I use these days).  I’ve made several phone calls to our ISP, but this is getting pretty old.  They did report that they were having email issues during some of this time, but I also suspect that there is more going on since this morning, I am able to send receive mail on my laptop … just not on my mobile devices.  Annoyed   I guess I’ll be doing more than just quilting today as I foresee another phone call to our ISP as soon as I get this published.


Next week looks to be about as busy as the past several weeks …

Saturday is the summer swim conference’s All Star meet (where the top 6 swimmers in each of the championship events qualified to swim).  #1 will be swimming in 4 events: 50 Fly, 50 Breast, 50 Free and 100 IM.  Sunday will be #3’s birthday party.  We are way past due on a visit to my sister’s so we’ll head up there Tuesday and return home Thursday.  And that’s just the next 7 days.  Winking smile


Have a great day, y’all!



  1. wow a fox in a subdivision - who would have thought! I rarely ever see one out here in the country although my daughter who lives closer to town sees one run through their yard almost every week! more easily found food perhaps?

  2. Love your foxy photo! Although I might not have been able to stand there to get the pic ... ha! Glad you are getting some great time with your T;s and able to help your dd so much since you are close. Hope you can slow down and work on her quilt as the weekend is now near! But sounds like you may be too busy still! Kathi

  3. Kathy...there have been reports in some local neighborhoods about rabid foxes biting people and animals, so just be careful.

  4. Glad you are finding some you time! Not fun when our technology does not work right. Hope you get a few stitching minutes in here and there around your T time.

  5. WHAT? I didn't know foxes came in populated places like that! CRAZY!!!

  6. I don't think you would have to worry about the fox, unless it was rabid. I think you would be able to tell pretty quickly if he was. I sure hope you get your email problems resolved. And I hope your plans for stitching time do not get interrupted, mine have been lately. Good luck to T#1!!

  7. Your have been busy. Glad you got your walk in but a fox out during the day would scare me. Looks like you have a great weekend coming up....enjoy!

  8. The weeks never seem to slow down, do they?

  9. WOW! Funny how out of place that fox looked huh? And you have certainly been busy...but a good busy so that's OK. I am kind of hating my HST quilt, lol. It's frustrating. Coming out OK I guess but the points are driving me beserk, lol. Don't know if I will be using them again soon. Well maybe not exclusively like this quilt anyway. Hope you got lots done today!

  10. Did you grow that tomato? WOW! I'm also having a hard time with the summer flying by. I think our rather mild weather makes my mind think it's not July yet! Hope you enjoyed some quilting time today. ~Jeanne

  11. Interesting....this comment went to the wrong post. Oh well, technology! ~Jeanne


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