Friday, August 16, 2013

A Little Bit of Nothing Much


It’s going to be another gorgeous day here at Chez Nana … it feels more like late September than mid August.  And having the windows open gives our heating/cooling budget a break.


I didn’t get any work done in the sewing room yesterday.  I spent the afternoon watching the Ts while Mama worked.  Before I left, I had several minor sewing repairs to make for DD … a button sewn onto a pair of DSIL’s shorts, a seam repaired on one of T#4’s dresses, a repair to a Luigi stuffie, etc.  My plan for today includes more sewing … storm at sea blocks.  Winking smile


I injured my back Tuesday evening … T#4 was not ready to leave the playground and wouldn’t come down off the jungle gym when I called her, leaving me no alternative but to climb up there to get her.  The climbing up wasn’t a problem … but the getting down with a fussy toddler was.  I tried as best as I could to get both of us down safely, and I suspect that my attempts to brace myself sprained my upper back muscle.  I can’t believe how much that muscle is used!  Thankfully OTC ibuprofen seems to help. 


We’re now 4 weeks from leaving for Hilton Head … and I can’t wait.  We haven’t met a beach yet that we didn’t love, but there’s something magical about the beach at Hilton Head that keeps drawing us back.


Our deck is coming along nicely … I couldn’t be more pleased with how it’s turning out.  They should finish it up today or Monday at the latest, I would think … I’m hoping for today as it would be delightful to be able to spend some of the weekend out on our new deck.  I’ve been taking pictures to share when the job is done.


Hope you all have a fabulous Friday!


  1. Sorry about your back. I know from experience how painful a back strain can be...ouch!! Take it easy and no more wrestling with T's for a while!! :-)

  2. I hope your back is feeling better! I'm not sure anything is more painful than a bad back. Hope you are able to quilt today. Cool weather in August is strange! It is supposed to be in the 90s in Denver today! The heat is coming back there! Take Care. ~Jeanne

  3. I've been doing so much housework this week that my back just aches when I lay in bed at night.
    I sure could use a do-nothing-much vacation. Only thing on the horizon is a business trip to St. Paul with Hubby. Then he'll be working the whole time. I can't wait until he retires!
    Hope the sewing is going better. I hope to work on the binding this weekend during some movie watching with my parents.

  4. I am so sorry you hurt your back. I hope you can rest it this weekend. I know the weekend I kept my grandsons I had muscles so sore the next day I couldn't believe it. Nothing worse than a hurt back though.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  5. That does not sound good - I don't like pain. Hope it's better soon. Icing in small spurts is said to help, too. And how exciting about your deck. You will enjoy it, I'm sure!

  6. Sorry to hear about your back. Hopefully some rest and you will be as good as new. I am looking forward to seeing that new deck. Enjoy your week-end!

  7. Kathy, Don't forget to ice your back as well. I'm glad it wasn't worse but a sore back makes for a sore body. Hope you enjoy your day-but please take it easy.
    Hugs, Noreen

  8. Oh man.. you know with all my moaning about back pains, I feel you... hope it heals up quickly. Lots of ice!!!!

    We've had our AC off for 3 days now ... I love that!

  9. Sorry about your back. I'm so excited for you and your trip. I know how I feel when I get to go on vacation. Glad your deck is going well. Can't wait to see it. Enjoy your weekend.

  10. Oh, I'm sorry about your back! I hope it feels better soon.

    We're expecting more rain for the weekend here, but at least the temperatures are a bit cooler due to the clouds...

  11. Ouch!!! Sorry to hear about your back. Good thing that deck will be ready soon - you can rest out there and recover quickly :*)

  12. Oh, so sorry about your back! Back pain is noooo fun! We're enjoying our last day here in the PNW and have had a wonderful time and enjoyed the most gorgeous weather.

    We are hoping for no hitches tomorrow as we fly home. We had all kinds of complications getting here, but we made it.

    Happy week!


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