Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday’s Trivialities


I’ve complained about my experience with Gutermann handquilting thread and with Moda backing fabric, but I certainly don’t want you all to think that I’m just a complainer Winking smile … so I’m going to share a couple of good experiences. 


Several of the quilters who frequent the Celebrate Handquilting Facebook Page shared their love for YLI 40/3 handquilting thread.  I picked up a large spool while at Paducah in April, thinking I’d give it a try on DD’s chevron quilt … and I absolutely LOVE it!  No tangling, no knotting, minimal twisting, no fraying, no breaking … and I’m notorious at using longer pieces of thread than I ought to.  The only drawbacks are that no LQS around here carry it (I buy it from Red Rock Threads … awesome service!) and that it doesn’t come in quite as many colors as I would like.  I’m sold and will be using YLI handquilting thread from here on out.


I cannot remember where I read the tip about using long-arm clips to corral the excess quilt when handquilting, but I did a little online shopping and found Jaws quilt clips that work fabulously. 


They’re really “earning their pay” on this chevron quilt … it’s 99.5”x99.5” and that means that there would be a lot of quilt bunched up in my lap as well as on my legs … the clips keep all that excess fabric from “tangling” together and under control, and with the return of 90+ degree weather, they help keep me a little cooler while quilting.


As you can see above, I’m making progress … I’ve stitched 50 of the 5.5” squares … there are a total of 256, so I’m 20% done with the squares.  I’ve spent 3 days quilting … probably 5-6 hours/day, but with the usual interruptions (lunch, phone calls, checking emails, doing laundry and working in the garden, etc.), so I’m making pretty good time, I think.  If I’m able to keep up this pace, I should be able to get this quilt finished and on DD’s bed before we leave for Hilton Head in September.  Fingers crossed


Speaking of my frustrations with Moda, I did follow up on their initial response … the online shop increased the store credit, but Moda’s response was not what I was hoping for.  While at retreat I received an email from the Moda rep, asking for a phone conversation.  She gave me the number for her direct line, asking me to call at my convenience.  I plan to call her today … and will report if anything comes from this.


It’s official … our zucchini has “bitten the dust”.  What a disappointment, especially since this was our “last hurrah” with zucchini.  We had the same thing happen last year, as did our neighbor.  I was hoping that with our garden being in raised beds in the backyard this year, we’d be able to successfully grow zucchini.  Sad smile  Thankfully our tomatoes are doing well … DH has picked several of his yellow tomatoes (less acidic which means he tolerates them better … he has GERD), and several of our red tomatoes are ripening.  We have also picked some green beans … not quite enough to make two servings yet, but we’re hopeful that today’s pickings will allow us to have green beans with dinner tonight.  We pulled our onions, and they’re drying in the basement.  I see some One Pot Wonder in our future – featuring tomatoes, onions and basil from our garden!  Thumbs up


Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday!



  1. I didn't realize that yellow tomatoes were less acidic - I have heart burn - I will remember that for next year - the garden was very disappointing this year for me, the tomato plants have not produced much, picking one here and there and I have been drying them along with the few other veggies I have managed to get as they take up less room in the camper and they haven't had enough to can. I will be pulling my zucchini too I think I got a total of 3! my cucumbers are first growing now and I can't tell if they will be those shriveled up tiny things or what that sometimes are bitter - certainly not what I should have gotten several weeks ago already
    I have never found YLI thread anywhere but Red Rock Threads other than a few places here and there when traveling and usually only in white or gray

  2. Thanks for sharing your experiences Kathy :) I didn't realize you were going to hand-quilt the Chevron quilt - quite a daunting project, but you are whizzing right through it - hurrah!!!!! It is going to be so lovely!

  3. Dang it... your garden didn't do that well last year either, did it?

    That quilt is AMAZING. I'm such a sucker for grey chevron anyways.

  4. I am so glad you shared your experiences with the quilting thread. I am going to pass this information onto my sister. Should save her from experimenting around trying to find what works best. Your moving right along on the quilt! Looks soo good. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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  7. When I was hand quilting, I loved YLI thread. So glad you found some. One thing I used to do (you know that old arthritis kind of stopped my hand quilting) when I was quilting many 'straight' lines was to use up to five needles or more at the same time, stitching 5 lines at a time. it really helped me get things done. I can't believe how fast you are and it looks like you only have one needle going!!! Hope things go well with the Moda chat today. ~Jeanne

  8. Kathy, I so love your dd chevron quilt and your stitches with the YLI thread rock! And it is so affordable compared to other name brand threads I think for the quality you get... like how you have your quilt clipped.. sorry your zucchini gave out on you. Praying for a finish before sand hits your feet again this year! Kathi

  9. You are making fantastic progress on quilting the chevron quilt! It is going to be beautiful! I hope you have luck talking with Moda today. Sorry to hear about the zucchini.

  10. Good for you for following up with Moda. You have been quilting up a storm. As for zucchini, not much luck here either, but I do have luck with yellow squash, which is basically the same thing. Actually they are better as the skin is not as tough. So glad you have found YLI they are my favorite quilting thread. I always purchase it online the last two times from Keepsake Quilting when they offered free shipping.

  11. Hi Kathy, I loved this and found it so informative about YLI thread. I have never used it and generally use Gutterman for hand quilting. I've gone to only using Aurofil on my machine-it is so light and easy. You are moving on your quilting. I've been spending about five-six hours at a time on my quilt and only on my second square. I hope Moda listens to your opinions and makes things right for you. Have a great day!

  12. You are making great progress on the hand quilting. Having a deadline helps. I hand quilted with YLI on my most recent quilt and also loved it.

  13. Sorry about your zucchini's. My friend here in CA just picked her second batch this year. She showed a picture of Facebook with about six in her arms and they were all the size of her forearm! She could hardly hold them.

  14. I'll be looking forward to reading about your conversation with Moda.

    So sorry about the zucchini plant. They are usually too prolific.

  15. When I was hand quilting I loved YLI thread. It had some body, seemed to resist tangles and the cut end didn't fray. It was hard to find so whenever I saw it I would grab a couple of spools.
    I am so eager to hear what Moda has to say!

  16. I will have to try that thread next time I need some. I have Guterman here...two kinds ( This is HQ thread ) One is white and feels normal. The other is my beige and it must be glazed...feels like string or something. I am using both in my current project and they are ok but the glazed one holds up better.

  17. Your quilt is just wonderful. I am so glad you hand quilt. That is such a art.
    I think hand quilting always looks the best. I know nothing about thread. :)
    Well, too bad I am not closer. I am drowning in squash.
    Our corn finished up and we pulled it out today, we are going to do that slowly as things quit producing.
    You look like you have been quite productive. I hope your Thursday is great.

  18. I so admire your quilting abilities and really like the chevron pattern!

    At least you have tomatoes!!


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