Saturday, June 18, 2016

Wrapping Up Another a Week

It's been another busy week here at Chez Nana.

Tuesday was Chemo Day ... treatment #21 is now in the books, with just 3 more to go. I'm looking forward to ringing the bell and being a bit of a stranger at the Infusion Center. We finished up at Siteman and made tracks to get to that evening's swim meet just before the first event began. Whew! It was an exciting meet, against the team's arch rival ... the Ts' team won, by a mere 22 points. Papa and I were a little hoarse the next morning. ;-)

I spent Wednesday morning in the sewing room. I haven't been able to get to Homestead Hearth (and probably won't be able to for another week), so I decided to start a small quilt in the meantime.

This will definitely be a small quilt, finishing at 28" square. I culled my stash and came up with these fabrics
I'm showing two blacks (bottom row on the right), only one of which will make the cut (pun intended). I got four flying geese units pieced that morning.
Remember I said this was going to be a small quilt! ;-)

I spent Wednesday afternoon at DD's ... best way to spend a hot summer afternoon. And it was hot! My van registered 102 when the Ts and I got in the van to take T#1 to youth group. The rest of the Ts, Papa and I met Daddy at Red Robin for dinner, while Mama stayed home and studied for her Microbiology exam. A day spent doing the things I love and spent with the people I love ... it just doesn't get much better than that!

Thursday morning I took the Ts to swim practice. It was another scorcher, and I have to admit that I was sorely tempted to jump into the pool myself! ;-) It was a long day with an out-of-town swim meet that evening.

There was a very short turn-around as I tag teamed DD with the Ts swim practice. She took them to the pool and spent the first hour and a half there ... I spent the last 3 hours there and took them back home. I was so glad I got the second shift because I got to see T#3 teach himself to do a flip off the diving board after practice.

(Edited to add: it seems that this video is only viewable on a laptop; it doesn't appear to be viewable on mobile devices ... at least I'm not able to view it when I'm on my iPad.  Strange because the video was taken using my iPhone and downloaded it to my laptop from my iCloud ... I really expected it to be viewable from any device.  Obviously it must be a Blogger issue.  Grrrr)

The reason DD and I had to tag team practice was because she went to pick up T#2 from equestrian week at church camp. Doesn't this look like a girl who spent a week in her happy place?

I have to admit that I'm glad there's not a whole lot on the schedule for today. I think a relaxing day in the sewing room is just what I need after a busy week.

I hope that whatever you have planned for today includes a little something that brings you joy ... have a great day!


  1. I don't know how you do everything you do! That is one little flying geese block but such a sweet quilt. Enjoy.

  2. It sounds like you are doing very well, as busy as you're keeping yourself! Your fabric pull for your little quilt is lovely! I find it difficult to work with tiny pieces anymore, the fingers don't have the dexterity they used to most days.

  3. So glad you are doing so well and that you're getting to spend so much good time with the T's.

  4. The little quilt is going to be just the colors you chose to work with from you stash. I NEVER touched my sewing machine after Monday this week...soo unusual for me. We're supposed to hit a 100 this week-end. Summer is finally here. Have a good week-end!

  5. You have had a busy week. I can see why a quiet Saturday would be inviting. I suppose there will be a Father's Day gathering too.

    Loved seeing the flip. I'm sure he was pleased with himself.

    Your mini is going to be great in those fabrics. Have fun sewing.

  6. Whew! After a week like that you deserve some time in your sewing room! Working on that little table topper should be very therapeutic--so cute!

  7. I love that picture of your grand daughter and the horse. She looks so happy. I love that table topper. What a beautiful quilt. So glad you are almost finished with Chemo. I think you need lots of time in your sewing room.

  8. Love the flip off the diving board. He looks so proficient at it! Good for you to get some tiny sewing in. I used to enjoy making the small pieces but haven't been all that interested in it for a while. You're a good Nana to go to swim meets with the grands. I think swim team is great for the kids but I didn't like the meets -- too much waiting around for a 2 minute (or less) swim. Sigh. No swim meets in our near future. Maybe later as the girls get older.

  9. I am so glad you have been able to keep up with your grandchildren during all this treatment - what a way to spend you days bouncing from one activity to another and then a quite day in the sewing room. You are giving your grandchildren a lot of memories by being able to do so much with them

  10. For sure, you need some down time!! Don't know how you keep going at such a pace on top of the chemo treatments.
    Love the little quilt you are making--so sweet! I thought it had a "Jo Morton" look about it and when I went to the website it confirmed my suspicions. : )
    Think I will download it for my "someday" file. *LOL* We all know how that goes!

  11. Wonderful to see how well you are doing with these treatments! You are quite an inspiration! Love the fabrics!

  12. Sometimes I get tired reading everything you do!!! You have an amazing amount of energy. Love the fabrics for your small quilt. It's going to be darling. The count down is on for the end of chemo - it won't be long now Yay! ~Jeanne

  13. Yes, I agree, you do seem to have an abundant of energy and that is wonderful considering all you have been through. Happy quilting!

  14. You're like the energizer bunny. Your newest project is super cute and you weren't kidding about it being small. It's going to be perfect for the summer season.

  15. My goodness - you wear me out girlfriend!!! I did nothing more energetic this weekend than camp out on the recliners with some stitching while watching the US Open with DH LOL!!! It's a busy week coming up though, so maybe I will have earned some recliner time by the weekend :*). Have a lovely week!!!!

  16. Hi my dear friend, You've certainly been up to a lot this weekend. We just had hubby's sister and companion leave and I'm ready to get back downstairs. O.k. so your flying geese are perfect-I hate flying geese because I never get the 1/4" allowance at the top of the points. I'm going to check you-tube videos to see if I can get some help. Love that you only have 3 more chemo sessions! You are such an incredible woman! How fun that you made it to the T's meet.
    Hope you spent time sewing today-love your little quilt; I think I'm going to google it and print out the directions.
    Hugs, love and prayers.


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