Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Ramblings

I'm feeling much better today ... still not quite 100% yet, but definitely much better.  I actually took a shower, got out and ran a few errands, and ate "regular food" for lunch today. 

I'd love to get back to work on T#4's big girl quilt, but the first step involves precise piecing, and I think it might be best to wait until I'm feeling 100% and my mind is sharp/alert.  Besides, I've got a book that I started last night and forced myself to put down so I could go to bed at a fairly reasonable hour ... I want to finish it!

I did go back to the University to fill out all my employment paperwork.  Things have obviously changed since I was hired on back in 1989.  I had to fill out paperwork for a background check ... and I had to pee in a cup!  :-o

I also got my hair cut ... normally my hair grows on the slow side, but every once in a while, it grows like crazy between cuts ... and this time was one of those times.  I probably should have had it cut a good couple of weeks ago.

We had a bit of snow over night ... just enough to cover everything.  It's been snowing pretty much all morning ... at times pretty intensely.  It's all pretty much melted (the temperature's been at 35 for a couple of hours or more), but I'll bet we would have had 3-4" on the ground had it been cold enough.

Have a fabulous Friday ... and a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hi sweetie, So glad you are on the mend-I am hoping I am too. I love Jennifer's books, in fact met her at a quilt show. I agree with waiting until you are 100% until you start working on the quilt; I'm not either-just kicking back and taking it easy.
    We are supposed to get snow on Sunday but I'm lovin the sunshine.
    Have a warm and wonderful weekend.

  2. So glad your feeling better. The snow is so pretty. Have a great weekend too.

  3. Glad you're feeling better! Be careful with that book--there's a whole series that will suck you in. Seriously, they are great books. A friend of mine has them and I've read almost all of them. A great thing to do when the weather outside is frightful!

  4. Glad you are better. Loved that series of books. Waiting for the last one which is on hold at our library. That particular one is one of the best of the series. IMHO


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