Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday Miscellany


Thanks, everyone, for your thoughts and prayers yesterday.  I do not have a detached retina, but there is something going on with the vitreous (the gel-like substance inside the eyeball) and the ER doctor wants me to follow up with an ophthalmologist, as it’s possible that this could produce a tear in the retina.  While she didn’t think it was enough of an emergency to go to St. Louis (none of the hospitals nearby have an ophthalmologist on call on the weekends), she insisted that I follow up today. 


In the meantime, I had orders to avoid straining that eye … no reading or quilting.  Seriously?  If I can’t read or quilt, what IS there to do?  I mean, I don’t watch a game or a movie without a needle and thread in my hands.   I decided to go cut fabric for a new EPP project … I’m done with the basting of hexagons for my Martha Washington’s Flower Garden, so I’m going to need something to work on in the car on our trip to Hilton Head in 3 weeks.  And it occurred to me that I should be able to do some basting without straining my eyes … it doesn’t require the close work like quilting.  My new EPP project is a 4” bow tie.  Here are a few of the pieces I was able to baste while watching the Cardinals sweep the Reds.


I’ll be basting them on our road trip this week, too … we’ll be heading to Paducah on Wednesday for the AQS Quilt Show.  I’m going to be on the lookout for a neutral for the background for this quilt (among other things – ha!) while we’re in Paducah. 



I ordered the floss for the embroidery for the Crabapple Hill project I bought a few weeks ago.  The pattern calls for at least 5 skeins, so I decided to err on the side of caution and ordered 7 skeins.  The floss arrived Wednesday … and when I opened the package, I counted only 4 skeins.  Surprised smile  Even if I chose to throw caution to the wind, that’s not enough for my project.  And there was no note why they shortchanged me … the only upside was that I was only charged for the 4 skeins shipped.  But where were the remaining 3 skeins?  I had to send an email asking them for an explanation – and to ship me the remaining 3 skeins.  I got an email, advising me that the floss were on sale and that when they sold them all, they were gone so they sent me what they had.  Seriously?  Their website showed a price markdown, but there was no mention of quantities being limited.  And why no quick phone call or email to advise that they weren’t going to be able to fill the order?  I’ve gotten phone calls from other online shops when they had to hold up an order or make any changes to my order.  I responded that it would have been nice to have received a heads up that they wouldn’t be able to fill my order, but I haven’t heard back nor do I expect to by this point.  The sad thing is that I’ve read other bloggers complain about their poor experiences with this online shop, so my experience wasn’t an isolated incident.  I love their fabrics, but because of this experience, I’ll be purchasing my fabrics from other online shops.  Sad smile



Our dogwood was in full bloom over the weekend.  Planting it outside our kitchen window was a smart move, as I an hardly pull myself away from the window when it’s in full bloom … helps make working at the sink a little more enjoyable – at least in the spring. 




As I was typing this post, I decided to call the ophthalmologist's office on the off chance that they might be open early for cataract surgery patients … I was able to head straight up and get right in.  It turns out that everything checked out ok.  It’s exactly what we thought yesterday … all part of the aging process (along with the cataracts on both eyes - ugh!).  The flashes and floaters should both go away with time.  If not or if things get worse, I am to go back … otherwise I don’t need to see him again for a year.  Whew!  Now I’ve just got to wait for the vision in my left (affected) eye to return to normal (he put in extra dilating meds in when he dilated my eye) and then I plan to spend the rest of my day quilting!  In the meantime, I think I’m seeing well enough to do a little more basting perhaps. 


I hope that whatever you have planned for today includes a little something that brings you joy! Have a great day!


  1. OK... are we twins?!?!? What is happening? I started having flashes in the corner of my eye with some floaters happening more & I looked it up & saw the same thing - that its usually just aging, but could be a detached retina. I've actually been trying to find a eye doctor that my insurance covers.
    That is CRAZY that we once again have a similar issue at the same time. We're TWINS! :)

  2. So happy when I read your last paragraph. Please take care of yourself and give your eyes rest when needed. I know it is hard sometimes. Have a fantastic trip to the Big Quilt Show. I have never been before. Take pictures.

  3. Glad to hear everything checked out ok. I was thinking of you yesterday. Took me a while to figure out you are EPP the bow ties! I was wondering why you were basting them..... Beautiful tree in bloom. That would be lovely to look out on. Take it easy and enjoy that quilting.

  4. I didn't know you had double cataracts. That will cause the flashing sometimes. Especially as they grow. When they do decide you have to have them removed, you will be so glad you had it done. Sewing is so much more easy. I think of how much I had to give up and now it is like being a different person. Speaking about your quilt. That makes me sad, as I bought things from that place when I first started blogging and I always had great service and they did call me at home.
    I just feel so bad about that.
    Do you know, I must be slipping terribly, I was in my quilting box looking for something and I found the whole first block to my embroidered part that I need to do all drawn on the material just waiting for me to embroider. I have no idea when I drew it out. It was just folded with the quilt blocks I had made too. Isn't that terrible? Yes this old age thing is for he birds! I am so glad you were okay.

  5. Kathy - thank you so much for stopping by the blog earlier and have a fantastic time in Paducah!! Lucky you... Also - I'm happy to hear that your eye checked out OK (for the most part)... Love the dogwood blooms -- so lovely. Safe travels.

  6. Kathy, Again I'm so happy that you simply had the gel substance thinning with age(at least it sounds just like what I had). Quilting is just too important not to have our eyes for. Paducah???? Oh my, be still my heart. I'd love to get there someday. I hope you have so much fun and find some wonderful goodies. I hope you got a refund for the floss you didn't get.

  7. So glad to hear that your eye problem is not too serious. though I guess cataracts are no laughing matter. Give your eye time to rest. It would be hard for me to sit and not have my hands busy with something, or reading something. How exciting! You are going to the BIG quilt show! I hope you have a wonderful time there.I look forward to seeing how you do the Bow Ties, I did not know they could be paper pieced. You have chosen beautiful reds! Lovely blooms to see out your window.

  8. I'm so glad to hear that your eye problems weren't of the serious nature! I, too, have had a bout with flashes and floaters, about 8 years ago. Scared me to death! The floaters got better, but haven't gone away. My brain just ignores them, these days, just like they told me it would.
    Hope you got some quilting done :)
    Kathy (from Reflections by Kathy)

  9. I have trouble with the floaters off and on, sometimes it will be days on end and then other times they aren't there - or maybe I am getting used to them? Sorry you had such rotten luck with the embroidery thread - have so much fun in Paducah I wish I were going but I'm not, there is a show in Little Rock though in June that I will go to instead, it won't be as big of course but maybe that is a good thing. Love your dogwood.

  10. I'm so glad about your eyes. Hoping your vision straightens up quickly.

    Love that tree, it's beautiful!

    You're heading to Hilton Head in 3 weeks?!? I think I'm jealous! lol

    Oh, and you just had to mention that your Cardinal's, swept my Reds! haha Oh well, maybe we'll get you next time. :)

  11. Hope your eyes continue to mend and thank goodness it wasn't a more serious problem. Love that dogwood!

  12. Your dogwood tree is beautiful. Glad that things are going to be okay with your eyes. I know I need to get checked for cataracts soon. I've just noticed things a little blurry on the TV lately. Have a great time in Hilton Head.

  13. A good report is a wonderful thing! I am so glad it's nothing serious. We need those eyes, don't we!

  14. Glad your eye is okay! My brother-in-law had detached retinas in both eyes and it has been an ordeal! I am missing my sewing room. Still haven't unpacked it. :(

  15. Good news about your eyes. We take those things for granted until something goes wrong. Have fun o Paducah. What a great chance to get motivated and do a little shopping. Sorry about the floss. Customer service is a very important part of a business. There are lots of other shops who'll gladly treat you right.

  16. Hello! It was good to catch up some with you. Soo glad that your eye is going to be OK. I had the same experience with mine a few years ago. It happened believe it or not on the day my mother had her first stroke! I wondered at the time if it was stress. The doc assured me it was all part of aging, especially if you are as nearsighted as me, and that it would be just fine. I saw floaters for QUITE a while. Sorry about your floss shopping can be soo frustrating sometimes. Hilton head coming up! Soo exciting. Hope the rest of your week has been good!

  17. Missed this on Monday, but so glad to hear everything is okay with your eyes. That's a scary time!


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