Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

3 of the last 4 days, we’ve matched or exceeded previous record highs –> the weather has been absolutely gorgeous.  All the warm temperatures seem to be bringing in stormy weather.  Up until this morning, the storms had bypassed us (although we had some freaky, scary winds last night at bedtime), but we finally got some rain this morning. 

Not only is tomorrow St. Patrick’s Day … it’s also National Quilting Day.  National Quilting Day, the third Saturday in March, was established in 1991 to celebrate the rich history of quilt making and the many contributions quilters have made to their families and communities.  I guess that means I’d better be wearing something green while quilting. 

Speaking of Saturday, we’ll be heading south a week from tomorrow.  I was hoping that it would be chilly here … so we could really enjoy the warm weather in southern Florida, but no matter … I just remind myself that there’s no beach back here in Illinois.  Winking smile

With the rain, I guess I’ll be quilting today while DH and I watch college basketball aka March Madness.  I’m not a big basketball fan, but I don’t mind watching a little basketball during March Madness.  If I don’t really care too much who wins, I usually will pick an underdog or a team that hasn’t made it to “the big dance” in a long time … it’s been 12 years since St. Louis University has been to March Madness, and since they’re a local team, I’ll be rooting for them.


  1. What I'd give to head to Florida about's the perfect time of year! I love college basketball...probably about the only sport I can sit still long enough to watch! Have a great weekend, Kathy!

  2. I didn't know that about it being National Quilt Day. Interesting. As for your trip to FLORIDA...I can tell just how anxious you are to get to the subtropics and enjoy the atmosphere around the Gulf. Are you going to be along the coastline?

    1. your 2nd comment today: ===FUN!!!! ---so, you get to go to a Cardinals Game?!!! How exciting. I've been following all the Spring Training games online. Getting ready for opening day.

  3. Have a wonderful day, what a nice day for a Quilting day. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. We are supposed to get winds tonight. It is overcast but it feels pretty muggy.
    The weather man said 100 Percent change of rain tomorrow, you know what that means? not a drop. I always like it best when they say 10 percent then we get a deluge.
    I really, really hope I am wrong as we need rain.
    Not to mention I would like a day to stay inside, I would like to celebrate a quilting day. :)

  4. I did not know there was a national quilting day? The things you learn on Friday Fragments.

  5. Good morning! Yes, wearing green while you guilt...I love it, haha. Enjoy your week-end! HUGS

  6. Have a wonderful "green quilting day" tomorrow. WE are having mid-70's(Yes) but rain is slated for next week. I'm working on getting some color before I head to the Islands next month.
    Hugs, Noreen

  7. Our weather has been warm as well...has given me a bad case of spring fever. I am going to enjoy it while I can

  8. Hi, I'm a Nana too! And I live in Florida and you will be happy if you like hot and humid! I love it since I've lived here all of my life. I life up in the panhandle and sounds like you're going's a big state but if it's already hot here....well south....have a wonderful time.


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