Monday, February 10, 2014

Five Days? Or Five Weeks?

It's been "just" five days since I last blogged, but it feels like it's been five weeks!  Maybe because that's how long it's been since I have quilted. :-o

A lot has happened in those five days ... nothing terribly exciting, but they've been good days for me ... and since I know you all are on the edges of your seats, waiting to find out what I've been up to, I'll cut the suspense and share. Thank you. 

Winter is still alive and well here in southwestern Illinois. 

Thursday I ended up staying at DD's after she got home ... she and the Ts threw a surprise (early) birthday party for me.  They ordered pizza delivered from my favorite pizza place and gave me my gift.
I have to admit that I teared up when I saw it (and yes, photos of my Ts are coming after their spring photo session). 

Friday morning, we packed up to head to Hannibal for another 3-day swim meet.  DH and I left early so I could visit the quilt shop (yes, my hubby is definitely a keeper!). I didn't see many fabrics I was interested in (they carry mostly batiks, 30s reproductions, and flannels), but the fabrics I loved just happened to be in the half price section!  Happy birthday to me!  

On our way to the Y for Friday night's events, I saw that even the local gas station wanted to wish me a happy birthday, too!  

I had every intention of staying caught up with blog reading and maybe even posting during the down times between events at the meet, but thanks to my cell phone provider's decision not to place any towers in northeastern Missouri, I had to suffer through slooooooooooooow internet speeds and phone calls going directly to voice mail.  Argh! Not only did DD and DSIL have excellent coverage, they get 4G (I have the same model iPhone as DD and I can only get 3G ... but only in my coverage area).  Don't ask me what that means ... all I know is I want that extra G!  ;-)  Needless to say, we will be changing providers as soon as our contract is up.

And while I was out of town, I got an email from the Managing Director of Gutermann Thread ... it was called to his attention that I had voiced my frustration with how twisty and tangly the Gutermann hand quilting thread that I'm using on my Storm at Sea.  They want to test this thread to see if they can determine where the problem might have occurred so they can correct it.  They've asked me to send the offending spool to them and they'll return a replacement spool to me in exchange.  Wow!  I'm VERY impressed ... they are certainly showing that they're serious about providing a quality product. 

There were 650 swimmers at this meet, so that meant some long, long days ... add in an early get-up this morning and then driving out to my dad's this afternoon to help him with an insurance program appointment ... and I am exxxxxxhausted!  I'm going to crash as soon as I wrap this up ... watch a little Olympics, get to bed early ... and get back to my normal routine tomorrow, including (but not limited to) plenty of time with needle and thread.

Have a marvelous Monday!


  1. Well, I always wondered why you called your grands the "4T's" I know! You have been a busy girl! Love the fabrics..can't wait to see what you do with them! How did the T's do at the meet? I know you enjoy watching them and I also know how happy they are that you are there cheering them on! Hope you rest well and stay warm!!

  2. Okay, so now I know why you refer to your Grans as the "T's." I've wondered but now I know. :o))

    Wow, you are a super good Grandmother! I'm not sure I could sit at a swim meet or anything else for that matter, all day long.

    We're under a winter ice watch and praying we are not iced in without power tomorrow. Ugh!

    Happy week!

  3. What a lovely gift. I like all of the names beginning with T.

  4. Happy early birthday! What a lovely frame you received! Pretty fabrics you managed to find too!

  5. I wondered the same thing about the T's I know they appreciate you being there during those meets but I can understand why you are exhausted.
    Happy early birthday, do love those fabrics, the colors look so cozy.

  6. Sounds like a very busy, exciting week :) Perfect for a birthday week for a special lady! So glad you were able to add a little fabric to your birthday goodies :)

  7. Sounds like a great five days! Happy Birthday - early? Glad you had a little surprise party - so nice and the frame is fantastic! Sounds like Gutermann has really good customer service - wow! I think tomorrow will be another cold day here - wonderful reason to quilt! ~Jeanne

  8. Well I am with everyone else, lol, so we finally know why they are referred to as the T's. I LOVE the frame! Where did she have such a thing made? Such a good idea. And yes, you have certainly been busy. A good busy, but busy nonetheless. LOVE the fabric you found. So pretty. We are suppose to heat up again this week, and truthfully I am not looking forward to it. Winter is almost over, and we never really got one. Keep warm, and ENJOY being back in your normal routine, and especially ENJOY being back with your needle! HUGS

  9. I love your b'day gift--and now I know why you call your grands the four T's :)

  10. Sounds like we have all been wondering about your four "T"s, and now we know!
    Hope you had a delightful birthday, and that you get some sewing time soon! : )

  11. I am so glad it is just all good things. I was looking at my blogs yesterday looking for your weekend one that you do on Mondays and I wondered where you were.
    I am impressed with that company too. That is amazing they contacted you.
    I love your frame. What a special gift. Oh and Happy Belated Birthday.

  12. What a wonderful birthday gift and I cannot wait to see the latest pics of the 4 T's

  13. I can't think of a better birthday gift! Happy birthday.

  14. THAT FRAME!!! That is precious beyond words!!!

  15. Love the frame and the beautiful fabric you bought.

    Hope you have a great day.

  16. Oh, how I love that frame!!! That would absolutely be the best gift!!!!

    I've been absent for a while now and hope to get a post up soon.

  17. Happy Birthday! And how nice that even the gas station joined in with the well wishes. ;) That frame is perfect!

  18. Happy Birthday! Hope you get lots of time with needle and thread this week. You deserve it. I always wondered what the four names starting with T were!
    Very nice of Gutterman to make that offer. Hope they figure it out.


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