Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Totally Random Tuesday


We’re getting the last step of our floor refinishing today … touching up the baseboards and trim.  Once the caulk and paint are dry, we can put the last pieces of furniture back into place. 


Our new bed gets delivered this Saturday … the headboard, unfortunately, won’t be delivered for another 3-4 weeks.  I’ve got the bedding … and the fabric for a coordinating wall quilt.  So the bedroom will look brand new.  We’re moving the queen-sized mattress to the spare bedroom, but we’ll use the existing bedding … the comforter is a full/queen sized, and it was really much too large for a full-sized bed.  Hopefully it will fit the queen-sized bed nicely.  We’ve got a new headboard for it coming, too … in a few weeks. 


Am I the only one who has trouble with coming up with post titles?  Maybe it’s because most of my posts are random musings with no theme. 


The triple-digit temperatures are returning … and no realistic chance for rain.  What a summer this has been.  I’ve been faithfully watering our potted plants, but I’m not sure that it’s done much good, other than keeping the plants alive.  The buds on my hibiscus literally fried from the heat.  About the only flowers that are still blooming are my verbena and my daisies.  Sad smile


DD reports that Holly appears to be fully recovered from whatever ailed her last week … she’s eating, drinking, and playing like she did before she got sick.  Red heart


I’ve been watching NCIS on DVD when there have been breaks in the Olympic television coverage … I’m now half way through Season 3.  I’m hoping to get caught up before the new season begins this fall, but we’ll have to see how that goes.  Hopefully our library system has all 9 seasons. 


Tomorrow is August 1 … it’s hard to believe that July is just about over.  Time flies when we’re having fun!  Laughing out loud



  1. Yes, I have trouble coming up with blog titles, too, and I'm told that the title is the most important part! It catches the attention of the reader.

    Time is flying, that's for sure. It's kind of scary at our age...

    You've got me wanting to watch NCIS now. I enjoy looking at Mark Harmon anyway :)

  2. Its like having a whole new home!!! :)

    I bet that curious little doggie just got something bad... an animal maybe? They're tricky like that.

  3. Happy Summer is almost over....bring on the fall!

  4. I always enjoy random posts and yes, I can't think of titles. The old blogger kept my past titles and I liked that and now that I have to come up with new ones all the time it is hard.
    I hope you do get caught up on your seasons but that is a bunch to get caught up on. Nice though with it being so hot.
    I can't believe it has been this hot there for so long. I know there is some activity going on down in the gulf. I hope it breaks the high pressure system that is parked over the Midwest. I am so glad the puppy is better.
    She is a pretty little dog.
    Have a great day,

  5. Hi Kathy, Just got back from trucking up to the mountains for a few hours so had to stop and say hi. Glad you will soon be back in your nest; btw, I want to see the new fabric for your wall quilt. I've been working on the baby quilt but when we go down south to Pagossa Springs I am going to look for a kit for a new winter quilt-maybe Thimbleberries. I still have to bind the quilt I made last fall but I'm getting in that mood for some serious quilting time.
    Hope you have a good afternoon and evening.
    Hugs, Noreen

  6. I do have trouble with post names too! Sometimes they sound dumb even to me! :) Mine that is, not yours.

    I know you will be so glad to be finished and have things back in place. I always feel so disjointed when things are all over the place! Sounds like you'll have new floors and two lovely bedrooms!

    It has been raining and storming here every day for most of the summer! Sorry you're having such dry, hot weather!!

  7. Won't it be great to have everything put together again...I know you can't wait. We are big fans of NCIS, never watched it until it was on cable. Hope it cools soon...can you believe it's August tomorrow...yikes!

  8. I have trouble with the titles too! I like your random thoughts and what has happened - that really when you think about it - is all we have - and it is a good way to learn about others. sandie

  9. Random posts are just fine, usually very interesting.

    So glad that things have come together with your project and I know it is lovely. You'll have to share pics.

    I'm chilling here in the room after the girls and I had the most awesome massage tonight. Tomorrow we're off for the rest of our adventure and the kiddos return home. What fun!


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