Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 - A Year in Review

My goodness, where in the world did this year go?  Surprised smile  But the calendar clearly says December 31, so it’s time for the year in review.

You all know that I’m a bit (ha!) of a weather geek, and 2014 didn’t disappoint.  We had a cold, snowy winter 2014 … setting a record for the most snow in one day (14”).  I love snow, but even I will admit that is too much.  Thank goodness DH bought a snow blower in November, 2013 … he joked at the time that by purchasing a snow blower, he guaranteed that we wouldn’t be getting any snow the rest of the winter.  ha!

There were a lot of swim meets to attend in 2014.  The Ts swam for the same summer swim team as last year and switched to a new Y swim team this September, one that is a much better fit. They continue to enjoy swimming and continue to do well.  


I didn’t manage to get a lot of quilts finished in 2014.  DD asked me to make a herringbone quilt for their bed.  I admit that I was a little reluctant … she wanted a large quilt in a pattern and fabrics that really aren’t to my taste, and I was afraid that I’d not enjoy the process.  But how could I say no.  I started cutting triangles on April 26 and gifted it on August 18.  I had nothing but trouble with this quilt, which caused the finish to be delayed significantly.  Even with cutting my triangles using my Go cutter, I had troubles with keeping my tips intact (obviously even a cutter can’t help an inaccurate piecer - ha!).  There was a lot of frog stitching … and a few blocks that didn’t make it to the quilt top.  Measuring the top for the borders took almost twice as long as it should have (I don’t have any smooth surface large enough to lay out the quilt to get accurate measurements).  And then there was the backing fiasco, with a considerable delay waiting for the second shipment of extra wide backing.  Confused smile  It turned out that in spite of my initial reluctance and in spite of all the aggravations, I enjoyed making this quilt and was pleased with how it turned out.  Besides, it was worth it all just to see DD’s reaction. 

As soon as I finished up the chevron quilt, I started on T#1’s spiral log cabin.  I began cutting strips on August 17 and gifted the quilt on November 9.  Thankfully this quilt went together more smoothly and finished more quickly than the chevron quilt.

Those two quilts weren’t all that I worked on in 2014.  I started the year with my Storm at Sea in my hoop.  Between the mistake of piecing together the blocks with the papers still on and dealing with the twisting and knotting of my quilting thread, my heart just isn’t in finishing that quilt.  I’m determined, however, to get it finished at some point.

I also did quite a bit of piecing on other quilts as well.  I have all 42 blocks ready to go for a quilt for our bed (the colors are washed out … the blue is more of a navy blue).

I put together a log cabin for DH and have the majority of the quilting done.

I’m also in the middle of piecing together some 14” pineapple blocks. 

And of course there’s my ongoing (never-ending?) hexie project. 

I mustn't forget my leaders and enders project.  IMG_1075I'm piecing together 2-patches from 2.5" squares of Minick and Simpson’s Midwinter Reds (most of which were leftovers from an earlier project).  They’ll eventually be pieced into 16-patches and joined with some strips to form a Primitive Picnic quilt.  I made a small lap quilt in 2012 using Kansas Troubles fabrics … … I’m hoping to be able to have enough fabric to make a large lap quilt this time.

We did a fair amount of traveling in 2014, between traveling to out-of-town swim meets and traveling to our favorite spot in the world.  We spent almost 2 weeks in Hilton Head in May, another 2 weeks there in September, and went back for a week in November.  IMG_0854

Wishing you and yours a very

I hope that whatever you have planned for today includes a little something that brings you joy! Have a great day!


  1. I didn't remember some of these quilts! you finish very quickly in my opinion. I love them all.

  2. You had a very productive year. My hope is that 2015 is a blessed year for you!

  3. I have loved seeing every quilt you have made... so beautiful.
    I have NOT loved all the snow :)
    Happy New year to you!! :)

  4. Happy New Year--I have so enjoyed watching your projects come to life this year; looking forward to your lovelies in 2015, hugs, Julierose

  5. I enjoyed your review of 2014. You sure did make some beautiful quilts! How talented you are :)
    I'd certainly say you did a fair amount of traveling! You spent more time at the beach than I did, and I'm only a couple of hours away. Lucky you :)
    Happy New Year to you and yours,
    Kathy (from Reflections by Kathy)

  6. Wonderful review and beautiful quilts. Hope 2015 is your best year yet. Hugs

  7. All of your quilts are beautiful!!

    Hope you all have a very blessed and happy New Year!

  8. It's always fun to look back. I would love to see the Storm at Sea finished.

  9. Hi Kathy, I loved going over all you accomplished in 2014. I think mine would include a lot of packing and moving-hope I don't need to do that again. As for trips in 2015, we will be going to Charleston for 4 days with our old neighbors and of course 2 weeks in Ireland. I know hubby would love to get back to the Islands, but I'm not sure. Today has been spent pouring over tour books and websites trying to determine what hotels to stay in and how long to stay in each place.
    Happy New Year my friend, may your life with rich and filled with health and happiness.
    Hugs, Noreen

  10. I think you got the quilts done quickly since you HAND quilted them! Great job... I see someone has been a bad influence and has you starting multiple projects =) Hehehe... I hope you have a wonderful 2015 Kathy.

  11. Beautiful quilts! You have had a very productive quilting year. I can't believe how fast you get your hand quilting done. A Very Happy and Blessed New Year to you and your family!

  12. I think you were very productive this year! All are beautiful quilts. May 2015 be a great year for you and your loved ones. Happy New Year! ~Jeanne

  13. You've got some gorgeous projects!
    Sorry the Storm at Sea has given you grief. It is beautiful!
    I can't believe how much you accomplish, inasmuch as you hand quilt everything. I can finish one up in a year or two, depending on how focused I am and how densely I quilt. : )

  14. Wow when you look at it like that you were really, really busy doing all kinds of things. My how nice to see all of your quilts, you did so many.
    Your grands are always lovely to see.
    I am glad you had that snowblower too. I bet is was a life saver.
    Happy New Year

  15. Oh my, you have so many projects going on. It must be nice to have a hobby that you enjoy so much and brings pleasure to those you give them to!


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