Monday, May 2, 2016

A Rant, An Update, An Oops and Hello May

May already??  Wasn't it just February last week?

Last weekend was Prom Weekend locally, so of course Facebook was inundated with proud parents' prom photos.  I don't know about your area, but it seems that around here the prom dress style that's popular this spring features a bare midriff and a deep slit in the skirt.  :-o   Call me old fashioned, but seriously?  These are high school girls, people!

I started piecing together rows on my tumbler quilt this weekend ... I have 3 rows together.  I really expected to have more done, but oops, I wasn't thinking when I pieced the rows.  I started each row with a neutral tumbler and alternated between the neutral and a print.  It didn't take me long to realize my error ... if I was going to have the rows alternate, I needed to alternate the tumbler placement in my rows.  So as I add another row to the flimsie, I have to unstitch one tumbler and reposition it.  Ugh!  Here's my progress so far.
You can see here that my tumblers don't have the 90-degree corners that an earlier photo seemed to show.  I'll be spending a good chunk of today in the sewing room, so I hope to have even more progress next time. 

My sleep is still out of whack ... but I'm having more good nights of sleep than I had been having, so I guess that's an upside to this dilemma. I still plan to mention my sleep issues with the oncology nurse tomorrow. 

My Blues managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat yesterday. They frittered away a 3-1 lead but managed to score in OT to win.  The victory was even sweeter because I watched it with my Ts. DD and DSIL were given tickets to the baseball game that afternoon, so DH and I "watched" the Ts while their mama and daddy were gone.  We really didn't need to watch them, as T#1 is 14 and quite capable of caring for his siblings ... I think their mama just used their outing as an excuse for me to spend more time with my precious Ts.  ;-)

Our delightful weather is a thing of the past. It's been overcast and chilly (aka cold as far as I'm concerned) for several days with no relief in sight. I'm ready for the warmer temps to return!  If I'm going to get out for a walk today, I'll have to bundle up. Ha!

DH has put in our garden ... since I ought to stay out of dirt during chemo, the garden is his responsibility this year.  He's planted green beans (after the troubles we had with green beans the last two summers, I would have given up on green beans ... but since he's doing the work, he gets to choose), red leaf and green leaf lettuce, and several tomato plants (8 plants for 2 people?).  I'm hoping to persuade him to add a cucumber plant or two. Thankfully even though DH is doing all the work, he'll be sharing the fruits of his labor with me ... and I'm already drooling in anticipation of a BLT.

We've been working on a puzzle that a dear friend sent me ... it's quite the challenge but we're up for the challenge!  After all, there's no deadline for completion. ;-)

I hope that whatever you have planned for today includes a little something that brings you joy ... have a great day!


  1. know what you mean, one of my great nieces had photos all over the place on facebook, from the front the dress was very modest - it did have a slight bare midriff but the top was up to her neck and the full skirt to the floor no slit - but the back - well lets say a cut out opening in a v shape on the back that went almost to the butt crack! excuse me no other way to put it -- she is 17 and pretty as can be - but I'm sorry I don't think it was appropriate.

  2. Oh Kathy, I am so happy to have you blogging again and see your work, it's delightful. I too am still busy with making lots of quilting progress. I realised this morning I had planned to make a post of my finishes for the year and that hasn't happened so I might find five minutes today to start that post. It will be a great record of what I have achieved. We have our local wuilt show this weekend and I was hoping to have another couple of quilts to put in, will see how I go and I will make time to blog even if it's a quick one when I stop for coffee break. Keep up the great work. Wendy xx

  3. Hope you get your sleeping straightened up soon. Loving that tumbler quilt. I feel really good the 1st 4 days after chemo, but the next 3 I seem to stay really light-headed which makes impossible to work because I'm afraid I'll pass out. But other than that I'm good and I give God the praise.

    Take care my friend. You're still in my prayers.

  4. By the way, I agree with you on the prom dresses. They look 27 instead of 16-17. It's crazy.

  5. Since you are speaking of proms. What gripes me is these girls carry what look like bridal bouquets. Since my daughter works for a flower shop she designs them. I just ask myself why?
    Your quilt is lovely and again I would change weather with you. 90 today.
    I am glad you are feeling better. I hope your sleep patterns improve. I am glad you are updating. Have fun with those puzzles.

  6. We also saw lots of prom photos over the weekend. There were a few bare midriffs and deep slits but thankfully, there were also some gorgeous dresses. I think there is hope that some girls and/or their parents have some common sense. ;) Sounds like our weather is on a warming trend again - we might get back to 'normal' for this time of year! ~Jeanne

  7. Your tumblers are looking really good! So glad you are up to being in your sewing room. I don't know about the prom dresses, but my son recently went to high school basket ball game and he said he couldn't watch the cheer leader's performance, it embarrassed him. Our weather has turned cool and rainy too, we had to fire up the wood stove!

  8. I have not seen many prom dresses this year. Guess from the sounds of this I haven't missed much. I only saw one girl on facebook who is a friend of mine who went to prom and her dress was beautiful. A flowing sea foam green chiffon. Her daughter is going to the same Christian high school that Melody went to though and they have a VERY strict dress code though. In fact they don't even call it prom, but Junior/senior banquet. All their dresses must be approved before worn to the event. While I don't know if those extremes are necessary, I really wish more of a dress code could be inforced everywhere. Sooo many of them are soo far from modest it is sad. But then the after parties are way out of control too. All very sad in my opinion. I am soo glad to see you back busy with your quilting. I am loving the tumbler quilt. Soo frustrating to have to fix what you started, but soo worth it. It looks great. I am going to try and pick up the fabric to start Melody's tomorrow. Have a good week Kathy!

  9. Oh, don't get me started on immodest dresses. I might not be able to stop!! I'm with you.
    Now that you have the tumblers all figured out, you will get that thing whipped into shape. : )
    We don't plant til mid-May, due to late season frosts, but DH will be in charge at our house, too, and that is not the norm. My frozen shoulder keeps me from doing too much in the yard right now.
    Will you show us the challenging puzzle when you have conquered it?

  10. Hope your nurse has some answers about your sleep.
    I think its been cold here too!!!
    I'm all about someone else digging in the dirt & me getting to reap the benefits of all the yummy veggies :)

  11. I am soooo with you on the prom dresses. What are these parents thinking?

    Glad you will soon be enjoying the first of the summer BLTs. There is nothing quite like it..

    Your tumblers are looking great..

  12. Kathy...always love seeing posts from you and I'm happy to know you're continuing to do well. Hope you'll be able to find a way for better sleep soon. I'm in complete agreement with you regarding today's prom dresses. Sure don't leave much to the imagination.

  13. I hope that you'll be able to sleep well and longer soon. The tumblers look great ( I read the earlier post as well ) and I hope that you have no more troubles with them! :)


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