Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wednesday Hodgepodge



It’s Wednesday again, and I wasn’t sure that I’d have time to participate in this week’s Hodgepodge, but I missed last week’s … I can’t possibly miss 2 weeks in a row, can I?  Winking smile 


1. The first week of August is National Simplify Your Life Week...what's one thing you could do this week to qualify as a participant?

I think my life is pretty simple as it is … and that’s just the way I like it. 

2. It's also National Peach Month...peach pie, peach cobbler, or please pour me a Bellini?  What's your peach pleasure?

I like peaches, and we’re not that far from Calhoun County, where the majority of Illinois’ peaches are grown.  But I don’t think we’ve bought peaches for a few summers now … peach growers are picking the peaches a little too early to suit me … as a result, the peaches are never as juicy or sweet as they could/should be … and that’s if they even ripen up here on my counter – too often they just go bad.  Sad smile  But if I could have some *good* fresh peaches, I think I’d make a cobbler. 

3. Eleanor Roosevelt once wrote, "Do one thing every day that scares you." Agree or disagree...explain.

I disagree.  Life brings enough stress and drama … I don’t see the need to deliberately add more. 

4. What's your favorite household chore?  Yes-you have to name one.

I like making the bed … there’s something about having the bed made that just makes me feel like I’m ready to face the day. 

5. Fodors recently listed (what they've dubbed) the ten most beautiful sunset spots in America. Click here to read more and see the pretty pictures, but this is their list:
Butterfly Beach in Santa Barbara CA, Mount Haleakala in Maui HI, Old Fort Marcy Park in Santa Fe NM, Laguna Beach CA, Hopi Point in Grand Canyon AZ, Four Seasons in Miami FL, Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica CA, Gay Head in Martha's Vineyard MA, Ensign Peak in Salt Lake City UT, and Mallory Square in Key West Florida.
Have you seen the sun set from any of these spots?  If you could choose to watch the sun set this weekend from one spot on the Fodors List, which would you choose?  Where was the prettiest sunset you've ever seen?

I haven’t seen the sun set from any of those locations … when we were in Key West, seeing the sun set from Mallory Square was originally on our agenda, but we just aren’t into the big party scene, so we chose to pass.  If we ever get back to Key West, I think we’ll find somewhere less popular and catch the sunset there.  If I were to choose where I’d enjoy seeing the sun set, it would of course have to be at the beach … not only do we LOVE the beach, but there just is nothing quite like seeing the sun set (or rise) on water.  In fact, we don’t go to the beach, without making sure that we get some pictures of the sun setting (or rising).  I don’t know if this picture is the prettiest sunset I’ve ever seen, but it’s the most special one … this was taken during our trip to Florida with DD and her family in May … for me, it was a perfect time … at my favorite place with my favorite people.  Red heart


6. What's your favorite or most used app?  If you don't use apps how about your favorite or most visited website?

I don’t know that I have just one favorite … I use Messages, The Weather Channel, Facebook, My Fitness Pal, GasBuddy, QuiltCalc frequently … and of course, there are a few games, too.  Winking smile

7. We've recently passed the halfway mark for 2013...write a seven word sentence that sums up your year thus far.

There hasn’t been a dull moment yet.  Not very creative, but it’s 7 words.  Ha!

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Our old deck is gone, and the new deck flooring is down.  The builders started the prep work for putting on the roof yesterday.  I’ve been taking pictures and will share them when the work is done.    


Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. I have to agree with you on number three life has enough drama without purposely adding to it. Yeah for the deck construction beginning

  2. I knew you and I would have the same answer for #5 :)

    Glad to hear that work is progressing on the new deck. Can't wait to see the finished project!

  3. I "have" to have my bed made each day. It looks pretty made, keeps the sheets clean, and keeps them warm to crawl back into at night.

  4. No reason to create extra drama but once in a while I do try to think outside of the box - does that count for something that scares me??? lol. Can't wait to see your new deck. ~Jeanne

  5. Wow that is so fast. I can't wait to see the pictures of your deck.
    You have been busy this summer. I am glad I read that August is a simplify month. I will think about that. Have a nice day.

  6. Who knew that August was a National anything month?

    It has been a busy year so far. I keep thinking it will slow down, but that never happens.

  7. I'm with you on #3 and the sunset. The beach is about the best!

  8. I agree, I love having a freshly made bed! Doesn't always happen, since my hubs gets up after I do and he doesn't share my affection for a made bed... but we've only been married 19 years, I'm still working on him! ;-)

  9. You're on My Fitness Pal? I'll have to try & find you :)

    you're right - why add the stress... I change my mind :)

  10. you use a lot of neat apps...enjoy your new deck

  11. Exactly, life brings enough drama! I fix the bed first thing in the morning and if you have a quilt on it that makes it very easy. Can't wait to see your deck.

  12. I love a clean bed to climb into as well. Love your sunset photo. Looking forward to seeing your photos of the make over.

  13. I'm really enjoying the sunset photos today : ) A new deck is always exciting! I'll look forward to seeing the finished product!

  14. Oh, I agree with you, I love a "made bed" and it gets my day started off right too. Don't know how folks stand not having their beds made.

    Oh, I want to sell our big place so bad I can taste it but Hubby is just not there and I don't know if he'll ever get there unless he has too and I don't want us waiting that long. Oh, well.....

    That's a beautiful sunset!

    Hope all moves right along for your deck.

  15. Beautiful sunset picture!
    I don't like making the bed, but I like coming home to a bed that's made!

  16. A sunset on the water with the family is, well, priceless. Have a great week!


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