Monday, August 19, 2013

The Weekend Wrap-up




Another weekend has just flown by … time flies when we’re having fun, right?


Actually, it was a good weekend … a good bit of it was spent in the sewing room.  I used Friday to “play with” the construction of my storm at sea blocks and by lunch time, I had figured out a way to construct my blocks and end up with blocks that I’m pleased with.  Are they all perfect?  No.  But they’re certainly very acceptable.  Of the three blocks that I was ready to pitch Thursday, I am able to salvage two of them.  By the time I left the sewing room late Sunday afternoon, I had constructed 75 of the 80 blocks.  All that’s left before sewing this into a top is to finish those last 5 blocks and to tweak a couple of the blocks I did as I was “learning” how to piece together these blocks.  There is light at the end of the tunnel!


Sunday after church, we decided to do some shopping for new deck furniture.  We have a patio table and chairs that’s at least 10 years old, and I would prefer to have a conversation set out on our new deck.  As we left church, I told DH that I feared that we were just not going to be able to find anything we’d like, figuring that it was too late in the outdoor furniture season.  Our first stop was Home Depot, and their extremely limited selection certainly gave us reason to believe that I was right.  Our next stop was Lowe’s … where we found just the set I wanted!  It’s beautiful, it’s comfortable … and best of all, I don’t do an Edith Ann impersonation when I sit on it!  (I’m not very tall to begin with … and since I’m long-waisted, that means that I’m short-legged.) 

photo (3)

photo (2)

We got 2 chairs, loveseat and low table.  Unfortunately the markdown of their summer stock hadn’t extended to this set, but we were so thrilled at finding what we wanted locally that it didn’t matter.  I can’t wait to sit out on our new deck … but first things first:  gotta get the deck finished up and then the furniture put together.


The warm weather is returning … we broke down and turned back on the A/C … it was 85 inside … I like it warm but that’s just a little too warm even for me.


Hope you all have a marvelous Monday!


  1. You are really moving on your Storm at Sea - glad you have it all figured out! The furniture is great - I love it. Looks very nice and comfy. Have a great week ~Jeanne

  2. Well this just sounds great all the way through. Anxious to see the assembled quilt...almost done, YAY!! And LOVE furniture shopping, be it for inside or out. LOVE yours, and again anxious to see the complete project with everything in place. Hope you have a good week! I've got a busy one lined up!

  3. The patio furniture is so pretty and will be perfect for outside sitting.

    75 blocks already? Fabulous!

  4. Hi, Kathy! Love your new deck furniture! As you recall, Chris extended our deck this summer and it's one of our favorite places to sit now! Hope you enjoy yours! 85 degrees, huh? Would you believe our temps have been in the mid to upper-60's the past few days? It's been cold, wet, and dreary! So ready for the sun to shine, again!

  5. Wow, you certainly got a lot of sewing accomplished over the weekend!

    I'm glad you found the perfect outdoor furniture for your new deck! I hope you'll be sitting on it before too long :)

  6. Beautiful lawn furniture. Love it.

    Yep, we had to break down and turn our air back on too.

  7. I love your lawn furniture. It will look so pretty on your new deck. I am so impressed that you got that many blocks done. That is so good.
    Five more blocks should be a piece of cake.
    It sounds like a nice weekend. I hope the heat passes by and very pretty fall weather returns. Our humidity is back. I know though it will soon be fall, I am thankful for Air conditioning, I have mine set so it doesn't come on until it hits 85 during the day. It hits that about 5:15 in the afternoon. I can stand it most of the time. It sure has helped out power bill.
    Have a nice Monday.

  8. It is all going by way too fast! The new patio furniture looks awesome. Can't wait to see it on your patio.

  9. It's so fun to find exactly what you're looking for. Can't wait to see photos of the new deck!

  10. Wow...75 blocks! Busy girl! Love your deck furniture...I know you will enjoy it. It has gotten warm here again after a few cool days, too. I believe our Braves are headed your way to play your Cards later in the week. Look forward to watching that!!

  11. Love the furniture! We bought ours at Lowes, too,but it was a few years ago, and now we need to buy new cushions!

  12. Oh so fun to be nearing the end of getting the blocks done for a fun project!!! Can't wait to see them!!! Your patio set is marvelous - I love the color!!!


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