Sunday, March 2, 2014

In Like a Lion


I’m not sure just how many days into March we need to go before that old saying “in like a lion, out like a lamb” is no longer applicable, but I suspect that the 2nd is still included.  And our weather today is very lion-like.  The freezing rain and sleet have been coming down for a good 3+ hours … and is forecast to continue for another 3+ hours … at which time, our precipitation will be snow.  We’re due for a total of 6-8” of “stuff”, with cold temperatures and strong winds.  If that it’s lion-like, I sure don’t know what is.  ha!  I’m certainly looking forward to some lamb-like weather, that’s for sure!


Needless to say, we won’t be attending the last day of the swim meets scheduled for this weekend.  T#1 was to swim 2 events (including the event that he had the best chance to advance to the finals) at the Ozark Division I championships (an hour to the west), and T#2 had 4 events at the YMCA League’s regional championships (and hour and a half to the east).  Both meets are still on, but DD and DSIL wisely opted to skip today. 


I’d say that today is going to be a good day to stay inside and spend a little time with my needle and thread.  I’m making some good progress on my Storm at Sea … I’d like to get it finished before I start on DD’s herringbone quilt, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to make that.  Winking smile  The Cardinals game is on TV this afternoon, and the Blues game is on this evening … so I’m set for quilting programming.


These last two weeks have been looooooong weeks here at Chez Nana.  DH had to make a trip to the Urgent Care Center two weeks ago, and the physician he saw referred him to a dermatologist … to get a lesion checked … the dreaded word “melanoma” was mentioned.  We chose to see a dermatologist at the Barnes Jewish Siteman Cancer Center in St. Louis … when melanoma is a possibility, we didn’t want to take any chances.  Praise God the report was excellent … the lesion is benign and he doesn’t need any follow-up care.  But let me tell you that I’m rethinking my plan of soaking up the sun on our trip to Hilton Head in May! 


After we finished up at the dermatologist’s office, we headed to a couple of new-to-me quilt shops in St. Louis.  At the first shop, I picked up several pieces of fabric, a few notions and signed up for an applique class and a bus trip to the National Quilt Show in Paducah.  At the other shop, I picked up a few more pieces of fabric.  I wanted to share a picture of the gorgeous fabric I bought, but we haven’t seen the sun since I got home with them, so the colors are NOWHERE close to true in the pictures I took.  Sad smile   Trust me when I say that they’re scrumptious … and if I can remember, I’ll take a picture if/when we ever see the sun again.


After a snack at Panera (known as St. Louis Bread Co. in this area), we headed over to T#1’s swim meet.  photoThat’s him in lane 6 (counting from the lane furthest away). 


T#3 made a piece of art for his Nana last week … and I’ve GOT to show it off!I love JesusIt says “I love Jesus and T1 T2 T4 Mom Dad … and Nana …” Red heart Red heart Red heart


We upgraded our cell phones and switched providers yesterday … thanks to a generous offer by DSIL to add us to their “family plan” … even with the buyout to terminate our plan with our old provider, we’re going to save a LOT of money on our cell phone bill.  I finally got DH into the 21st century … we both upgraded to the iPhone 5C.  No matter how many times I told him that the iPhone is essentially a small iPad with phone capabilities, he’s having a little trouble figuring things out. 


I’m linking up to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching … why not head over to view some delicious eye candy? 

Slow Sunday Stitching


Have a blessed Sunday!



  1. Glad it was benign / cute little sign / card there :)

    A light snow here at the moment...they keep changing how much we are to get and when. At first it was not going to hit until late today / then they moved it up / time will tell! :)

  2. wow It does seem like quite the storm over there. We too have had rain, wind, and cooler temps for 3 days now and I think it is suppose to continue through today. I have enjoyed every minute of it! You know me, I'm excited to see the fabric! I wish everyone had an i-pone~ One of my sisters does not, and neither does my oldest son. Never thought I'd be much of a texter and picture/video sender, but I have turned into a dedicated one, lol. It's just so nice. And with my daughter, who lives sooo far away, it enables us to keep in touch constantly. She shopped for a new dress the other day and I saw all her favorite choices before she finally bought, and had told her what I thought. Enjoy your cozy day of stitching and TV and games Kathy!

  3. Glad DH got a good report. You know I work for a dermatologist, so I know a little about it. It's okay to be in the sun...just use 30* sunscreen and re-apply if you spend much time in the water. A hat is always a good idea even with sunscreen....our faces need extra protection! Make sure the sunscreen is waterproof (not just resistant) and sweat proof, too. Don't blame you for staying inside...sounds like vicious weather. Know you were a "happy quilter" in those shops! Enjoy your day with your needle and your teams! :-)

  4. I have never been a sun worshiper but the brown age spots are on me and I'm always checking them out to see if there are any changes - plenty of sun screen and a hat when hiking and garden work

    I think I most likely will be skipping Paducah this year, I'm not sure I can get it in the budget.

  5. Sorry March is being so lionesque for you... we are having sunshine but cooler breezy weather here on Florida's east coast and would imagine Hilton Head may be seeing the same cooler but sunny?? By May Hilton Head will be just right for you and your hubby to enjoy a little sunshine and a lot of chelaxin... can't wait to see the fabric you bought and you are going to Paducah! That is AWESOME :) I had hoped to go but finances didn't agree! ha :) Make sure to look for some of our friends work there! Can;t wait to hear more about the applique class as I am hoping to learn myself next month when my best friend visits! Have a happy Sunday stitchin and watching your fave teams play! Kathi

  6. I am beginning to wonder if Spring will ever come. It sure doesn't act like it.

    Snow and very cold here this morning.

  7. Rainy day here so I am sure I will get a lot of stitching done here. I miss the St Louis Bread Co. Did your Gkids every swim at the Rex Plex in St Peters MO. I used to live near there? Hope you make great progress on your Storm at Sea.

  8. Wow - lovely weather for quilting but not much else, right? I just keep telling myself that spring is just around the corner.... it's a pretty long corner apparently LOL!!! My heart melted at your T3's note - how totally sweet!!!!! SO happy the diagnosis was good for your DH - melanoma is very scary stuff! Good idea to stay out of the sun yourself :)

  9. Oh gosh I am so glad that it wasn't melanoma. My birth Mom died from that kind of cancer. It is horrible.
    I can't believe all of the cold weather you are still having.
    I hope you get lots of quilting done today and lots of games watched.
    Good job on the phones. Have a wonderful week.

  10. Such a sweet not from T#3. Great news on the new phones. So happy for the excellent news from the dermatologist! Also glad you got to visit some new stores. Enjoy your Sunday.....

  11. We're supposed to get 4-8 inches of snow and ice by tomorrow morning. No fun! But I am enjoying spending the day at home today, as we cancelled church this morning.

    Stay warm and have fun quilting.

  12. It is similar weather here :(
    I guess it's perfect for staying inside and stitching, but I am getting a little bit of cabin fever.
    Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!

  13. This has sort of turned into "The Never-Ending Winter" hasn't it? We're in the seventies right now, but will be in the lower thirties tonight. Not usual at all for the Texas Gulf Coast.

    SO happy with you for the good report on your husband. God is GOOD!

    And yay for a family plan. We got one last year, and it does help.

  14. So glad your DH got an excellent report. Can't wait to see what you found at the quilt shops. A trip to Paducah - nice! Stay warm! ~Jeanne

  15. Gifts from grandchildren that they make are sososo special. So you already have the weather. We are to start tonight and all day tomorrow. Supposedly up to 12 inches. I am so beyond winter. I will slow stitch all day today and all day til it thaws out again. Stay warm and safe.

  16. Hi Kathy, I love hearing that you choose to stay inside, safe and warm instead of battling the elements. We had a great time in the mountains; the weather was pretty cold, so glad we are home.Glad you got on a family plan-anyway we can save is worth it.
    Sending hugs to you today.

  17. Glad there was good news from the Doctor. Enjoy your slow stitching- it sounds like the perfect day for it.


  18. What a sweet note!
    Our weather has been terrible this week. I so long for warmth an not 6 foot drifts in the backyard.
    Glad to hear your husband is okay.

  19. Just today I was thinking of the saying, "in like a lion, out like a lamb.' March sure has come in like a lion. Yet, it makes for great stitching weather. Hope you enjoyed sewing on Storm at Sea.

  20. Well, I think you are right about this crazy weather. It has dropped 45 degrees in 3 hours and supposed to be a mere 29 degrees in the morning. Ugh! I'm so over winter and so ready for spring.

    So happy for Hubby's good report. I know that was scary.

    Happy week to you!

  21. I know you're more than ready for the snow and cold weather to heart goes out to you, if that helps. Glad your DH didn't end up having melanoma...I know that made your heart skip a beat. I've had skin cancer brother is a melanoma survivor. I make sure I slather sunscreen on whenever I'm outside. You just can't be too careful.

  22. Glad to hear DH's diagnosis was a positive one. Something like that can be very scary.
    We've had more snow than Alaska this winter. It's been awful! I'm with you, winter need to end!

  23. Praise the Lord for your hubby's good report!

    Sorry to hear that the weather continues to give you a hard time. Spring is coming, I promise :)

  24. We got that same sleet/snow freezing cold temperatures yesterday, not sure I ever remember a March snow since we have been living here. Glad to ear about DH report, I was a sunbather in my youth but I hardly ever go outside without sun screen any more and when we are out on the beach it's hat, sunscreen and umbrella.


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