Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday Trivia

My dad had cataract surgery last year and had some scarring as a result … his ophthalmologist cleared that up this morning.  My dad’s ophthalmologist's office is about a mile away from our house, so I can wait here at home … much better than sitting around in the waiting room for an hour or two.  The nurse called me to come get him after he was done … he waited here for the 2 hours to pass before he could be ok to drive home … also much better than sitting around at the doctor’s office and we had a nice visit.  Winking smile

Our heat wave returns in full force today … we’re back to triple digit temperatures for the next few days, with no realistic chances for rain.  The gauge that reads the river level on the Mississippi River in St. Louis normally reads 15.2 feet; yesterday it read 3.4 feet. 

We had a nice visit with some friends last night, and we got to “tour” their new  home.  They had downsized to an older home that they gutted and renovated … it was small, but it was so well done.  I had dreams of doing that when we sold our old home … unfortunately, unlike our friends who did the majority of the work themselves, we would have had to pay for all the reno labor which would have made it cost-prohibitive.  And as it turns out, this house has worked out so much better for us … once again God proved that He knows what we needed far better than we did.  

We lost our internet connection late this morning … just as I was about ready to wrap up this post … it was out almost 3 hours.  I had caught up with blog-reading this morning, had touched base with friends/family on Facebook and with email, and other than getting this post published, I didn’t have any “need” for the internet… yet I just couldn’t stand not being able to get online.  Winking smile

The rest of the day looks to be a little less “eventful” than this morning … a perfect afternoon to get in a little time with my needle and thread. 



  1. Glad they were able to fix your dads issues with his eyes. Wow, that is really low on the water level. It is really different when you can't just turn on the computer an go about your business reading blogs and email. We are
    so use to being connected.

  2. Oh, isn't it amazing how "connected" we are and how lost we feel when we aren't. I so totally understand!

    How nice that you could wait at home. I'm so tired of Drs. offices. I've been to so, so many with my Dad this past year. Ugh!

    Always enjoy hearing about your Tuesday!

  3. God always does know what we need, doesn't He. Glad your dad got things taken care of with his eyes.

  4. I hope that takes care of your dads eye issues. It was actually a little cooler here today - but we need rain too. I hate when I lose internet! sandie

  5. How nice to be able to wait at home both for the call to get your dad and for him to wait it out. My husband had to drive 1 1/2 hours and spend the night so he could take his mom to get her cataracts done. And miss two days of work.

  6. I'm a ol' pro at Cataract surgery. I had my first at 38, and the other eye at 44. Glad your there for your dad while having to go through this.


  7. That is scary about how low the Mississippi River is there! I can see why everyone would be wanting and praying for rain! I always panic when we lose our internet since that's how I get my work; thankfully it is far and few between when it does happen.

    Stay cool!



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