Monday, May 25, 2015

Life Currently …



Rebecca Jo over at Knit by God’s Hand did a “Currently…” post last week, and I loved it enough to decide to steal borrow the idea myself.  Winking smile  Here are a few things going on “currently” here at Chez Nana.


Currently “Reading”:

I’m not too far into it just yet, and so far I have to say that I’m really not enjoying it much.  I do have to say that the primary reason is that I do NOT like the narrator.  Sad smile


Currently “Stitching”:

These red/neutral bow ties … I’m English Paper Piecing (EPP) them.  I had a half dozen (estimated) bow ties together before we left for Hilton Head on May 9.  This is what I accomplished while we were gone:IMG_1586I did most of the basting on the day and a half in the car on the way down, but I soon pieced together everything I’d basted, so I did some basting at the beach as well.  I also did some basting on our trip back home (I didn’t include those pieces in the photo), but I didn’t do as many as I’d planned as I failed to transfer the papers and fabric to my portable sewing bag … my Omnigrid case was too heavy and uncomfortable on my lap.  I’ll probably work on them today instead of loading my Kiss quilt into my lap hoop because …

Currently Dreading:

This is my laundry room right now:IMG_1582This photo doesn’t adequately convey what’s ahead of me … that is a full-sized trash bag, crammed full to overloading with dirty laundry … with the overflow on the floor around it.  I hate this part of traveling … but not enough to give up traveling!


Currently Looking forward to:

Seeing my favorite people:MyTsYes, that’s a picture from last fall … but you get the point.  Winking smile


Currently Loving:

My sweet hubby.  As we were passing the exit to Paducah on our way home yesterday (after at least 11 hours in the car), he asked if I’d made reservations yet for our hotel room for our trip to the Quilt Show next April.  I love that man.  Red heart  And yes, I love him every day … this is just one reason why.


Currently Thankful for:

My DD’s MIL’s recovery.  It hasn’t been without bumps and a few setbacks, but she’s been making slow but steady improvement.



I hope that whatever you have planned for today includes a little something that brings you joy ... have a great day!


  1. That was one Baldacci book that I heard didn't get good reviews I never read it. When we travel I do laundry about every 5 to 7 days - of course we are in the camper and need our space for things other than dirty clothes and we are normally gone for 4 to 8 weeks. :)

  2. That was the first Baldacci book I was a bumpy start for me but I read the hardcover version with nice pages to read! ha :) Sorry the narrator is not good!
    I love this blog format... positive and upbeat too!

  3. Sounds like you had a winderful time at HH! I am sure it is good to be home, except for the laundry bit. I love your Bow Ties! You made a lot of progress on them. I feel bad for your granddaughter, I hope she can find some other things to do this summer since her favorites are off limits.

  4. Ugh....the laundry after a trip!!!!!! That's the worst. I just finished mine up today.

    Glad to hear DD's MIL is making some progress.

  5. Good to hear you are safely home. Once you get that laundry under control, life will be rosy. At least you didn't have to go to work this morning - glad you are retired and have time to get settled back in. Thanks for the update on DD's MIL. She's still in my prayers. ~Jeanne

  6. I always have a recovery period after a vacation trip too, and laundry is a big part of it. Your bow ties look great.

  7. Love your new theme! I'm listening to a Baldacci too and thought the same thing about the narrator - oh well. So far the story is keeping me from turning it off. Great picture of the T's!!! We are off on vacation soon too so I'll be joining you in dreading the laundry - but the great memories will cancel that out I'm sure :*)

  8. Yes, think he's a keeper for sure!! And, what cute Grans and know they were glad to have you back home. Laundry, ugh, and sometimes it seems to multiply. Happy week!

  9. What a great post! I like seeing what you have been doing and are doing and will be doing. :) I am so glad you had a nice time and you got so much accomplished.

  10. Ah.... steal away friend.
    I love a sweet hubby that understands a crafty love

  11. I have a hard time not finishing a book, even if I don't love it, because I crave closure. Wish I could just cut my losses, but unless the book offends me, I usually plow through.
    Your bow ties are coming right along!
    Totally understand the dread of "after vacation" laundry. : )
    Really nice collage of the "Ts".
    You have a great hubby--all you share about him seems to point to a truly caring man.
    Glad your daughter's MIL is improving. I'm still praying for her.

  12. Glad you are home safe and sound. Enjoy the stitching in between swapping out loads of laundry. I need to do that today too - not enough water yesterday (lightheaded) so I'm planning to stay home today instead of heading into work to help out.

  13. I hate doing the laundry when we get home!! Try to do it the first day, so it's not a cloud hanging over me. And I usually love everything David Baldacci. I don't think I've read this yet, so I hope it gets better. And you were on VACATION - it's okay if you didn't get much sewing done.

  14. Laundry is the pits when vacations end. Not my favorite part, by any means! Your hubby is definitely a keeper!

  15. Sweet photos of your grandchildren. Mark just got back from a week of fishing in Canada. I get to enjoy doing the laundry from that trip today. Lots of bulking item! Now that is one sweet husband......

  16. You and I both are doing that laundry today....always the worse part after a trip! I am really loving that quilt! The colors are fabulous! Glad your daughters mil is doing better. And your hubby? How sweet...and a keeper for sure!

  17. Great post, Kathy. I am currently thankful not to be washed away! Haha, we have had so much rain.


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