Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A little randomness


Ugh.  Blogger is acting up again.  Yesterday I checked my Reader … there were 46 unread posts, going back to February 18!  Confused smile


I read yesterday that more and more schools are no longer teaching cursive writing.  It sounds like it’s a cross between not enough time or money to add another class to the curriculum and focusing more on keyboarding. 


For the last two days, I’ve had a bloody nose right after getting up in the morning.  My first thought was that with the furnace running, perhaps our air is too dry … but we have a humidifier that is working properly … and I checked our humidity level in the house – it’s fine. 


I made it through Day One of cutting back on the Diet Coke.   I know … can you believe it?  I’m not sure that I can!  Winking smile  T#1 and T#2 shared with me that they’d heard that diet soda drinkers are at an increased risk for heart disease.  While my own research indicates that there needs to be more research before the risk is directly a cause of the soda consumption (rather than unhealthy food choices, etc.), I still felt led to cut back on my diet soda.  I mean, how could I not when my grands expressed their concern for me?  It wasn’t an easy choice to make, as I really enjoy my Diet Coke and I am kinda picky about what I drink (I want my drinks to have some flavor but  nothing sweet and nothing hot) and I don’t drink anything with caffeine after lunch.  I chose to go with caffeine-free iced tea in the afternoons … I’m still drinking Diet Coke for my caffeine in the mornings, but I’m actually giving some thought to switching to regular iced team for my mornings.  



  1. Have you checked your bloog pressure with that bloody nose?

    Switching out your favorite drink is so difficult. It just becomes a habit to grab one. I am not a water frinker, but I am trying to replace some of my Coke with water and it is TOUGH! Good luck.

  2. Oops...that was meant to be "blood."

  3. Good luck with the Diet Coke thing. I'm a TOTAL addict. But I'm making the cut myself. I used to drink probably at least 10 a day & now I'm about 2-3 a day... on good days, just one. But I GOTTA have one in the morning. Its my coffee. I think the fact that it IS so addicting just shows there's something in there that's just not right ;)

  4. Hi there, So glad you are cutting back! I used to drink it or Diet Pepsi all the time until I read that Diet Coke can eat away grease stains on a driveway-I thought if it can do that, what's it doing to my body. Now I just have teas for my lunch time kick and water after that. I'll admit that I have coffee in the morning each day-yes, I need the lead. You might try ice drinks with splenda or stevia so you get that energy but without the added stuff of coke.
    Hope you have a wonderful day.
    Hugs, Noreen

  5. I read the same report you mentioned regarding the Diet Coke and I'm choosing to ignore it at this point. I mean - if I don't drink Diet Coke - I don't know what I'll drink ;-) I literally drink nothing else - no water, no tea, no coffee - just DC and preferably fountain! I agree with you though, there were a lot of holes in that report - so who knows what the real truth is!

  6. I'm cutting back on the soda, too. Just bad all around. But I'm gonna miss my caffeine, b/c I don't like most hot drinks either..esp. coffee. It smells wonderful, just don't like the flavor. I had heard that about cursive writing too.. kind of sad. :/

  7. I hope your nose bleeds get better. And my grandson was taught cursive for two weeks in 3rd grade - he took a test - passed - and he had all the cursive he'd ever have. He can't write his name in cursive, but that is okay with the banks - the signature is the signature.

    What do you know.


  8. I'm a diet Coke drinker too, but usually not more than one a day or less. I'm an iced teaaholic. I don't know if it would help, but maybe try placing a pan of water under the edge of your bed at night to add the moisture, as it evaporates, right close to you. My sister did that and it helped. Just a though.

  9. I don't drink soda or coffee - I guess you would say I have no caffeine. I think that is why I am always so tired.

  10. Sorry about your reader. I don't drink any soft drinks and haven't for about 15 years now. You can do it. My husband on the other hand consumes more aspartame than anyone I know. I keep begging him to stop. Your doing the right thing.

  11. Well it took me two years to kick that habit. It was tough. Do you know I still will look in the case at the store and my mouth waters? I really enjoyed mine but I read that stuff too and decided enough was enough. I do like water now, best but it was hard.
    Did you find out why your nose was bleeding? That is scary. My dashboard disappeared. It is finally back but I notice I am not getting updates on the blogs I follow.
    I am ready for things to be back to normal.
    I hope your nose stops bleeding.
    Bye for now,

  12. Heck, I drink diet drinks...my I stopped the coke and pepsi with the caffeine. Now it's Sprite or Sierra Mist...diet. I personally like the 'bubbles'..LOL I see nothing wrong with drinking one soda a day...what harm is it really? There are a lot of WORSE foods to consume...like, a fatty cheeseburger or a large milk chocolate bar. Just to name two. Y'know? Now, the bloody nose in the morning?===that would cause me more concern than a diet drink a day.


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