Saturday, October 10, 2015

Finish It Up Friday–a Day Late


That’s right – a finish!


I started my Kiss quilt April, 2014 … 18 long months ago.  I’ve never, ever taken that long to make a quilt.  However, in my defense, it is a king-sized quilt and I did set it aside to make (and hand quilt) 4 queen-sized quilts, traveled a fair bit, and spent a lot of time with my Ts while their mama cared for her former step mom.  I also wasn’t too pleased with my original quilting design, so I did a little ripping and restitching early on.  So in reality, that 18 months isn’t really that bad … but it surely seemed like it these last couple of months.  Winking smile  Note to self: don’t set aside a quilt that much in the future … it makes it difficult to finally get it finished. 


I finished it up just minutes before time to head up to DD’s so she and DSIL could have a long overdue date night.  It was an exceptionally cloudy day, and I didn’t have time for a more dramatic setting.  I’m hoping that the sun will return some time this weekend so I can get a better photo.


Here’s a close up:


And the backing, where I think you can get a better idea of the quilting:



I’m glad it’s done … and now to decide what to work on next.  Hmmmmmm  I’ll definitely need to decide something in the next couple of days so I’ll be able to pick up any supplements I might need while at Homestead Hearth next Friday.  Winking smile 


I’ve got my Martha Washington’s Flower Garden to work on while I ponder and prepare.

I’ve added maybe 3-4 diamond blocks since I shared this about a week ago, and I still have plenty of those red connectors to baste and prepare.  But this is my travel project, and I don’t know that I’ll be able to stand not getting in some hand quilting in the amount of time it’ll take me to finish this.  I’ll get in plenty of time with my MWFG in the evenings, while watching my Cardinals and Blues play. 


I’ve also got my Labor Day Stars that I started at our guild’s Quilt Away in June.


I’ve also got the signature blocks that Katy at Katy Quilts gifted me.

I did get the sashing cut and a few pieces sewn to the blocks at the one-day retreat I attended back in May (sorry – no pictures –  in the excitement about leaving for Hilton Head the very next day, I obviously neglected to blog about that retreat Surprised smile). 


And there’s the tumbler quilt that’s next up on my To Make list. 


Decisions, decisions. 


I hope that whatever you have planned for today includes a little something that brings you joy ... have a great day!


  1. Your Kiss quilt is beautiful!!! I was surprised when you said how long ago you began it - doesn't seem that long to me. Get the sun out - we are slowly headed towards home and want sun! ~Jeanne

  2. I love the Labor Day Stars block. 18 months to finish a hand quilted big quilt is not anything to be unhappy about. The result is well worth it and the quilting design is perfect!

  3. Gorgeous quilt. The quilting looks beautiful! Love those Labor Day blocks!

  4. What a lovely quilt! Maybe next year I can actually accomplish some quilt finishes, this year has been a bust

  5. Good morning! I was anxious for you to post the quilt on here as I get a much better look this way, lol It is sooo pretty Kathy. I just love it. Sometimes I think I might need to set at least one day a week aside where I just quilt as it seems as if I always have so many other projects going I never get to it. But looking at your finished one has my fingers itching. I love everything you've got a start on so which ever way you go I am sure it will be wonderful Have a good week-end my friend!

  6. your quilt looks great - your new projects too. 18 months is nothing - it took me over 4 years to make both of the Dear Jane quilts that I made and several years to make some others as well.

  7. Such beautiful hand quilting! And you quilted 4 quilts before finishing this one? Plus, you worked on the bow ties and the Martha Washingtons. I want to be just like you when I grow up.

  8. That is beautiful! Seeing from the back really shows the quilting well. You do amazing work.

  9. Love your dancing stick figure! And CONGRATULATIONS .. a finish well deserved!!! How do you like it on your bed... do we get a picture of it's showing off spot?? ha :)
    I love your pics of each of your upcoming or projects in the works! I should do that as well.. I guess we do take stock in fall of all we want to work on before this year is in the books and over... about your tumbler quilt.. oh you have an accuquilt die for that right? I think there is a tutorial on different layouts too and such.. not sure what your plans are though... Kathi

  10. Such a beautiful quilt ... a finish worth waiting for indeed :)

  11. Congrats on a glorious finish--loved the little happy dance. : )
    Looks like you have plenty of things from which to choose for your next finish.
    Really like those Labor Day Stars!

  12. You have so many fun projects in the works and your finish is outstanding--love it!

  13. What a beautiful finish! You will definitely enjoy many years with that great quilt.

    The other blocks look great too. It is such fun to have decisions like that.

  14. Your quilt is beeeaaauuutiful as is your hand quilting. Love it! Of course I love your hexi project too. I really like those Labor Day Stars too. They are very inspiring. Maybe I'll start a new project. :^D

  15. Well,they are all pretty but I, too, lie the Labor Day Stars best of all. I wonder just how many total stitches all those quilts represent. A w-h-o-l-e bunch for sure!

  16. Yahoo! What a wonderful finish with a history already. It's a beautiful hand quilted quilt that you'll enjoy for a long time.

  17. Love your Kiss quilt -it's beautiful! You are so fast with all your different projects. I had hoped to sew today but got busy with birthday shopping for our daughter. I'm hoping maybe tomorrow, but that even sounds questionable.
    Well done Kathy!
    Hugs, Noreen

  18. Congrats on a beautiful finish...and I like those Labor Day star blocks!

  19. Congrats on your finish! I really like how the quilting looks on the back. Beautiful!

  20. This quilt is so worth the time you put into it! It is just beautiful!

  21. Congratulations on a glorious finish! It's a very beautiful quilt - and 18 months doesn't sound too long to me :D


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