Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Let it snow?

We've got 2" of the 3-6" of snow in our forecast ... I can't remember the last time we had this much snow in one winter (which may tell you more about the state of my memory than our weather ha!).   There were little sleet balls falling as I walked out to the parking lot after work yesterday afternoon ... it didn't take too long for it turn to snow.  It's still snowing, so DH has graciously agreed to drive me to work (to spare me the hike in from the parking lot).

It was nice to come home to the smell of chicken stroganoff cooking in the crockpot ... so nice to have dinner ready within 15-20 minutes of when I got home.  It's weather like this that makes the crockpot so handy.  I need to go downstair, dig out my crockpot cookbooks, find some recipes and start using it more.  

My first day back to work went well.  Everyone welcomed me back with hugs ... and a cake.  I was a little apprehensive because I'll be helping out with work I hadn't done in almost 5 years; I spent yesterday reviewing procedures and policies and feel confident that it will go well. 

I don't imagine that I'll have any time this week to work on T#4's big girl quilt.  I have the triangle pieces sewn together ... the next step will be sewing the star blocks together.  Once I get back from my trip to the Gulf Coast and get settled into my new routine, I hope to be able to spend some time in the sewing room. 


  1. I use my crock pot quite often...just bought ingredients to make vegetable beef soup tomorrow as we are also expecting a snow storm. Snow storms just call out for crock pot meals. I've never made chicken stroganoff...do you use the beef recipe and just substitute chicken or are their other differences? I love a pork roast in the crock pot. And a brisket-so easy and delcious! Enjoy your snow-stay safe!

  2. I love my crock pot. Yesterday used it to make stew. I love to come in the door and have dinner ready.

  3. I love my corck pot as well, like you- after working all day, I don't have to tackle dinner. It's all ready! Stay safe as you battle the snow, it's not started up here yet.....

  4. I didn't even get a crock pot until last year. I have a great cookbook from Stephanie O'Dea and she was actually on Good Morning America Yesterday. She just came out with her second cookbook and her recipes are really good. You can find most of them on her blog.

  5. Yes! Do share the crock pot recipes. Those are always welcome. I have a great one for lasagna!

  6. Yes! Do share the crock pot recipes. Those are always welcome. I have a great one for lasagna!


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