Sunday, June 5, 2016

Catching Up

When we last visited, I was getting ready to head over to see my oncologist and to get chemo #7. Dr. Powell is pleased with my recovery, but he was not pleased with my WBC or ANC counts. When I mentioned that I had to have my blood drawn earlier in the week (Friday rather than the usual Monday, thanks to the Memorial Day holiday), he ordered a stat draw, which thankfully came back with levels high enough to permit my chemo as scheduled. Whew! Oh, they're still lower than we'd like, but as long as they're high enough to allow me to remain on track for my chemo, I'm pleased.

I did get some good news ... my cancer marker as decreased to 10. Normal levels are less then 35 ... and while the marker level doesn't have a precise correlation between the presence (or absence) of cancer, decreasing levels are generally considered to be an indication that the chemo is working. Which is what I am hanging my hat on, so to speak. I'm on track to finish up my chemo on July 5, and Dr. Powell has mentioned ordering a ct scan for early August, when we will be able to see if the chemo is working as well as my cancer markers would seem to indicate.

Wednesday I spent the day at DD's watching the 3 younger grands so mama could take T#1 to the orthopedist ... so he could get a waterproof cast. Perfect timing as the first meet was Saturday (not that he swam ... but more on that later). It was fun to just hang out after they got back ... things had been so hectic the last 3-4 weeks as DD was finishing up spring semester and then doubling up on the homeschooling to wrap up the school year by Memorial Day. So it was even more special to be able to spend some time with my favorite people. <3

Thursday was kind of a "lost day" ... I woke up awfully tired and was tired all day long. I listened to my body and just took it easy. I thought I'd be able to spend the day in the sewing room, but after three blocks, I was just too tired to press on. Thankfully I woke up Friday feeling more energetic, and I made up for Thursday's lack of productivity by piecing 6 more blocks. I've only got 8 more blocks to piece, and then I can start to sew these blocks together ... after I arrange the layout (right now I'm just laying the pieces out as I finish them ... I will want to make sure that my fabrics are evenly distributed).

And now for the swim meet I mentioned earlier. It was the first meet of the summer swim season, on a very rainy Saturday morning.

But more importantly, it was the first swim meet for little T#4. I have to be honest and say that our expectations for her were not very high. After begging over the last year and a half to be allowed to join the team and after working hard to finally be able to swim the length of the pool, she's realized that practices aren't much fun, especially when they take place in an outdoor pool with cold water. I know I asked her several times in the weeks leading up to summer practice if she was ready to practice in the cold water ... she assured me that she was, but needless to say she wasn't! ;-) I had to laugh when talking to one of her coaches who isn't afraid to grab the little ones and "toss" them into the pool if they wouldn't go in on their own (nothing cruel ... he'd grab their hands, lift them up,and slip them into the pool). With tears in her eyes, she would look at Coach Joel and ask him why he was being so mean to her. I don't think she took any solace from his telling her that he had to do the very same thing to T#2 and T#3 (as recently as last summer for #3). When it was time for their team to warm up, sure enough ... she wouldn't get in the water. So Coach Joel picked her up and put her in the water. I'll give #4 credit that she knows that once she's in the water, she isn't allowed to come out until told that she may ... but that doesn't mean that she'll swim. ;-) Sure enough, she spent the warm up session hanging onto the edge of the pool. And when I met her after warmups to wrap her up in her towel, she was whimpering that she didn't want to swim. Nothing Nana said changed her mind. Mama and Daddy tried, too ... to no avail. When she and I walked over to the team tent to get ready for her first event :-o), she wanted to hold my umbrella and mentioned that she wished she had an umbrella of her own. Well, Nana has a mind like a steel trap (ha!) and jumped right on that ... promising her an umbrella if she finished both her events. No, I'm not above a little bribery. Ha! I was surprised, however, when she jumped right on that and agreed. And sure enough, she swam her events ... ok, not all that well, but didn't even get DQd although she came pretty close on her backstroke. So Nana got right on her iPhone and ordered her the rainbow umbrella she picked out.

Here's our swimmer with her post-event celebratory ring pop. ;-) Noticed the princess cap. <3

I mentioned earlier than T#1 wasn't swimming at this meet ... he'd left a few hours earlier on a mission trip to Arlington, TX. He left with explicit instructions to record #4's first events ... he and #4 have a particularly close relationship, so he was awfully disappointed to be missing her first meet. ;-)

The Ts' team did quite well at the meet, with at least one swimmer finishing in the top 3 in most every age group.
These two boys finished #1 and #2 in the 7-8 y.o. boys - as usual. They are so competitive and push each other to swim harder and faster. Thankfully they're good buddies, so the competition is very good natured. This time T#3 (on the left ... with the goofy grin to try to hide the dark blue lips and gums from his ring pop) finished on top.

By the time the awards ceremony wrapped up, most swimmers headed home (the meet was held at a pool about an hour and half away plus the event got started over an hour late because of the storms). But we were able to get a photo op of those who stayed until the very end. Notice that the rain had moved out and the sun popped out AFTER the meet was over.

Today will be another day spent in the sewing room, watching my Cardinals play while I stitch more kaleidoscope blocks. No, I don't expect to get the remaining 8 blocks done today, but I'm hoping to make good progress. And since there's now light at the end of this tunnel, I'm having to start thinking about what I'll work on next. I have a list of quilts that I want to make that is so long that there's no way I'll be able to make them all. ;-)

I hope that whatever you have planned for today includes a little something that brings you joy ... have a great day!


  1. sounds like you have had a busy week. Your daughter home schools besides going to school herself? wow talk about busy. glad you markers are going well and that treatment was able to go forward as planned - hopeful all will continue to go well and by the end of summer you will be on track and finished with the treatment. Love the quilt.

  2. It is no wonder that you were tired, Kathy. With low numbers and a busy schedule like that, most of us would have dropped. It's nice to see the kids are all back into the swimming again.

    Your blocks look fabulous. I am loving all of the different shades of blue in them.

  3. I'm glad you took the one day to rest some cause it sounds like the rest of the week has been very busy! So glad the cancer markers are down. Will continue healing prayers and hope they are answered in early August. T#4 is a little doll. Now that she has a meet behind her, the next one may be easier - sure hope you don't have to use bribery at every one! ;) (I would have done the same thing!)

  4. First I have to T4 is such a cutie! I hope the cancer marker is accurate. Great progress on your blue and white quilt!

  5. Glad you listened to your body & took some time to just rest. I'm sure you body needed it.

  6. I don't know how you do everything you do. I just don't seem to have that much energy, or maybe I'm just lazy. ☺️

    So your last treatment is July 5th. Mine is scheduled for June 30th. Hope we both make those dates with no hold-ups.

    Love hearing about your T's and their swimming adventures. They are so cute.

    Hope you have a great week. You know I'm still praying for you.

  7. Well glad that you got to go ahead with your treatments and there were no delays. I am sure you soo anxious to be done with this and put it all behind you. Praying that it all continues to go as planned. T4 is just adorable! And trust me, this grandma is not above an occasional bribe either for a good cause, lol. Now she has one under her belt, it will only get easier. Congrats to the other grands. How fun this all must be. You are keeping yourself really busy so I am not surprised you were tired. Especially with the low counts. But I know you rest when you feel you need to, and the rest of the time you are busy living and enjoying life. Have a good week!

  8. What a full schedule you have had.
    I really like that one block in your quilt that is lighter--gives it a really fun look!
    Grandma knew the way to get the little one to try a meet and see how she fared.
    Hope all continues to go well for you in your treatment!

  9. Hooray for your cancer marker being down to 10. That's wonderful. I hope your WBC continues high enough for you to finish your chemo treatments on time. I'm sure you must be looking forward to being done with them, Kathy.

    Your little T4 is cuter than cute. Good for her to finish. I hope she has good opportunities to use her new umbrella. And congratulations to your other Ts for their 1st and 2nd place wins. They are too adorable.

    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,

  10. Nothing like time spent with the grands! You are wise to take it easy when your body says it needs rest. Love your blue and white quilt blocks!

  11. Glad to hear the treatmen's are going well, July 5th is not that far off, how nice it will be to be finished. Loved the story about you littlest swimmer, I'm afraid that would be me too, I hate getting into cold water, but she did it. Good for her, and congrats to her sibs. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  12. Sounds like a very time with your grandies! Love the princess swim cap.

  13. Just catching up here. I'm glad you were able to continue treatment without interruption and know you're ready for July 5th. Congrats to all your swimmers! Sometimes a little bribery is justified : )


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