Friday, August 15, 2014

Fabulous Friday

Yes, it’s going to be a fabulous Friday here at Chez Nana! 

We’re going to have fabulous weather … this unseasonably cooler weather is going to stick around for another day (ok, so maybe 85 doesn’t sound cool, but it certainly does when compared to 95-100 which is our typical mid-August temperature).WeatherWe’re going to relish the delightful weather today as storms are heading this way over the weekend, and we’ll be back to hot and humid weather next week. 

DH and I are going to take a road trip today, as I’m shopping for fabric for T#1’s spiral log cabin quilt.  I have a swatch of fabric that will be perfect for his quilt (and has his stamp of approval) so I know exactly what I’m looking for.  Worst case scenario and I cannot find what I’m looking for, I have a back-up in place, at least for the navy … I found online something that I know will fit the bill perfectly.  I’m not as worried about finding a suitable off-white. 

I’m also going to be shopping for storage containers for my new storage system installed in the closet in the sewing room.  I’m looking for something functional yet attractive.  I’m leaning toward something like this:or this:
(sources:  Google search)
Alas, I fear that it’s going to be difficult, if not impossible, to find something large enough to be practical and to fit the space available.  And of course, there’s that pesky obstacle:  cost.  Since these baskets will be in a closet, with the doors closed, functionality (and cost) will no doubt win out over esthetics.  Winking smile

I’m really on the home stretch on DD’s chevron quilt.  If I don’t get too many interruptions, I just might get the quilting finished this weekend.  Fingers crossed It will take me a little longer to get it bound as I have only large pieces of the binding fabric, no width-of-fabric yardage, so I will have to do some piecing to put together my binding strips. 

Wishing you all a fabulous Friday!


  1. Oh, it does sound like a fabulous Friday! Sure hope you have good luck finding the fabric and the baskets for your closet. Have fun! ~Jeanne

  2. Sounds like one of my favorite kind of shopping days....I will be anxious to SEE that closet organization done as mine still looms ahead of me to do. And I am anxious to see the fabric for your grandson's log cabin quilt too....And! I am anxious to see DD's ALL DONE! Actually today is one of those days I wish you lived next door so you could pop over and look at the options I have to finish up this quilt I am doing for the wedding gift. I NEED another opinion. Don't think my sister can make it over for another week or so and I can't wait that long. Sometimes shooting pics back and forth just doesn't work that well either, lol. Enjoy your day Kathy! And may your week-end prove productive!!

  3. I agree perfect weather. We were at 85 yesterday which is unheard of down here in Arkansas, and not one 100 degree day this summer so far. I don't think we have reached the high 90s. Not complaining just enjoying. Good luck with finding your baskets and fabric!

  4. What wonderful weather!! I hope you do have such a great weekend. I love those storage containers.
    I hope you do get to finish that quilt. You really are fast.
    It takes me so long to quilt.
    I have been reading the news, I have to say, it has put me in a quandary with them releasing the name of the officer. I think that is terrible. I feel so sorry for his family and him. I am glad you aren't any closer.

  5. They have baskets like that all the time for 50% off at Hobby Lobby :)

  6. they are saying 99 to 100 in Georgia next week,i guess we need some August weather , it been nice so far

  7. Love that you are nearing the end of the hand quilting on your dd's quilt :) That is marvelous! Glad you are having nice weather too :) I went with inexpensive boxes from "dollar tree" because I could get the size and separation and ability to label them easily or change labels easily and mine are also in a closet of sorts so not seen.. you can always get some large baskets as you dream of for projects or other large bits you are saving towards a quilt or such! Then you would look at it a lot! Happy decisions :D Kathi

  8. It's supposed to be nice here too and I'm planning a trip tomorrow morning to the Yarn Bus that comes through our town every couple of months or so. Shaping up to be a nice weekend!!! You've been working hard on the Chevron quilt - it will be done before you know it! Good luck on your shopping quest :)

  9. Sounds like nice weather for a road trip! I hope you find what you are looking for. I googled Spiral Log Cabin, it is a really nice design. Different than what I pictured. I was wondering if you might want something see through for your storage containers?

  10. It's been unseasonably cooler here too for August. We are certainly enjoying it and our construction crew is really enjoying it.

    The sky is the limit on storage units for sure. I'll be having to make some decisions on this type of stuff for our storage rooms. So, so many options.

    Have a great weekend and bet you'll get lots of quilting time in.

  11. Yes, it has been a tad cooler here as well. I just saw some baskets similar to those at wal mart maybe you can have it all...esthetics, function and affordability! Hope you find what you are looking for!

  12. I am trying so hard not to be jealous of that weather! It is HOT here, as usual for Houston in the Summertime. ;)

    My esthetic senses were completely overwhelmed by my tightwad nature - milk crates and ice cream containers in my sewing room closet, but the door IS closed. LOL!


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