Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Fragments


Mommy's Idea


I’ve been getting up even earlier lately … all those years I swore I was a night owl … I would never ever have dreamt that I’d be getting up before the sun is.  Thankfully I enjoy the peace and quiet in the morning.



I was finally able to get a photo that comes reasonably close to capturing the look of our new floors. 

photo (10)The floors are a little darker than they show in the picture, but this is close.  Once we get our furniture back in place (tomorrow), we’ll be back to normal.



I’ve got a couple of quick errands to run this morning, and after that, I am free for the rest of the day and am hoping to spend some time with my needle and thread … I haven’t quilted all week, and I have some catching up to do.  Especially since I wasn’t able to do any quilting on Threading the Needle Day!  Winking smile



My laptop seems to have gotten awfully slooooow lately.  I’ve cleaned the disk, done a “defrag”, and scanned for spyware.  So far nothing unusual has shown up.  Sad smile  I’m not a very patient person, so waiting for stuff to load is annoying.



We’re back to double-digit temperatures, but I wouldn’t say that it’s cooling off … the highs are still going to be 5-8 degrees above normal.  And the rain that was forecast for yesterday?  Not a drop. 



Why is it that now that we have a king-sized bed coming, that queen-sized bed seems even smaller?  Winking smile



Our “grandpuppy” Holly is a very sick little girl.  DD noticed that she hadn’t been quite herself over the last couple of days and took her into the vet yesterday.  After a bit of a bounce-back yesterday afternoon, Holly took a dramatic turn for the worse early evening, and their vet met them at the clinic.  I was shocked when DD told me that the bill for the after-hours office visit and meds was less than $65.  Surprised smile



  1. It costs us $75 just to go to the vet on a regular day. We cant get out without paying over $100... sad... Hope your grandpup is feeling better. :(

    We have a queen sized bed, so when we travel & get a king size, it feels like luxury!

  2. A normal yearly visit for us for Tucker is usually close to $300.00. Hope Holly is ok!

  3. Going from a queen bed to a king will be like heaven! We almost did that, but changed our minds at the last minute. I look forward to vacations--and sleeping in a king-sized bed.

    Wow, your daughter's vet sounds like a "keeper". Hope the doggie feels better soon.

    Enjoy your needle and thread time...Your new floors look lovely :)

  4. I love getting up before anyone else. I also like being the first one at work. There is something calming and peaceful to it.

  5. First and foremost your floors are gorgeour. They are definitely a color I would love to have. Keeping little Holly in my prayers. Hope she gets better soon. ((HUGS))

  6. Love your floors - I want those! Disco's vet bill for a physical was about $200 and that included medicine! sandie

  7. So sorry about Hollie and her not feeling well; first thing that came to mind was Parvo, but what do I know? But maybe just stress with adapting to a new family? We call Koda the $400 dog; I'm sure you can imagine why.....that seems to be the cost of a visit when he's under the weather :(

    your flooring looks really nice! certainly the effort to get it all done!


  8. ...just popping in during a break in my genealogy research to give you a big Texas "Howdy"!!!

    I too enjoy the quiet of the early morning hours.

  9. Thanks for stopping by my place and leaving a comment.
    Oh the bugs in our computers...mine is still having trouble.

    The floors are beautiful...have a great weekend.

    Oh laughing at the comment above...well this is another Texan saying HI!!!

  10. Pretty floors! Know you are going to really enjoy them.

    Computer problems, ugh, ugh, ugh!

    You are going to LOVE having a King sized bed!

  11. Love the look of the floors...I know all about waking up before the sun gets up....I don't exactly plan it that way but I do enjoy the quiet

  12. I like the early morning, always have. Life is so fresh in the morning. However, I always have that love affair with my bed that is sometimes too hard to break up to catch those early morning rays. Enjoy them for those of us who have developed the sleep-in habit!

  13. The floors turned out beautifully! I know you'll be so happy to get some normal back! I have become an early riser too. Trouble is, I have to go to bed at 8:30 to handle it. LOL

  14. ps....drop by my blog tomorrow, I'm gonna have something for you.


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