Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Watery Wednesday


Watery because it’s raining and will be raining, according to the meteorologist, all. day. long.  Confused smile  And watery because there will be another swim meet tonight … a make-up meet for one of the earlier rainouts.  This will be an out-of-town meet, even though the rained-out meet was a home meet … the other team refused to drive up the 30 minutes up here for the make-up meet.  Surprised smile  Never mind that our team will have to drive the 30 minutes to their pool.  Go figure. 


There’s a possibility that tonight’s meet may be rained out as well … not because of the rain (they swim right through the rain … they’re already wet anyway, right?  ha!), but because there are thunderstorms forecast for this evening.  RainThe original meet was rained out because lightning was spotted and they will not allow the swimmers to be on the pool deck, let alone in the pool, when there’s lightning in the area.  Last night’s meet was held, even though it rained most all evening and was cold (it was 66 by the time the meet was over).  At least it wasn’t the torrential downpour like we had at a meet last month … the attendees were wetter than the swimmers by the end of the meet (at least the swimmers brought towels to dry off with after the meet).  Open-mouthed smile  I thought I dressed warmly last night (sweatshirt and jeans), but I’ll be adding another layer for tonight’s meet as it doesn’t look like it’s going to be much warmer tonight … although the temperatures will be rising rather than falling like they did last night.  Winking smile


I had a very pleasant surprise last night, when one of my regular readers, Glenda from Florida, came up and introduced herself to me.  I couldn’t believe that she was able to recognize me (from a distance, no less) and was able to put 2 and 2 together and come up with 4.  She was at the meet to watch her grandson swim (for the opposing team) … who has a broken arm and will be getting a splint this Friday.  It really is a small world! 


I mentioned here last month that T#1 broke the team record for the 50 Fly … on a yard pool (i.e., a 25-yard long pool).  The home pool is a meter pool (25 meters long), so he still had the record for the 50 Fly on a meter pool in his sights.  Last night, he broke that record … alas, a teammate (a winter swimmer from another team who decided to join the summer team this year … who turned 15 the day after the cut-off for the age groups) beat T#1 on that event, which means that currently he holds the record.  Sad smile  T#1 turned 13 in February, so there’s a 2-year difference between the two … and there’s still a significant difference between a 13-y.o. swimmer and a 15-y.o. swimmer.  The upside is that this competition will certainly be a powerful motivator for T#1 to push himself and improve his 50 Fly … and if he doesn’t break the new record this season, he has another season in the 13-14 y.o. group, and I am confident that he’ll break it then (and if he breaks it this season, I’m sure he’ll break his own record next summer as he improves). 


I think T#2 is a little jealous of T#1’s record-breaking swim … she’s decided that she wants to break a record herself.  She’s chosen the 50 Breast as she’s closest to that record, even though the 50 Fly is a stronger event for her (like T#1, her best stroke is the Fly … T#2 excels at the Breast).  She’ll be wearing her splint for the rest of the summer swim season, and between not having 100% use of her arm and the resistance/weight provided by the splint, I’m not sure she’ll achieve her goal … but she’s determined … and that determination may provide the motivation she needs. 


My new glasses are in … as soon as I get this posted, I’ll head up to pick them up. I hate picking out new frames as I’m so “blind” (and my eyes are still dilated from the exam) that I cannot tell what looks good and what doesn’t.  I had DD stop by after my exam to help me choose my frames.  These weren’t her #1 choice, but I wasn’t comfortable with her #1 choice … they might have looked good on me, but they were definite not my style at all.  The ones we agreed on are a nice compromise.  I hope I like them as much as she does.  Winking smile


I “survived” my first newsletter as newsletter editor for my guild.  My predecessor warned me that I’d be scrambling to get all the information I needed from all the committee chairs … she was right!  Some are notorious at ignoring the deadline for information and require multiple follow-ups.  Eye rolling smile  I got the newsletter put together (finally!) and emailed … later than I would have liked (as I was waiting for information) … next month, I’ll be sending out reminders much earlier!  So far, I haven’t gotten any feedback on errors … no news is good news, right?  I won’t be at the next meeting (this coming Monday … there’s a make-up swim meet that evening), so I’ll ask my predecessor if there were any comments at the meeting.  Fingers crossed. 


I hope that whatever you have planned for today includes a little something that brings you joy ... have a great day!


  1. I've heard your area was getting a lot of rain - it will pass - here we have gotten a little rain in my area of Arkansas and heat the comes tomorrow for about 10 days in the 90's! yuck. nice to run into a reader! Glasses are always hard to choose - I normally only have one pair and I want them to be something that will "go with everything" my sister on the other hand - I don't know how she affords it will buy two or three of varied styles to go with her mood - one was white frames with black stripes - for sure not my style!

  2. Surely wish we could have some of that rain in our area. Have fun at the meet and don't get too chilly. We expect pictures of the new glasses! ;-)

  3. yes, the rain is still coming down! i'm not looking forward to the heat we are supposed to get this weekend, because it's going to be like a swamp with all the humidity!

  4. Congrats to T#1 and hopefully he will break the new record. Good luck to T#2 also.

    How cool is that to get to meet a fellow blogger in real life! I hope you have fun at all the Swim meets coming up!

  5. Oh no, hope the gardens don't drown. Sounds like you are keeping busy. Is the foot feeling better? Speaking of rain and thunder- I better go throw the kids in the pool before the afternoon storms start and they are cooped up in the house with me!

  6. Kathy, After seeing your weather report, I'm wondering if we are neighbors after all and just don't know Yesterday was cool here and we are having a smoke haze from all the fires north, but today it is raining. My girls cancelled their kiddos swim lessons-just too cold and also wet for the rest of the family. I went and had my eyes checked recently and also need a new prescription(it didn't change a huge amount though)so I am just going to have my lenses changed and not get new frames. We don't get our eyes dilated, we get a new test that is extra $$$. I think we will only do this every other year-our bill for the exams was close to $200. Maybe I'll check out Costco. Also with having to replace the a/c, I will wait on the new lenses.
    I'm going to finish the binding today and will post the pics tomorrow. Stay warm; summer come back please.
    Hugs, Noreen

  7. I enjoy hearing about your Ts! Hope your rain stops - this time it is missing us - yay! How are the new glasses? Being the newsletter editor is a thankless job - there are always a few who think they have until the last minute to submit things. Makes it rather stressful. The summer is going fast. ~Jeanne

  8. Well, my Grans are enjoying swimming together this week, but, of course, not competitively. Sounds like you have some really good swimmers on your hands.

    There are so, so many glass frames these days. I just got some prescription sunglasses and there were so many choices. But, I love the ones I chose.

    I can't stand it when folks ignore deadlines! A pet peeve of mine. :o))

  9. It rained here the entire 4th of July week-end. My friend swears her flowers are doing the back-stroke. But, at least we are not having to water plants often.
    Soundslike you are having a busy summer!

  10. Wow so much rain!! Well I hope you got to do everything you wanted today. I hope you like your new glasses. I think that is just amazing about your grandson, what a great swimmer already. Good for your grand daughter too.
    I think that is so neat someone who reads your blog found you at the meet. How fun.
    Stay warm, Have a lovely night.

  11. Had a busy day so I am just now getting around. Yes! there is a HUGE difference between a 13 year old and a 15 year old! Your grandson is obviously the better swimmer as can you just imagine where he will be in two more years!? Plus your right, it gives him a goal to keep on working on. How nice to meet a fellow blogger. How nice to be getting rain, though I imagine not so much for you. It's been weird here. Not high temps but icky out. Just kind of humid and thick aired. i am due to do my eyes again right now...maybe next week! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  12. Taking on the guild newsletter is a big job. Kudos to you! So glad your Ts are thriving. I know you are super proud of them.

  13. We have had a rainy summer so far as well. We attended an outdoor wedding last weekend that was a real nail biter in terms of the weather. As it turned out the rain stopped about an hour before the ceremony began (and started sprinkling as soon as it was over) The plus for all the rain is I don't have to water my flower pots as much. Hope you have a wonderful weekend

  14. Sorry about the rain. That is really cool about of Glenda to come over and say Hi to you. Hope you like your new glasses. Hope your weekend is going well!


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