Monday, December 17, 2012

The Weekend Wrap-up



Another weekend has come and gone … 2013 will be here before we can blink an eye. 


I finished up the I Spy Quilt Friday.  I was feeling so good about myself because I had cut the binding strips for the quilt – so I’d be able to sew on the binding as soon as I finished the quilting, instead of having to take the time to cut binding strips, like I usually do.  However, when I laid out the binding strips Friday morning, they looked too wide … I measured them, and they were a good inch too wide.  The light bulb went on when I realized that I had used the 2 1/2” binding strips for my inner border instead of the 3 1/2” strips I’d cut for the border.  Thankfully, I could use those border strips for binding – I just cut off that extra inch.  Unfortunately, the inner border is now 2” instead of the planned 3”, but it is what it is … and no one will ever know but me – and now you all.  Winking smile

I Spy Quilt 001

I Spy Quilt 002

You can click on the pictures to see larger images with more detail.


It wasn’t until I logged onto my computer on Saturday morning that I learned of the horrific events in Connecticut.  Words still escape me … the only thing I can say is that we need to be praying for those affected.  Those events certainly colored my day … not just with a broken heart, but because I had my two littlest grands for the day.  I spent the day coloring with them, playing with them, and savoring every moment spent with them. 


Sunday was a fairly quiet day.  After church, I attended a Pampered Chef party, had my weekly “conference call” with my dad and my sisters, pieced a couple of blocks of my next quilt project – a disappearing four patch wall quilt, and watched A Christmas Carol.  



I’ve got such a busy week ahead of me, so I’m going to be taking a blog break … I hope to be back next Monday, Christmas Eve.  But if I’m not, I’d like to wish you all a very blessed Christmas.



  1. The quilt is gorgeous! Enjoy your mini-break and enjoy those littles!

  2. What a fun, fun quilt! You've done a great job on it. Most of my quilts have "uh-oh's" in them that no one knows about but me :*)

    Enjoy your break and have a lovely Christmas!!!!

  3. Hi Kathy, What a beautiful quilt!! You did such a nice job. I am glad you had babies to hold. I can think of nothing more precious that doing that right now.
    I hope you have a wonderful week. So glad you posted the picture.

  4. your quilts always make me smile. So beautiful

    I'm glad you had an extra day of peace not knowing the Conneticut shootings. So heart breaking :(

  5. What a lovely, lovely quilt! The tragedy in Connecticut surely has most of the world treasuring all of their blessings.

  6. The quilt is beautiful.

    Merry Christmas, I hope it is a happy one for you all!

  7. Your quilt is lovely! Merry Christmas to you and your family : )

  8. Oh, Kathy, your quilt is just lovely. Such detail and I love the colors. Makes me want to learn to quilt. It is surely good therapy as well. :o)

    Christmas blessings to you. See you next week!

  9. Your quilt is lovely! Enjoy your blogging break, I'm taking a bit of one, too. Have a blessed Christmas.

  10. I am still hurting and reeling from those events.

  11. Greetings Kathy!!!

    Just popping in this morning to send along my wishes to you and yours...that you have a very happy holiday season.

    Will see you again in 2013, when I return to blogging after my hiatus, enjoying the company of my sister from Colorado. I haven't seen her in nearly 10 years. This will be a treat.

    Happy Anni

  12. I am majorly impressed with the quilting on that quilt! I also just love the colors of the sashing and borders. Have a Merry Christmas with your family!

  13. I think we all want to hug our kids after something like that!
    And that is one of the nicest "I spy " quilts I have seen. I have been reding back.... It is hand quilted?

  14. I wanted to take a break from packing to wish you and yours a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hope it's wonderful, Kathy!

  15. Your quilt is beautiful. Hooray for finishing! I love Pampered Chef parties. Keeping all the families in Newtown in my prayers.
    It is all too sad. ((HUGS))

  16. Oh, I had to laugh when I read about your quilt. That is soooo something that I would do! I just finished up a scrappy quilt and noticed that I had turned a couple of blocks the wrong way. I decided to just leave them-things don't have to be perfect, do they? Merry Christmas!

    Cruise?!!!!! Lucky you!

  17. Love that snowman pic! I have never heard of the Angler before, but I don't enjoy drawing diagonal lines either, so I think I will check it out! Thanks for the info!


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