Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up

It certainly wasn't a dramatic or overly exciting weekend, but I did spend it doing what I love to do, so I am counting it as a good weekend.

Friday night, I did some hand quilting on T#2's doll quilt while watching All About Eve (I can't believe I'd never seen it in its entirety ... I love those old B&W classics).

Saturday, I made some decent progress on the star blocks that form the center of the log cabin blocks of T#4's big girl quilt.  I have 1/3 of the star blocks sewn together, and I've got another 1/3 strips ready to sew into star blocks.  Piecing quilts is my least favorite part of quilting, and this one seems to be especially tedious.  And triangles give me fits.  I thought I would have better success with a specialty ruler, a quarter-inch foot on my sewing machine, and taking my time to sew carefully ... but my triangle blocks still aren't as precise as I would like. 

Sunday I attended church, did a little shopping on my way home, organized/decluttered the bookcase in the basement, and watched some football/had dinner with our friends next door.

Like I said, it wasn't a very exciting weekend ... but it was still a good one.


  1. Sounds like a restful, yet productive weekend to me! Happy Monday!

  2. We had a pretty quiet weekend too. I like to include them in my blog though because that's where we are in this stage of life. I'm always a little bit in awe of quilters...that is not something I've ever done.

  3. Love Bette Davis! Sounds like a lovely weekend.

  4. Sounds like you and I had similar weekends - didn't do much but sure enjoyed it!

  5. I love the square, it is so pretty and the colors look so nice together. Sounds like a great weekend.

  6. Sounds like a nice weekend to me, I love those easy weekends where you get stuff done that you love to to.


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