Saturday, April 18, 2015

Time to Crash


What a busy week it’s been … which would explain why I haven’t been blogging.  And very little of that busy-ness has included any time with needle and thread … but that’s ok. 


Tuesday, DH and I decided to take a road trip to Mexico … no, not the country but a town in Missouri.  ha!  It doesn’t look like there’s a whole lot to see or do in Mexico, MO … except Homestead Hearth, my very most favorite quilt shop.  It’s a little more than a 2-hour drive, so I don’t get there as often as I’d like … a fact for which my budget is thankful.


I went searching for some blues and reds for the BOM being put on by the handquilting group on Facebook and for some fabrics for sashing and borders for the blocks I was gifted back in February.

I remembered to take some samples of the red and blue I used in April’s block … but I completely forgot to pick up the gifted blocks.  Surprised smile  When I mentioned that I’d forgotten the blocks, the gal who was helping me steered me to the black, advising that black is often a good choice for scrappy repros and suggested that the cheddar would make delightful cornerstones.  I just loved the fabrics … I haven’t had time to audition them with the blocks, but even if they don’t work, I’m not worried.  Worst case scenario, I use the fabric somewhere else *and* I have an excuse to make another trip over to Homestead Hearth!  Winking smile  I also picked up a package of some Hiroshima handquilting needles … I’d been reading so much about them that I decided I’d like to give them a try.  Alas, they aren’t working for me … after a couple of hours of quilting with one after we got home that afternoon, the needle had already begun to bend.  I really liked quilting with that needle … it glided through the fabric so easily, but those needles are a little on the pricey side … they would have been worth the price had they not bent.  So back to my John James.  And as you can see, I picked up another couple of fat quarters of neutrals … I’m a firm believer that you can never have too many neutrals. 


On the way home from Homestead Hearth, we stopped at our favorite restaurant – Zia’s on the Hill in St. Louis.  I should have stopped after the salad, but when they brought my entrée (seafood ravioli), I just had to have a little … and the rest went home with us.  Gotta love getting two meals out of one. 



Wednesday through Friday found me spending my days at DD’s.  Her former step mom (with whom she’s still very close) was hospitalized, so I reported for duty at 6:30AM before DSIL left for work and was relieved at 6:00PM when he got home.  It meant for some long, exhausting days … but I loved every single minute. 


While I was at DD’s Wednesday, DH was “in charge” of our mantel makeover.  For the longest time, I was wanting to do something to that wall or the fireplace to make it pop, to make it more of a focal point of our great room.  I had decided that when it came time to have our great room repainted, I would have that wall painted a darker shade … to provide more contrast with the granite surround.  All of a sudden, about a month ago, I realized that we could really add some interest to the fireplace by adding an entire new mantel.  Here is the before:


If you can’t tell, the wall the fireplace is on is an angled wall.  Nice, but nothing special … maybe even a little boring?  And here’s the after:


Yes, the framed photo (of our favorite beach) needs to be moved up. 


I’m thinking that today is going to be a fairly lazy day here at Chez Nana.  I have a pie to bake – for tonight’s swim team end-of-season banquet.   Otherwise, I have nothing on the agenda, and that’s just fine in my book.  Not only will it allow me to “recuperate” from my busy week … it’ll allow me to reacquaint myself with my needle and thread.  The Blues play Game 2 this afternoon, and I’m planning on quilting while I watch the game … hopefully with a better outcome than Game 1.     Next week looks to be just as busy as this week, so I’d better take advantage of this time to crash.  Winking smile


I hope that whatever you have planned for today includes a little something that brings you joy ... have a great day!


  1. Love your new fabrics... sorry your new needles aren't all you hoped for... I also use JJ and can't find anything else that doesn't bend on me either! I am so happy you got lots of T time in this week and are recouperating now from such a busy week! I am slow stitching this Saturday and hoping to have something to show with Kathy tomorrow.. but we shall see! lol Kathi

  2. Love your new fireplace mantle! Wow, such a big difference! can't wait to see what you do with the blocks. I am hoping to visit Homestead Hearth in person later this summer when we visit hubby's folks in Missouri. I have been so please with orders I have received from them.

  3. i wondered how those needles would work - we all have our favorites and so many of the brands I have tried out to experiment didn't work for me - so many bend! love your mantel it is always fun to redecorate. I really need to drive to a quilt shop one day just for the fun of it - I avoid it because they are all close to 2 hours away because of the curvy roads - but I shouldn't let that stop me - I don't mind driving on those roads - I guess it is just the disappointment at times that when you arrive at the store they don't have the kinds of quilting things you want.

  4. I love, love, love your new mantle!

  5. Love the change to the fireplace, it really pops now!

  6. I do enough damage online at HH, I would be overwhelming being there in person. But I sure want to try it someday. Your fireplace is lovely. DH did s fantastic job. I've bought some of the Hirosham needles as well, but haven't given them a try.

  7. I really need to visit some of the quilt shops you talk about - I've never been to Mexico, MO. Love the fireplace makeover! Hope you have a relaxing day - we are! Last night we were at the University of Wisconsin Spring Concert (BIG deal around here) and it was VERY late by the time we got home. I might even take a nap! ~Jeanne

  8. I love the new look of your fireplace and hope your day has been a relaxing one!

  9. My favorite shop is that same distance from my home. I make it once or twice a year, if I'm lucky.
    I think they steered you well to the black and cheddar. Always good choices for a scrappy repro quilt, in my book.
    Too bad the needles didn't hold up. I am always bending needles when I hand quilt. I am currently using the John James needles, too.
    Sounds like you have had some exhausting days.
    Great redo on the fireplace. Really nice!

  10. Love your new fabrics! I am so envious! I am sure I will never make it to Mexico, MO. Love your new mantle too! That seafood ravioli looks really yummy! Taking care of little ones can be exhausting, I hope you get some rest over the weekend. Will you be watching them next week too? I hope your DD step-mom is doing better. Sending prayers your way.

  11. I need a nap just from reading about all your activities! Glad to hear you were able to fit in a fabric purchase. Get some rest, so you can do another week! Love the new mantle, and the picture on it.

  12. Love your new mantel!! What a great way to make a space look new.


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