Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Has Sprung

I had hopes of getting out in the yard yesterday (it got into the lower 60’s), but I went to the spa instead.  DD received a gift certificate to a new spa in town … she’d made an appointment for this afternoon, and she’s still not feeling well enough to go … so she gave it to me rather than to have it go to waste.  While I felt bad that she wouldn’t be able to use it, I didn’t feel too bad to keep from using it myself.  My muscles (shoulder and lower back) are a little sore this morning where she had to work extra to loosen up the knots.  DH and I did spend a little time out in the backyard, planning out how we’re going to work up this garden … where we’ll plant what, etc.  photo (2)It’s going to be even warmer this afternoon … maybe I’ll work in the yard then. 

We also grilled some chicken breasts … it was delightful to sit out on the deck with the sun shining and a gentle breeze blowing. Since it’s going to be even nicer this afternoon, maybe I will spend this afternoon sitting out on the deck with my hexies instead of pruning.  After all, we’re going to go to dinner with our neighbors … perhaps I should avoid working up a sweat.  Winking smile

While it certainly looks like spring has finally arrived … outdoors and on the calendar, the meteorologists are telling us something different.  The lows are going to be getting back into the low 20’s tomorrow … with snow in the forecast for Monday and Tuesday.  Ugh!  We won’t get back to “normal” temperatures until Thursday.

Part of my “job” at DD’s is to make sure that the Ts do their morning chores, so they’ll be ready to start school when she gets home.  This morning I asked T#1 if he’d vacuumed the carpet in the living room … he was incredulous that I couldn’t remember him doing just that no more than 15-20 minutes earlier.  On my way to DD’s yesterday, I thought of a couple of things I wanted to order from Amazon … of course, by the time I got to her house, 10 minutes later, I couldn’t remember what I had wanted to do, let alone what I wanted to order.  Thankfully I remembered about an hour later.  <sigh>  I used to have a razor-sharp memory … now it’s more like a butter knife.  

Have a fabulous Friday!


  1. Yep, I know what you mean about the butter knife! Enjoy your day enjoying the warm weather you're having.

  2. Well you certainly do have some large weather swings. From warm and in the 60's to snow! lol We have been having such gorgeous weather I feel almost guilty reading of everyone else's longing for spring. But I KNOW come summer it will be me with all the woes as we have a LONG, HOT, DRY and probably lots of fire scares summer. So I will enjoy all of this while I can. And don't even get me started on my "butter knife" memory, haha. How much longer till dd's job is over? Hope she gets to feeling 100% soon. Enjoy your day!

  3. The butter knife comment made me smile! I know EXACTLY what you mean! Hubby has never had a good memory so I have always had to remember for both if us. So you can imagine how much is being forgotten now! ha! ha!

  4. Too funny about the butter knife! When on Amazon check out this book - America's Glorious Quilts. Someone lent it to me last night.... I already ordered one for me to keep.

    Enjoy the warm weather today before the chilly air blows in. Pruning can wait another week =)

  5. I totally get the butter knife--and I am in Miss Debbie's situation, too.
    My 90-year-old Dad laments his reduced memory, but at the rate I am going I will be at his level in another 10 years!! : )

  6. Can't wait to see that garden growing. My memory is also gone, bugs me to no end, but I eventually remember! We BBQ's this week and like your place now we have cold and frost. Someone needs to remind Mother Nature we are now in spring!

  7. Your garden beds look wonderful! Are those new? And LOL, you reminded me of the joke that as you get older you think more about the hereafter. You walk into a room and say to yourself, Now what was I here after? I prefer to think of it as having too many wonderful things in my mind to keep them all straight all the time. ;)

  8. Yep...a butter knife pretty much explains my mind. haha

  9. Its why I have a notebook app on my phone ... I jot things down AS soon as I think of them or its gone to the wind, my memory.

  10. Your garden looks wonderful. I am so glad you are having some warm bits even if it will be gone next week.
    I had to laugh at your memory. Today I feel just the same, I went grocery shopping and when my husband got home I had left the garage door open, the back of my car open and groceries still in the back of the car. He came in and I was sitting sewing. He was scared something had happened. I just forgot. :) Isn't that sad?
    Have a lovely weekend.

  11. Sorry DD still isn't feeling well but I'm glad you got to go to the spa. I'm with you on the memory and I know now I have to write things down because I seldom remember short term things.

  12. I can't wait to see plants growing in those raised beds :)

    I can sympathize about the 'butter knife' memory. I have it, too!

    I hope your daughter gets well soon! Some of the stuff that's going around is tough to get rid of.


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