Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Rest of the Weekend

I promised a picture of my haul from my trip to my not-so-local quilt shop.  
The red will be backing for my two tumbler quilts. The blue on the bottom will be incorporated into my kaleidoscope quilt, and the blue stripe came home with me because I just loved it too much to leave it behind.  And the charm pack will come in handy as I am going to need to make some partial blocks for my Martha Washington's Flower Garden, which is made from Kansas Troubles fabrics. And of course, let's not forget the Kona Snow which is what prompted the trip to the quilt shop in the first place.  

I spent most of Saturday in the sewing room.  I was able to avoid any more unstitching by writing the colors on the papers so I could keep track of what colors went where. 
There's that blue I picked up on Friday. 

I got 7 more blocks finished ... 9 down and several more to go.
Paper piecing takes longer (for me anyway), but I enjoy that method of piecing.  It produces sharp points ... although I'll confess that my center points aren't always perfect, but considering that 6 seams converge at the centers, I can live with a little less than perfect. From a normal viewing distance, they are definitely acceptable to me. 

Those additional pieces were pieced on Saturday.  Sunday was filled with church, shopping, lunch, laundry, swapping out the towels and shower curtain in the hall bath and getting out for a walk and to just enjoy the fabulous weather.
(For those who are OCD like me, that's a searsucker shower curtain, not one that needs to see an iron - ha!). By the time I was finished with all that, I was too tired to do anything other than watch the Penguins vs Lightning.

It was a productive yet relaxing weekend ... and I'm planning on continuing with that theme through the week as well.  

I hope that whatever you have planned for today includes a little something that brings you joy ... have a great day!


  1. when I have a bunch of points meeting in the center they rarely match but usually from a distance they are just fine - I think yours look really good! Sounds like you have been staying busy and your haul from the "local" quilt shop looks great. The morning is starting out chilly and cloudy here I guess it is a good time to get the house clean

  2. I think your points are more than just acceptable. Gosh they look perfect to me. Great work and, of course, I really love the colour you picked. The new fabrics purchase are a great addition. Enjoy! ;^)

  3. I love that blue material for the kaleidoscope quilt. Gorgeous! I think your work looks perfect. Hope you have a great week.

  4. Wonderful selections--even if you go into a quilt shop with a plan, there needs to be a "just because" purchase now and then. That is the fun part.
    A lovely new blue for your kaleidoscope, and everything else you bought would fit right in my stash. You can shop for me anytime. : )

  5. You can shop for me too, those fabrics are perfectly gorgeous. And your points look perfect to me. Sounds like you had a very productive weekend.

  6. You need your own quilt store. Seriously.

  7. Well I know I've already told you but it can be repeated I think, I LOVE that fabric and that pattern. Soo pretty. As for the points, they look perfect to me. I think that it is soo true for most of us. WE see things other's in a million years would never notice. I try to tell myself that all the time. I am adding on a scrappy border to Mel's quilt and I am trying to do it without stressing this time. Cuz will it be perfect? Uumm...NO, LOL. And that's going to be OK. I have not done any paper piecing yet, but it is definitely on my list of wanting to learn. Have a good day Kathy!

  8. The fabrics you chose are beautiful. Love those blue blocks!

  9. I didn't realize the block was paper pieced. Writing the color on the paper is a great idea - I will definitely borrow that one. I'm only a few inches from my computer screen and your points look fine to me! ~Jeanne

  10. I like the paper piecing too. I really like that block.

    It sounds like an enjoyable weekend. I hope the week ahead stays the same way for you..

  11. Very pretty block! Sorry you did not enjoy the hockey game last night. They still have a chance to turn it around! Sounds like you got a lot done this weekend. Much better than me =)

  12. I fret over points meeting and then when the quilting is done and the quilt is washed and I look at the quilt as a whole, I can't really see any discrepancies.
    I did a tiny paper pieced quilt (8x10) several years ago. I liked the outcome, but it took me a lot of starts and stops to get it right. I do want to try it again sometime.
    It's always fun to get new towels and make a bathroom look fresh and new. I love that shower curtain!

  13. Love your fabrics my friend. I ordered Kaufman batiks for one of the Sisters classes and also a honey bun of Black Kona for the same quilt. Today I finished getting my binding on my quilt and will start tacking it down tomorrow evening. I'll be so glad when it's done, I will still have to make pillow shams for it, but at least the quilt is finished. The next two quilts I'm doing will be smaller and more manageable-both in time and size. Well done Kathy!

  14. Your fabrics are beautiful. I haven't yet worked up to sewing blocks in which 8 pieces of fabric meet at the same spot yet. I can imagine myself either pinning the heck out of the blocks or unsewing them multiple times. Yours look great!
    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,


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