Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday Trivia

Not that I need a specific day to post about the trivial goings on here at Chez Nana.  ha!

T#2 did really well at the meet Sunday … while she didn’t qualify for any more events at State (this coming weekend), she knocked off a good amount of time on the events that she swam.  And T#1 got “drafted” (chosen by the head coach) to swim a leg on the 13-14 year old boys medley team … and on a stroke that isn't one of his best ... not only did he help the team win 1st place in that event (his time was quite a bit better than the best time swam by the boy he replaced … and T#1 just turned 12), but he reached a goal he’d set for himself … to swim the 50 yard freestyle in less than 30 seconds!  The meet didn’t last as long as I expected, and we were home late Sunday afternoon … plenty of time to get some more time with needle and thread on my Storm at Sea.  While at the meet and on our way home, I was able to spend a little time working on my Texas Star.
I didn’t get a lot of pieces basted, but progress is progress … and as I am wont to say, if I wanted fast, I’d go to Target and pull a quilt off the shelf.  ;-)  So I’m kind of surprised that I’ve got a little joint pain going on in my left thumb … I notice the pain when I am gripping something … similar to the position I use to hold the papers while basting.  I don’t remember doing anything else that should have aggravated that joint, but I didn’t baste enough pieces to either … especially since I’ve basted many, many more in one sitting without any discomfort.  I’m hoping that taking it easy with that joint will allow it to settle down so I can baste on our way to the State meet this coming weekend.

Speaking of, we’ll be leaving Friday morning because DH has generously agreed to a side trip on our way … a stop at Homestead Hearth.  It’s only about 15 miles out of our way.

Our spring tease is here … our temps reached 80 yesterday!  And today should be just as nice, maybe even a little warmer.  I got home from DD’s mid-afternoon.  I had every intention of doing some yardwork (my knockout roses and butterfly bush need their spring pruning), but I succumbed to the siren call of my needle and thread.  I opened a few windows so I could at least enjoy a little of the delightful weather.  And while at DD’s, the Ts and I got in some outdoor time.  This tease won’t last too long … we’ve got a cold front moving in tomorrow, bringing with it some accumulating snow.  Thankfully it won’t be much snow, and the temperatures will warm back up to normal on Thursday, so whatever snow we get shouldn’t last too long. 

Have a terrific Tuesday!


  1. I am so sorry that you have some joint pain in your thumb! I hope it eventually leaves you alone! Your spring tease of 80 must have been wonderful! We made it to 50 and loved it. Now for more snow ;(

  2. It sounds like it was a fun weekend with the Ts.

    Ah....those joint pains!! Dang it! I hope they cease quickly.

  3. We're supposed to make it to the high 60's today, maybe low 70's and snow tomorrow. No wonder everyone is sick. haha

  4. I am so glad you got a bit of warm spring weather.I saw the weather and saw that a new storm is coming.
    I am so sorry your hand is bothering you. I wonder why.
    That is great news about the swim meet.
    Have a lovely day.

  5. Please send the spring tease to me! It is snowing right this minute here in a Nova Scotia. Hope your joint pain passes quickly.

  6. So sorry to hear your thumb joint is bothering you when basting... hopefully a few days off is all you need :)
    Warm and sunny today on Florida's east coast but we woke up to needing a little heat on first! lol
    Love those 60 degree diamonds you are working on for a texas star! Hope your grand does well in the meet! Enjoy the quilt shop... looks delightful... esp the bed with the quilt over it... how did you hear about that cute place? Nice to be going to it for sure! You have a GREAT honey! :) Kathi

  7. Hope your thumb pain doesn't last long. Proud of your T's great performances at the meet...I know you were! We are having a touch of spring, too, but we always have another cold snap before Easter. Enjoy your side trip...look forward to seeing what you find!!

  8. Mother Nature is just being cruel now... warm, then snow... I cant take it.

  9. Happy Tuesday my friend, You must be so very proud of all the swimming your grands do. I love it that you are stopping at a special store on the drive. Hope you have a warm and wonderful day!

  10. Love the clovers in the sidebar! Glad you got to see the T's in their meet and it sounds like they all did great. Bummer on the hurting hand. Hopefully a little bit of rest will make it better. I'm surprised you were not sitting out on the new back porch to quilt in that wonderful weather. 80 here today and a soccer practice tonight. Hope it doesn't cool down too quickly before we get home.

  11. Glad to hear the T's did well at the meet. Also happy to hear that you had some nice weather to enjoy even if it was short lived! Enjoy the rest of your week.

  12. Hope the thumb pain is nothing lasting.
    Have you been to Homestead HEarth before? I love their scrapbags, but have never heard from anyone who has actually been there. Hope you will share photos.

  13. Hope that thumb pain gets well quickly!!! I hate it when my body doesn't want to do what I want to do! We had a couple of gorgeous days yesterday and the day before, but today is a typical "In like a lion" March day - blustery and gray and threatening rain - ugh!!! Temps yesterday reached 78! But right now - 44. Oh well, at least it's not 8 and threatening ice and snow :*)

  14. I envy you being so close to your T's! So much fun getting to spend time with them and attend their events.

    Our weather has been nice for a few days to, but cold air is headed our way, though probably not as cold as your weather. I did get a little yard work done, but today am doing a little cleaning to get ready for company.....


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