Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Quickie

It’s going to be a very busy day here at Chez Nana … and while we still have wi-fi, I’d better check in.

I’m walking with Lois this morning – 7:00 as usual.  And as soon as I get home, I’ll be scrambling to finish up getting the two rooms ready for new carpet.  We got everything out of the sewing room yesterday … well, everything except our router.  Gotta keep internet as long as possible … and it looks like disconnecting it shouldn’t be too difficult.  Here’s a peek at just a little of what we moved out of the sewing room.
There’s a lot of stuff to the right and to the left as well as on the other side of that bed.  Surprised smile  When we were done, I told DH that I was shutting the door to that bedroom and I expected it to be kept closed.  If I had to walk down the hall and see that, my head might explode from the disorderliness. 

As far as the great room is concerned, we took everything out of the entertainment center … the towers have glass shelves and hold a lot of stuff with sentimental value … I wanted to make sure they got moved somewhere safe.  I let DH talk me into waiting until this morning to unhook the TV.  I may regret that decision when it comes time to unhook it as I don’t have a huge window of time between when I get back from walking with Lois and when I have to head to Holiday Shores (to learn how to prepare our Guild’s newsletter … yes, I’ve agreed to be the newsletter editor).  Anyway, there are about a million wires connecting our TV to all the various components so I’m going to have to take photos and make notes about what goes where in hopes of being able to reconnect everything properly tonight. 

By the time I get back home from Holiday Shores, it’s liable to be time to start putting everything back.  After all, the carpet in the spare bedroom where we unloaded all the sewing room stuff is going to get new carpet too, as is our bedroom.  At first thought, getting bedrooms cleared out doesn’t seem like such an overwhelming task (other than clearing out all the sewing room stuff), but then there’s the closets.  All those shoes, all the stuff hanging … Confused smile  And of course, DH is going to want the TV hooked back up, too … after all, there are baseball and basketball games to watch!  And I’ve got the PBS series Last Days in Vietnam set to be recorded.  Winking smile

After we got everything cleared out yesterday, including my Kiss quilt, I spent most of the afternoon out on the deck piecing my EPP bow ties.  It was such a delightful day … too nice to spend inside for sure.  I completed another 8 bow ties.  It doesn’t seem like I got a lot done, but in my defense I took a nice long break and went over to visit with Lois and her husband when they decided to sit out on their deck.
I hope to pull out my half yard bundle of Primitive Gatherings neutrals tomorrow to audition the background for these bow ties.  I’d like to get them cut so I’ll have them ready to go for our upcoming trip to Hilton Head (just 10 more days!). 

And speaking of auditioning, I’ve gotten positive feedback from my handquilting Facebook group on the black and cheddar for the sashing and cornerstones for my gifted blocks.
I just do not have “the eye” for color … which is one of the reasons why I most often make limited color quilts … but with these scrappy blocks, I need some help to determine if these fabrics will work.  I’m glad that those with “the eye” gave me the thumbs up as I just love the black and cheddar.  I wonder if I can get the strips cut in time for the 1-day retreat next Friday. 

Ok, so maybe this wasn’t a quickie after all.  Eye rolling smile  Hopefully I’ll be back in a couple of days … assuming I’m able to successfully reconnect our router.  ha!

I hope that whatever you have planned for today includes a little something that brings you joy ... have a great day!


  1. Hope all goes well - can't wait to see your new carpet! Good luck with all of the electronics. ~Jeanne

  2. Good luck! A little late but was there a way to keep the router plugged in and attach it to the wall while they work? We have a wireless that hangs out in the closet in the spare room. I'll shoot an e-mail link to my old guild's newsletter for an idea of other options for you =) Enjoy the hand stitching.

  3. my husband always does the hook up the tv etc as I am hopeless at it - well I'm sure if I took photos and stuff I could do it but he always does that stuff. have fun with the newsletter!

  4. I wouldn't think you would have to remove your hanging item out of the closet! A lot of work but it will be wonderful when finished and your spring cleaning will be completed too!

  5. Whew! That was a lot of work in one day, but you'll be so happy to havelt! the new carpet! Can't wait to see the end resu

  6. After all of the business that's going on at your house, you'll need that trip to HH to rest and recuperate :)
    Kathy (from Reflections by Kathy)

  7. Good morning! I am excited to see your new carpet! Soo much work, but oh so worth it. Your so busy my friend! A full and happy life doing so much that you love. You are blessed. Enjoy!

  8. You have such a busy day ahead of you. I do think the hardest work is the hooking up of the wires.
    Your quilts looks wonderful. I have a hard time with color too.
    Don't work to hard today.

  9. Hope everything works out & goes smoothly.
    Love you still get in your morning walks!!! Even when a lot needs to be done. You need to take care of yourself first :)

  10. Ugh....What a task, but you will love it when it is finished.

    The black and cheddar makes such a great color combination.

  11. Wow! Busy day. But I'm sure the new carpet will be so worth it. I've got 3 bedrooms that I want to take the carpet up and put in wood floors. Plus I'm considering changing the fake wood floors in our living room/great room with real wood. Hubby and I have decided for sure yet.

  12. Hi there, What a busy time for you; I imagine you will be reorganizing things too as you put them away. I know you'll be so happy when the new carpet is done. Take care!

  13. Sounds like you had a very full day! Are you thrilled with the new carpet so far?

  14. I think the black and cheddar look great! I never would have thought of it. I love your EPP bowties. I never thought of doing those that way either. I might have to try that!


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