Monday, January 7, 2013

The Weekend Wrap-up



Wow, did this past weekend fly by or what?  Winking smile


Friday was a busy and productive day here at Chez Nana.  I got a lazy start to my day but made up for it by doing my pre-trip cleaning … am I the only one who “needs” the house thoroughly cleaned and tidied up before leaving on a trip? 


Saturday DH and I spent most all the day at the YMCA watching T#1 and T#2 swim at a meet.  At least this meet was at their local YMCA rather than one a good 2 hours away … like the last one I went to.  T#1 made it to the semi finals in freestyle but didn’t advance to the finals … still we were so proud of him for making it to the semi finals. 


T#1 swimmingT#1 swimming his 50m freestyle where he advanced to the semis.

T#2 SwimmingT#2 swimming her 25m fly. 

Both are are screenshots of the videos I took with my iPhone … I tried to upload the videos, but I couldn’t figure out how to do that.


I spent all afternoon and evening Sunday packing and preparing for our trip … not very exciting, and yet it is.  We booked this last January, and I’ve always kept myself from getting too excited by reminding myself that it was so far away  … as it got closer, there was the priority of Christmas.  Now we’re so close … and it just doesn’t seem possible, and yet the half-packed suitcases in the spare bedroom tell me that it is.  Winking smile



DD has another doctor’s appointment this morning, so I’ll have some T-time … perfect timing as I’ll have 2 weeks without my Ts.  Red heart


  1. Those are pretty good pictures to come from a video from your iPhone. Do you have the iPhone 5? I'm hoping when our contract expires in October this year to get one maybe.

    Packing -- hate it and love it. Not necessarily fun to do but it usually means fun stuff is coming.

    Yes, I prefer to leave with my house clean. Although, I don't always make it.

    Have fun with the T's.

  2. Good morning! Glad you enjoyed the swim meet. Soo fun. And yes, I too have the NEED to leave the house in perfect order, haha. Why am I not surprised? Enjoy your time with the grands... : )

  3. Yup, I need to leave the house in pretty good shape when we leave too! So glad your trip is getting near! I think the anticipation is a great thing - it expands the trip! ~Jeanne

  4. I hope the cruise is a fun filled experience for you. The T's will miss you while you're gone.

  5. Enjoy every minute with those T's...

  6. I clean as well when we go away. Something about coming in to clean house after vacation makes it all worth while. Great pictures from a video! Well done.

  7. Having a clean house before you leave makes it so much nicer to come home to after the vacation!
    Have a good time! Can't wait to hear about it!

  8. So when do you leave, cruise right - where are you going? How long? Sounds like fun.

  9. No your not alone, I like a clean house too. I have a Droid2 but when I take a video I can tape on the bottom of the picture and send it almost anywhere. I usually send them to youtube and put them on my blog from there. I don't like packing for trip....

  10. Hi friend, So very excited for you; if I remember right you are doing the Western Carribbean? We loved seeing Puerto Rico. You'll have such a great time.
    I know you won't have computer time(it is very costly)but feel free to email me from your phone with any needs. Hugs today.

  11. You are wise to start packing early. I hope you have a great time. We have talked about a "significant" trip for our 40th anniversary this year, but with our addition and remodel...IDK, it might not happen!


  12. When I was working at the library last night, I realized a whole week of 2013 is already in the history books and I couldn't believe it!


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