Monday, December 1, 2014

Welcome to December??


December??  What happened to November … or the other 10 months of the year, for that matter?  Time is really flying by!  I imagine December will really fly by as there are only 4-5 days where we don’t have something scheduled.  Surprised smile


My Sunday didn’t turn out quite the way I planned it.  My intention was to put up the tree and then work on my Martha Washington’s Flower Garden blocks.  Instead of putting up the tree, I decided to go check the status of the DH’s log cabin quilt and ended up finishing up the last 9 blocks and started piecing the top.  I discovered, much to my chagrin, that the new Bernina quarter inch foot produces a slightly more accurate quarter inch seam than my old … I assumed that since they were both manufactured by Bernina that they’d sew up the same size seam … and we all know what happens when we assume, right?  Although I suppose that it’s entirely possible that the flange on my new one allows me to sew a more accurate quarter inch seam, so that it might be more a matter of operator error?  At any rate, as you can imagine, it doesn’t take a lot of difference to add up when there are 13 pieces in each block.  And since there are 13 pieces in each block and since almost half the finished blocks are a bit smaller, I decided to use them all, tweaking them to fit together.  In hindsight, I probably should have rethought that plan, but I’ve got 6 of the 9 rows pieced together and since this quilt is for DH and will be used a lot (he’s a cover hog, so we each have a quilt to curl up in on the bed … this will be his bed quilt), I’m going to make it work.  Once I’ve got it quilted and washed, I doubt anyone will notice … I’m sure that DH won’t.  Winking smile  I had hoped to take a picture of my progress, but I don’t have enough floor space in the sewing room to lay the top out … not to mention that it was a cloudy, dreary day yesterday when I called it a day in the sewing room.  Here’s a reminder … a photo I took last July (I took the photo as I unpacked from retreat where I started piecing the blocks, so forgive the wrinkles).I’m setting the blocks in a barn-raising pattern.  I had originally planned to do a star setting, but there won’t be enough floor space in the living room to lay out the blocks so I can piece them accurately.  DH is happier with a more traditional setting, and I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a log cabin set in a barn-raising pattern.  I do hope to make a log cabin using the star setting … perhaps on a wall quilt?  In spite of my detour, I did get some more work done on my MWFG.


Since I didn’t get the tree up yesterday, today is the day … DH and I got the tree upstairs and set up/lit (that’s always a battle!) … now I just need to decorate the tree and put up the Christmas décor.  For some reason, I’m just not very motivated to decorate for Christmas this year (kind of like with Halloween/Fall/Thanksgiving decorating), but I know I’ll regret not doing so at some point.  Since I’ve got a few other non-quilting chores to do today, I think I’ll just get them all crossed off my list today.  I’m hoping that I can get into the sewing room later on this afternoon … or work some more on my MWFG blocks. 


Most of you know by now that I’m a bit of a weather geek … and yesterday certainly was right up this weather geek’s alley.  We hit a record high of 72 … and two hours later, our temperatures were flirting with the 30s.  We had sleet/freezing rain overnight/this morning with a low of 28 with more ice in the forecast … a winter weather advisory until noon.  It’s weather like this that makes me wish we could find a job for DSIL somewhere south … way south and near a beach, of course!


Here are a couple of pictures taken at Thanksgiving.  The first is a picture of my dad with his great-grandkids, taken after Thanksgiving dinner.  That’s my sister’s grandson there on the far left … the other four are my grands.  The second is a picture of me with my two sisters.Great grandpa with the grands



I hope that whatever you have planned for today includes a little something that brings you joy! Have a great day!


  1. I bet the g-greatkids had a good time visiting with the grandpa! nice pic of you and your sisters. I have had problems matching up my blocks too - I am far from accurate at sewing.

  2. ps. - meant to add that it was 74 yesterday for a high and woke up to 41 and now it is 34 - a cold day - I feel sorry for the chimney sweep who should be arriving in 30 minutes or so - it will be a cold job today.

  3. First I love the new look of the blog and your new profile photo...adorable. Weather here is crazy too, I really never know how to dress. Just when i've stored the capri's and tee shirts it hits 70 again. We haven't decorated yet either but I think we are going to try the gradual approach this marathon decorating. Quilt looks lovely hope it's a great week

  4. Sorry that your hubby's quilt has become so frustrating. I know he'll love it when it's done. The family pics are treasures.

  5. I still have that issue with sizes sometimes even after all these years of sewing but... it is far fewer now. I checked my seam allowance with my 1/4 foot which lives on my machine so I know where the fabric should go and things work much better now. We had a saying in VT - if you don't like the weather, wait a little while and it will change! You and your sisters look so much alike - glad you had a good time with family.

  6. Side tracked by sewing!! :) Knitting does the same thing to me.

    You look so happy with your sisters :)

  7. Great posting! I am so 1/4" challenged that I have given up--I just sew and whatever the size comes out---- is it!! I cannot stand it anymore! ( Ok--phew--I guess that was quite a rant...I'm done now...hahaha...)
    Anyhoo--great family pictures, lovely great/grandchildren...glad you had a great T-Day. I am not in the mood for Holidays either this year either. Seems like just too much....hugs, Julierose

  8. Well first let me say I am LOVING the new look over here. Such a pretty header. And then glad you had a nice Thanksgiving, and I so enjoyed seeing the picture of your dad with his great grandkids, and the one of you and your sisters...such a good one! And as for the sewing dilemmas, have I ever been there and done that, lol. I know that it will come out wonderously though. Enjoy your week Kathy!

  9. I'm trying to get around to decorating my tree today. Got it up and lighted Saturday. But I keep walking past the sewing room, and their are so many distractions in there!
    Looks like you have had some good family times lately!

  10. Hi Kathy, Happy December! I have to say the reason I initially wanted a Bernina was because I thought it would help me be more accurate; I do love my Baby Lock though. I've got sewing with the grands this week, but hope to work on blocks this week. I've got a crazy week so I may have to wait til next week. We've got all our decorations up except for some lights in our front windows.
    I love your blocks.
    Have a great evening.
    Hugs, Noreen

  11. I found I do better with my foot that does not have a guide. But, boy you are right it doesn't take much to get off.

  12. What nice pictures! I love them.
    I would love that kind of weather day too.
    The quilt is so nice. I found that really interesting about the foot.
    It made me wonder about my machine.
    Since it is an old featherweight I just wonder.
    I have my tree up but not decorated. I did some decorating today but not much, It sounds like you had a nice day though, Happy December.

  13. I like your new blog header, and I have NO idea where most of the year went, except that it went by in a blur. I'm sure you'll make the log cabin blocks work. I seem to always have to make things work, probably because I am not as good at following instructions as I should be. ;)

  14. Wonderful Thanksgiving pictures!!!

    I did my decorating today - only because I needed to get it done in time for our Christmas dinner next Saturday. I had three little ones to help whose excitement made me carry on, but I know what you mean. I am in total denial this year.

  15. We put our tree up the day after Thanksgiving...miracles of miracles! It's so hard to believe that it's Christmas-time! I, too, am loving the weather...around 71 today! You and your sisters look so much alike!

  16. Great block. I love log cabin blocks and these colors. I have had one of these on "the list" for a long time and every time I see a quilt in this pattern and colors, I wonder why I am taking so long to get to it. Looking forward to seeing your quilt ... :) Pat

  17. Love the photos. I wish I knew where this year went. I'm not feeling Christmas at all. Sounds like your got a lot of quilting in!


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