Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday Catch-Up


I usually do a weekend wrap-up, but there wasn’t much to wrap up from the Labor Day weekend.  Other than church on Sunday morning and time that evening with DD & her family (to celebrate her 36th birthday), I didn’t do much … and that was JUST the way I had it planned!  ha! 


I did do a good bit of hand quilting … it felt so good to curl up under that quilt with the cooler temperatures we had this weekend.  We’re having some unseasonably cool temperatures this week, and I for one am not complaining!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being able to open the windows and enjoy the fresh air. 


Today was a work day.  I worked a half day at the University and spent the afternoon working at home.  Our windows are 6 feet tall, and about a foot from the floor.  That means our lab can lie on the floor and rest her chin on the windowsill as she keeps an eye on all that’s happening in our neighborhood.  As you can imagine, that means plenty of nose prints on the windows.  Who knows how long those windows will stay clean … but I’m enjoying them while they are!


I think that’s enough work for one day … I think I hear that quilt calling my name. ;-)


  1. that was nice to get a bit of cooler temperatures, I bet it was very refreshing!! LOL aobut the nose prints on the window, I can relate to that indeed! Both inside the house and car windows! Got to love them!

    Glad you had a restful relaxful weekend! Those are nice every once in awhile!


  2. The nose prints on the windows are never ending!


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