Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Hours Have Dwindled Down ...

... to a precious few. Yep, we're now on our last day here in "paradise". I am soooo not ready to leave ... and yet, I'm ready to start packing up right now so we can hit the road after lunch. Conflicted much?  Ha!

The last couple of days have been like all the others - sitting out on the balcony with DH, stitching on my EPP bow ties while "reading" and beach time. Not terribly exciting, not very blog-worthy, but pretty to close perfect in my estimation.  

This is where we had dinner on Thursday ... overlooking the intracoastal waterway. There's only one restaurant where you can dine overlooking the ocean ... oceanfront real estate is too valuable to be used for a restaurant. ;-)

Speaking of real estate, DH and I, on a whim, did a little looking online at oceanfront condos - we always dreamt of moving to the beach when we retired.  $$$   Guess those dreams will just stay dreams. ;-)

T#2 got her cast.  She'd been hoping to get a waterproof cast so she could swim.  But the waterproof cast isn't as tight and allows more movement than a conventional cast, and her orthopedist wants a conventional cast.  She's to go back once a week for follow ups, and if her bone is healing well, she may be able to switch to a waterproof cast in 3 weeks.  Don't be fooled by the smile in the picture ... she was quite depressed after that visit to the orthopedist ... not only was she unable to get a waterproof cast, but horseback riding and bike riding are in the list of forbidden activities. Her birthday is next Friday, and all she wanted for her birthday was to go horseback riding. It's going to be a long, boring summer for that sweet girl.  :-(

Since this is our last day here in "paradise", I believe I'm going to go head out to the beach ... gotta get my toes in the sand one more time. 

I hope that whatever you have planned for today includes a little something that brings you joy! Have a great day!


  1. Have a safe, pleasant journey home AFTER you thoroughly enjoy this last day! ~Jeanne

  2. This is the second broken arm of seen for blog friends granddaughter's!

    Hope the sand is lovely and that your last day is perfect in every way.......

  3. it sounds like you have had a relaxing time - yes I have checked prices at times for those nice beach homes and that is all the further it has gotten - same with the resort towns out in the Rocky Mountains of the west that is always our vacation places - lets just say the camper will be our resort home for years to come LOL - the prices are outlandish! to say the least.
    the summer might drag for the granddaughter but I'm sure she will find something to do over the summer. Have a safe drive back home - Memorial Day weekend is usually bad -

  4. Glad you've enjoyed your beach sewing! Great to get away, but i always find that it is also great to get home...have a great Mem Day weekend...hugs, Julierose

  5. Enjoy the rest of your visit and store up that peace and quiet for later. ;)

  6. Bummer for T#2, bless her heart! Glad you have had your "beach therapy" and I'm sure you will have another trip scheduled shortly. Safe travels!

  7. Sounds like paradise, so glad you enjoyed your time at the beach. I always love coming home from vacation, something about the routine of being home makes me feel good

  8. I can read that it has been a fabulous getaway for you.

    So sorry about that broken arm!!! Poor thing! That is not the way to spend ones summer vacation.


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