Saturday, January 26, 2013

Trip Report–Part One


Our trip started on Tuesday, January 8.  Yes, I know that we were supposed to leave on Wednesday, the 9th.  But when DH got home Tuesday afternoon after running a few errands, I flippantly remarked that I was ready to leave right then.  He surprised me with a response of “Let’s go!” … and got up to start loading the car.  I certainly wasn’t going to argue with him.  Winking smile


We were on the road by 3:00 and pulled into Paducah, KY by 6:00.  While we didn’t cover a whole lot of ground that first day, we did get a good start on our trip … and there was the added benefit of getting a good night’s sleep that evening.  I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time falling asleep the night before we leave … you’d think after as many trips as we’ve taken in the last several years that I wouldn’t be affected by pre-trip excitement, but the truth is I still am. 


An additional benefit was that we were able to get through Atlanta very early Wednesday afternoon … we sped right through without a single slowdown.  We stopped that evening in southern Georgia, giving us a 5-hour drive to Cocoa Beach on Thursday.


I’m sure that you’ll be surprised to know that our first stop in Cocoa Beach was the beach.  Winking smile 

Cocoa Beach, FL 007I can’t tell you how great it felt to dig my toes into the sand.  There’s just something about being at the water’s edge that lifts my spirits and refreshes me.


Friday we drove up to the Kennedy Space Center.  The Space Race was an integral part of our childhoods, so we were excited to visit KSC … it brought back so many memories.


We had dinner that evening at a restaurant in Port Canaveral, where we saw the Disney Dream depart for the Bahamas.  It was exciting … we knew that in a just two days, we’d be traveling down that same waterway.

photoWe got a kick out of the ship’s horn that blew out excerpts of Disney Tunes as it passed by.


We took it easy Saturday, lounging at the pool … practice for our cruise.  Laughing out loud


Tomorrow I’ll share the highlights (and pictures) of our cruise, so stay tuned.



  1. I love to travel. I love to stay in a lovely hotel. I love someone to make the bed for me every day. So I totally "get" why you are excited the night BEFORE you leave.

  2. I always have pre-trip excitement too. I've never been to Kennedy, but have always wanted to see it. We went to the Johnson Space Center in Houston a couple of summers ago and I was dissapointed by how commercial they'd made it. There were all sorts of silly kid attractions that had nothing to do with what we'd come to see. It seemed like a lot of people took their kids there to play in the summer to get out of the heat.

    I am ready to put my toes in some sand!

  3. What fun to leave early! Are you sure you went thru Atlanta without a slowdown - Atlanta, Georgia??? Wow! We often go out of our way to bypass Atlanta.

    Kennedy Space Center has changed so much over the years - of course! We have been there many times but not for a while now. We used to live in Fort Lauderdale so it was 'close'.

    Waiting to see the cruise pix!


  4. Oh Kathy how fun this all sounds! I would LOVE to see the Kennedy space center, and don't even get my hubby started! Looking forward to more!

  5. Morning, Kathy!
    I'm already loving reading about your trip! What a great idea to plan a few exciting stops along the way! I'm amazed that you made it though ATL without any problems...that almost never happens! In fact, I avoid it at all costs! A trip to the beach and the Kennedy Space Center sounds like such fun! I can't wait to hear all about your cruise...I will be back!

  6. It sounds like so much fun. I would like to be on a warm sandy beach right now. ;-)

  7. If you were on I-75 when you drove through GA, you passed my exit. I live in Mid GA Where did you spend the night?

  8. That sounds wonderful! Galveston is really close to us, but it's been ages since we've been. We're overdue!

  9. You and your hubby are just too cute! Love that you just packed up and headed out. I can't wait to see your pics and find out what port you like most. When we went on that cruise, the thing that bugged me was that they "nickle and dime you to death".
    Everything cost money, even the ice tea by the pool was not free. Maybe your cruise line was better than NCL. I think it will be interesting to go on Princess this summer.
    Happy Saturday friend.

  10. Wow, how exciting to hop in the car and leave early!

    You certainly know how to travel, as you make the most of your trip.

    Umm...Toes in the sand, I sure could use a dose of that, right about now!

    Can't wait to hear and see more...

  11. We took our kids to the Kennedy Space Center when they were little. So fun that you drove to Florida rather than fly!

  12. How cute with the Disney tunes coming from their ship. Sounds like a great start to your trip with what you described here; looking forward to the next part.


  13. That's the response I've always wanted from my husband. I will say I'm ready now and never ever get that response...that is so cool! I also never sleep before a trip, I try but it just doesn't happen, my mind keeps racing and racing. Sounds like a perfect start to your trip. That Disney horn sounds wonderful! Can't wait to read more.

  14. I love the ocean and can't wait to see it again (maybe in November). I would've been thrilled to see the Disney boat!


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