Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mixed Feelings

That's what we're experiencing here ... we're loving being in our happy place - the weather has been ideal, we've been out on the beach every day,

we've had some amazing fresh seafood

... what's not to love about being here?

I'll tell you what ... it's being here, feeling so helpless while DD and her family are going through an incredibly hard time right now. Sunday morning they got a call that DSIL's mom (who was in Chattanooga visiting DSIL's sister) had been admitted to the hospital, suffering a massive heart attack. DD and her family packed up, stopped by to pick up DSIL's dad who was at home in Illinois, and headed for Chattanooga. His mom, who was given only a 30% chance of surviving the surgery, came through better than they'd expected and is recovering ... just so very slowly and not without some complications. She's off all sedatives but is still not responding as they would like, she's running a fever, and they're still trying to determine if there's any kidney damage (her kidney function was way off when she was admitted but some has been recovered).

Yesterday afternoon DD took the kiddos to the park ... where T#2 broke her wrist. 

Shades of almost 30 years ago when her Mama, at the same age, broke her wrist at school ... also in the month of May. They re-set the bone, put on a soft cast, and gave her orders to see an orthopedic doctor in a week for a cast (a waterproof one so she can swim this summer?).

I feel so helpless and my heart is so heavy for all they're going through ... it's hard for me to enjoy our time here as much as I'd like. I know that even if we could be there in Chattanooga with them, we'd still be just as helpless to "fix" things for them, even though that's what this Mama's heart wants to do.

What we can do is continue to pray ... and ask if you would please join us in praying for them. Thanks!

I hope that whatever you have planned for today includes a little something that brings you joy! Have a great day!



  1. sorry to hear the family is going through so much - a heart wrenching time for sure

  2. I can certainly understand why you are experiencing mixed feelings right now. Keeping your family in my prayers.

  3. Oh my gosh - so much happening. Life is just so difficult... those roller coasters...

    & that wrist!!! I can see the curve... makes me nauseated thinking of that pain.

  4. I so understand how you are feeling, I think one of our greatest needs as mothers, is to FIX things for those we love. Lifting up you and your family.

  5. Kathy, I will pray with you. So sorry for your heavy heart and I know I would feel the same way. Also praying that you can continue to enjoy the nice weather, the beach and the awesome meals. ((HUGS))

  6. So sorry to hear about all the woes Prayers on the way! In the meantime, enjoy the beach and know that you will be be home before you know it.

  7. Kathy, Believe me when I tell you that I know how hopeless you feel-I've been away on vacation and had one of the girls families going through trials. Praying for DSIL's mom as well as your grand with the broken wrist(with 11 grands, we've had many of those injuries). Praying you will be at peace and enjoy the beauty of the ocean and area. May you be refreshed.
    Hugs, love and prayers.

  8. I will be praying for you and your family. I always describe this feeling in my mind of sticking my arm in a fire and watching it burn, there is nothing I can do. But, God knew beforehand, where you would be and He in his wisdom allowed it. The hardest thing for me, has been having to get out of the way, so God can do His work. I will pray all the more as I know just how if feels. I do hope you can enjoy yourself. Your poor grand daughter. What a trooper. God Bless you Kathy.

  9. Prayer is the most powerful thing you can do right now, and I will join you.
    So hard to not be able to "be there" and fix everything for our kids, isn't it?

  10. Oh, dear! How horrible to feel so helpless, but you are doing what is most helpful right now. I will pray, too, for all of you.

  11. Sending prayers and positive thoughts...

  12. Oh Kathy I am soo sorry to hear of all the trials that your daughter and her family are going through right now. How hard I know that has got to be on you not to be there. We want soo much to shield and protect our children (and grandchildren) never ends. And it's so hard just standing by not being able to do much. But we can go to the One who will bring them comfort and peace and wisdom and I pray for all these things for them tonight. I do find comfort sometimes in the knowing that nothing happens that is outside of the knowledge of our God. He knew right where you'd be when this all happened, and He has his reasons. Praying for you all. Blessings! and hugs.

  13. Oh, Dear Friend, I am so sorry to hear all this sad news. I hate that helpless feeling. DD and her family are really having a tough time. You and they are in my prayers. I hope you can walk on the beach and have a talk with the Lord. Since there really is nothing you can do except pray, I hope that He can help you achieve some peace and enjoyment of your remaining days a the beach. When you get home you can love on T#2 a little extra. And I'm sure you are in touch daily with DD - she knows how much you care and long to help. Take care. ~Jeanne


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