Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Trivia


My life, as you have probably already figured out, is all about the random … so today’s post will be a bit of random “stuff”.


DH is getting bloodwork done this morning.  Because he has to fast for this bloodwork, that means breakfast will be later than usual … and since he’ll be out and about, he’s going to bring home bagels from the Bread Co. … our favorite breakfast!  Although maybe not quite the treat that it used to be since they’ve eliminated my favorite bagel from their menu; I’m hoping that it’ll be back on the menu soon since the staff at the local Bread Co. said that it was a very popular bagel (at least at that location).


DD may be facing surgery in the near future.  She will have some preliminary testing done and a consultation with the surgeon.  But she will first need to see what impact DSIL’s job change (within the company) will have on their insurance coverage. 


Our church is starting a 6-week challenge Not a Fan the week we return from our trip.  We’ll be meeting in small groups to study together with sermons on Sunday to reinforce our studies.  It’s my understanding that the small groups will continue to meet after the challenge ends, and I can’t tell you how happy that makes me.  One of my biggest disappointments with our church was the ignoring of those 50+, particularly as far as small groups were concerned.  I had offered, on several occasions, to host a small group for empty nesters … no action was taken.  :-(    Of course, good news always seems to come with a bit of an “edge” … we’re going to host the group, and another couple will actually lead the group.  This couple used to be our very best friends.  We would have a standing “date” on Friday nights, we would travel together, people at church would call us by the other’s name … “P” and I were closer than most sisters I know.  Then several years ago she chose to step out of my life.  I asked why … but got no response.  If we see each other at church, she’s sociable … but it’s as if our history together has been completely wiped clean.  So I have to admit that I wonder what our working together on this small group will bring and that I am a little apprehensive about this.  I’m trusting that God is working in this … and I’m going to have to wait to see what He’s going to do.  I am, however, looking forward to this challenge … to becoming less of a “fan” and more of a committed follower.



  1. Maybe you'll find out what brought about the change. Might bring you closer together again.

  2. Good luck with your new project. Our church has an empty nesters night once a month. We've gone a couple of times, but it was boring. Those people are old! ;-) I'm sure your group will be fun.

  3. I always say "God works in mysterious ways". I hope things work out :)

  4. I'm with Kathy- God does work in mysterious ways. Hope your daughter is ok. Insurance is a pain, isn't it?

  5. What is your favorite bagel? I love your randoms.

  6. God may be working through this small group to bring you back together. What is your favorite bagel?

  7. I'm with several other commenters, what is your favorite bagel?? I hope they do bring it back for you! That study looks like it could be a good one!! I love the concept of small groups (we are in one) and I think it is neat that you volunteered to have your house be the meeting place. I do hope being with your "former" friend might help her to open up perhaps why she "cooled" the friendship.

    Hoping if your DD needs surgery, all goes well and she gets it sooner than later; insurance is such a pain sometimes indeed!


  8. Hope your breakfast was good. I hadn't heard about the bible study but it sounds interesting.
    Hope it goes well for you and I hope it works out with "P".


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